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Lady GaGa – Black Jesus + Amen Fashion Lyrics 9 years ago
Someone should give me an interpretation that doesn't involve religious sights. for us atheists. i love this song, but need some meaning.

Lady GaGa – Teeth Lyrics 9 years ago
She wants to see his teeth...she wants him to bare all. no holding back. during sex or whatever they're doing, mostly sex. she wants to know he IS. show me your teeth is a reference to baring all. or atleast that's what i get from this. also, it sounds like there's a lot of bdsm acts going on. zing.

Lady GaGa – Money Honey Lyrics 9 years ago

Lady GaGa – Bloody Mary Lyrics 9 years ago
any idea why she says money in the beginning?

Lady GaGa – Brown Eyes Lyrics 9 years ago
I think it's about losing someone to drugs.

Lady GaGa – Heavy Metal Lover Lyrics 9 years ago

Lady GaGa – Heavy Metal Lover Lyrics 9 years ago
"whip me, slap me
punk funk
new york clubbers, bump drunk
budlite liquors bar slam
move it this is your jame
wash the night with st. jameson like a baptism
heavy metal lovers play
because we were born this way"

what in the fuck did you write? seriously, every site has this part wrong, amogst others, but i cba to write these all don from the book.

Lady GaGa – Highway Unicorn (Road to Love) Lyrics 9 years ago
I think this is about many things but the main theme is love. be it on the road to loving someone or just yourself. i find this song pretty sad. but then again, i find a lot of her songs sad.

Amanda Palmer – Have to Drive Lyrics 11 years ago
Honestly I think "drive" is a metaphor for living.

I have to drive
I have my reasons, deer
(i have to live, i have my reasons for living, yet wanting to die.)
It's cold outside
I hate the seasons here
(complaining about life.)

I suffer mornings most of all
I feel so powerless and small
(maybe being groggy as someone else stated)
By ten o'clock I'm back in bed
Fighting the jury in my head
(you're so depressed you just want to sleep & your mind is just like a machine that never stops thinking. You are fighting those thoughts in your head)

We learn to drive
It's only natural, deer
(learn to drive--live-- it is only natural.)
We drive all night
(we do, even when we sleep)
We haven't slept in years
(we haven't in a away. We are always working either in mind or physically)

We suffer mornings most of all
(stated above)
We saw you lying in the road
(I think this is implying that you saw someone depressed as you or worse or in your position)
We tried to dig a decent grave
(you somehow think they won't make it in life(depressing, i know..) so you want to kinda help them "live it up" before they kill themselves or someone else, since you will never know when they will snap.
But it's still no way to behave
(It isn't.)

It is a delicate position
Spin the bottle
Pick the victim
Catch a tiger
Switch directions
If he hollers
Break his ankles
To protect him
(I can't interpret this to match my interpretation. help anyone?)

We'll have to drive
They're getting closer
(maybe the thoughts of this suicidal/homicidal person are getting to him)
Just get inside
(come with us.)
It's almost over
(maybe a manic episode.)

We will save your brothers
We will save your cousins
We will drive them far away
From streets and lights
From all signs of bad mankind
(maybe the person was only living because of their family. maybe they feel that they lost it all in their life and want to die but just can't muster up the ability to do it since they love their family but they are reassuring them we will keep them safe.)

We suffer mornings most of all
Wake up all bleary eyed and sore
Forgetting everything we saw
(just forgetting everything they saw/ did.)
(I'll meet you in an hour
at the car)

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