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Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Cheated Hearts Lyrics 10 years ago
Well it's definitely about cheating, as everyone has stated.
But the story behind that again might just be about her not being happy with who she's with (maybe because he's cheated on her or treats her badly), therefore she cheats on him and treats him badly in return.
I may be wrong, but that's the way I see it (:

Ingrid Michaelson – Mountain and the Sea Lyrics 10 years ago
I'm gonna put all the ideas I read together.

I'd say just like 'katiekat' said, she's her own person.
She's individual, likes to do her own thing and wouldn't change for anyone, like a mountain. But he is the opposite, he is easy-going or 'easy-flowing', like the sea.
But when she says..
"I will grow my own trees
While you follow the moon"
It means that they both have different opinions on what they wanna do either in a situation or life in general.

She then says
"I'll stand tall and certain
And watch you swallow me"
This just means she's too independent to fall in love so she won't let it show. Even if he's sucking her in, making her fall for him.

She is so stuck in her own ways she wouldn't change for anyone.
But this person is an exception.. this person can change the impossible.
Hence the metaphor..
"You can move me if you want to
You can move a mountain
You can move a mountain
You can move me if you want to
You can move everything
You can move everything"

Then she says..
"But then one day, you'll go away, but I will, too
But until then, my darling friend, well, I will hold
Yes, I will hold, yes, I will hold,
Yes, I will hold on to you"
This is just her saying she knows there's a possibility you'll leave soon or eventually but even if you do, my feelings for you aren't changing anytime soon.

I only think this is the story because my best friend is in a really similar situation.

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