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Archers of Loaf – One Slight Wrong Move Lyrics 10 years ago
Alright, here's what I got. **correction**


Under the stairs, **beyond the neon there,** the chaps are thinking
She does not care to sit and stare, her blood eyes blinking
She works forever each and every day
And she's reminded of every small mistake
And she's descended from a **long forgotten race**

And so she walks **along precocious** trails the wrong direction
She does not talk **about the reckoning** with good intentions
She walks forever at an even pace
She remembers every last detail
And she's **recounted every single place**

She says "A hundred million people could be wrong.
A hundred million people could be wrong.
A hundred million people have been wrong before.
A hundred million people could be wrong."

And we could wait for *them* to make just one slight wrong move
**Aint it a shame, with any fall or break, just one slight wrong move**
And we work forever each and every day
And we surrender anyway
In so many different ways

She says "A hundred million people can be wrong.
A hundred million people could be wrong.
A hundred million people could be wrong.
A hundred million people have been wrong before.
A hundred million people could be wrong."


Underrated track IYAM, too bad the rest of the band didn't like it or ever learn to play it live. IIRC from an old interview, Bachmann said putting the finishing touches on the album was weird, half the band would come in and touch up or polish off a song, then a couple days or weeks later, other members of the band would finish up other songs, rarely all together. Bachmann did this track, said he felt like it was just missing something, so he and one other member completely re-arranged it, then added the weird voice effect last because he had some new piece of equipment he'd been wanting to try out anyway, and thought it just worked well for the song. But supposedly the other half of the band wasn't quite as receptive to the additions, in fact they hated it. Again, if I'm remembering the tale correctly anyway. I don't care too much about the effect either way, perhaps it could have done without it, but it doesn't totally ruin the track for me... I still dig this one, musically as well as lyrically.

Jucifer – Superman Lyrics 10 years ago
Ah, the first. Well, that and the treble revolution comp... still got the blue vinyl 7" and crackrock records tees somewhere. Good times!

Dead Meadow – What needs must be Lyrics 10 years ago
Between the groovy bassline, awesome wahhhing/wailing solo and killer music video I've probably heard this song 500+ times in the last year. The drums are cool too, it all just fits together perfectly. Wish I had the video in HD!

Dead Meadow – I'm Gone Lyrics 10 years ago
empty *plains* below

The rest is close enough : )

Archers of Loaf – White Trash Heroes Lyrics 10 years ago
I agree spifly has the closest lyrics yet, wish it felt a little more certain regarding the chorus(es) though, because even the corrected version still seems a bit vague to me... tough to pick out at times. But we've basically got the lyrics thing covered for the most part now so I'd like to switch to some interpretations of the song, yours too but I'll go ahead and kick things off. I'm currently leaning toward it being about Southern life in general, more specifically Southeastern US weekends and/or night life.

But before we get further into that, a little bit of back story. I remember reading an interview with Eric several years back where he was talking about some of his family being real simple, down to earth, maybe even a little 'backwoods' type of people, so he wanted to make sure no one took offence, or took the White Trash Heroes title as a slight or anything, because it wasn't meant in a mean spirited way. They were from North Carolina, and some of that shows here... specifically the NC State Fair line, but more in general elsewhere as well. IIRC he even said those relatives were big NC State (Wolfpack) sports fans, but in this instance and the aforementioned line I'm pretty sure he's referring to exactly what it says, the NC State Fair and fairgrounds in Raleigh NC. Which is now where my interpretation, just as the song does a bit, might start going all over the place. Apologies.

Ordinarily when I hear the term "motor mile" I tend to think of a main strip of road in Southern towns where there are several different car lots or dealerships kind of all lined up in a row, but in this instance it seems to me that he's more referring to NASCAR and/or dragster type race tracks. There's also a 'Speedway' track right over the NC state line up in Martinsville Virginia known as 'The Motor Mile,' so between all the speeding past, colliding & crashing talk, and the fact that most of the big NASCAR races are held on Sunday afternoons/evenings, I gotta think that really is a big part of the lyrics believe it or not. And of course the races are LOUD from the roar of the engines... it could simply be that the race car drivers are the white trash heroes in question, being adored by all of their sunday crowd of fans, who are in paradise watching all of the drama unfold, in person or via television.

Also, back to the fair thing, just google image search 'NC State Fair.' You'll see two trends: Bright neon lights from all of the carnival rides at night, and (LOL) pictures of literal livestock, judged cattle competitions (or something involving cows, who also produce a lot of methane 'gas'). Combine both of these last two paragraphs with the fact that the Martinsville VA NASCAR race is generally held in late October, which is also when the NC State Fair is annually held, and we're getting somewhere. Seems to me Mr Bachmann & Co might have had themselves one big ol redneck weekend extravaganza one year! Heh, complete with Carnival rides and NASCAR racing. Either that, or were just in the same towns and watched all the people milling about, going to watch their white trash heroes on full display in both arenas, and hitting the town for more fun and games beforehand, or drinking and barhopping and such afterward. I don't know, just a bunch of random thoughts, I do get the vibe that he's watching everything unfold more from an outside looking in type perspective on second thought.

A couple more random thoughts from lines:
"Encoded conversations" could be referring to the headsets that NASCAR drivers and their pitcrews use to talk to each other during races on different frequencies, and the fans can buy their own versions to listen in... or maybe he's listening to the fans discuss it amongst themselves, or talking about other things in general, using words and phrases he doesn't understand, almost as if they're speaking in code. (I know there's been a lot of NASCAR talk here and some of ya will think there's no way the song could possibly be about that, but trust me... while I'm no fan of it personally, it really is a big deal to some and part of Southern culture, along with college football, grits and sweet iced tea!)

"standing at the gates of NC State fair, I saw you smoking with all those new friends you've got to spare." To me that line always reeks of jilted lover, as if he's solemnly watching an ex-girlfriend have a good time hanging out with other people, and feeling left behind.

Alright, enough from me, wrap the novel up already! What are your thoughts, feelings, interpretations or just general observations about the song??

Dead Meadow – I'm Gone Lyrics 11 years ago
Wow, major problems with this one right off the bat... as in very first line, lol. I got:

The first stars they did appear
Across the blackening sky
And on the emptyness below
A wolf's mournful cry
Did break the fragile evening still

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