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Iron Maiden – The Duelists Lyrics 11 years ago
A song about a man whose mouth wrote a cheque his ass couldn't cash.

Iron Maiden – Paschendale Lyrics 11 years ago
1916 by Motorhead is another good one.

Thank fuck we've got heavy metal bands writing songs about these wars.

Iron Maiden – Holy Smoke Lyrics 11 years ago
Listen to this one while reading about the Peter Popoff clusterfuck.

Iron Maiden – Take Me Home Lyrics 11 years ago
I was kind of hoping this was a cover of the Tom Waits song.

Iron Maiden – For the Greater Good of God Lyrics 11 years ago
It would be a lot more difficult for evil people to control regular folks if they didn't have religion to use against them.

Iron Maiden – Losfer Words (Big 'Orra) Lyrics 11 years ago
It would take a smarter man than me to figure this one out.

Iron Maiden – The Legacy Lyrics 11 years ago
It's a condemnation of war profiteers. The sort of people that work for Lockheed Martin and Haliburton.

It's also about the pundits and fearmongers who scare the shit out of people, keeping them divided amongst themselves and eager to buy any bigotry or war those in power want to sell them.

They could have worked for the good of mankind, bringing us all together as a species, and ensuring our long-term survival. Instead, they selfishly chose short-term profit over long-term peace and stability, and the problems they helped create will live long after they finally die.

Tom Waits – A Good Man Is Hard to Find Lyrics 12 years ago
Every time I hear a song like this, I feel like standing up and clapping.

Tom Waits – Lucinda Lyrics 12 years ago
William the Pleaser is probably the craziest character Tom has ever created.

Motörhead – Runaround Man Lyrics 12 years ago
These boys are never gonna change.

Motörhead – You Better Run Lyrics 12 years ago
This right here is the most badass song ever written.

Tom Waits – $29.00 Lyrics 12 years ago
I wonder if this is based on a true story.

Tom Waits – Black Market Baby Lyrics 12 years ago
Sounds like he recorded it in a haunted house.

Tom Waits – Barcarolle Lyrics 12 years ago
"She is skating on the ice

In a glass in the hands of a man

That she kissed on the train..."

Best lyric ever.

Tom Waits – We're All Mad Here Lyrics 12 years ago
Tom would have made a much better Mad Hatter than Johnny Depp.

Tom Waits – Tango Till They're Sore Lyrics 12 years ago
I think it's about a guy who wants to die partying.

Tom Waits – All the World Is Green Lyrics 12 years ago
Sounds to me like an old married couple trying to make their relationship a happy one again.

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