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Suede – Animal Nitrate Lyrics 11 years ago
I used to think its the only good song of them! I was really obssesed with it for about a month and thoughet it was somthing blur about sexuallity and being in a gay relationship, but then I red one of the interpetetion here said brett himself ment for a specific case of this father abused his kid who adventually couldn't get turned on by anyone else.. sadly, this interpetation ruined all my feelings for this amazing song! wish I'd never read it :(

Suede – So Young Lyrics 11 years ago
well, I finished reading Christiane F the other day when I noticed she said somthing like "so young, and so gone".. shame I just lend the book to a friend so I can't quote. anyway, the song just might be partly about it. I mean, drug using, waste of youth and so and so.. maybe a conection, and maybe not.

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