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Lifehouse – Days Go By Lyrics 11 years ago
"Who broke your fall?/What a way to learn" These two lines, for me, ruined the entire song because I don't think they fit into the rest of the song. Just saying.

Lifehouse – Sky Is Falling Lyrics 11 years ago
Something to note - 9/11 was in a small part due to a failure of America to pay attention to the severity of an evolving threat to our homeland caused by a large degree of ignorance.

Lifehouse – Sky Is Falling Lyrics 11 years ago
In the first stanza he watches the image of the sun on picture frames hanging on the wall. He's having more difficulty dealing with his past today than is normal.
When he says "We shouldn't be hard to belive, shouldn't be this difficult to breathe" I think he means that we should be more open and not so resistent to believe. It should be easier to breathe or feel free or at peace. Perhaps 9/11 conjured up images of "the sky is falling." I think it's used in this song though as a metaphor for all the wrong that's going on worldwide and how the ingnorance of many leads to the "and no one know." "I'm alive but tell me am I free, I've got eyes but tell me can I see." Although we are alive, are we really alive (spiritually I assume) and although we have eyes do we really see what's happening. Do we see God's grace? Lifehouse is a great Christian/spirtual band.

The Goo Goo Dolls – Flat Top Lyrics 11 years ago
Depending on what channel you're on, the rhetoric sides with democrats or republicans. The political machine is too noisy and often drowns out citizens' voices. We only used to fear fear itself. Not sure what the tabloid line has to do with anything. Since most politicians will create the tiring image of a leader with all the answers, we've still got homeless people in the streets. Though we may at times think vaguely or hear of the idea of what if so and so was assassinated, a true American doesn't have that in him, loves democracy, and emphasizes those qualities that have perservered from the humble beginnings of our great nation. This song is more of a slap at our parts of our culture that needs change. I see no partisanship. It is a patriotic song.

The Goo Goo Dolls – Naked Lyrics 11 years ago
ww_Crimson was right. "Shots in the dark from empty guns/Never heard by anyone" - If you've ever heard a gun fire with an empty chamber it's just a click. Barely audible from outside a closed room unless your ear is up against the wall.

The Goo Goo Dolls – Burnin' Up Lyrics 11 years ago
Sounds like a friend is having a real shitty time but there are two perspectives here:
The first is the friend who's down and out. He's hurting and maybe many people around him ignore the signs. He seems to believe that he is a victim of coincidence. He's somehow dragged along through life as though it were a step-by-step guide to hell.
Then you've got his friend who sees this from a more logical perspective. It's a perspective that's analytical and more grounded in reason. But, he's not the one who's fighting the demons here. He'll attempt to show his friend where to start healing because it's hurting him to see his friend tossing about in the fire.

The Goo Goo Dolls – Long Way Down Lyrics 11 years ago
I think it's about a woman who has either been kicked out or abandoned in a previous relationship that has left her very bitter. Maybe her parents disowned her so to speak. Who knows, but now she's taking that bottled up turmoil and lashing out at her b/f. He doesn't want to live alone, split up, but he'll never be the same. He tells her to cut him off before her problems cut him down; give him a new disease. However, he'll always see things for what they are and not muddle the colors (black and white).
That's my interpretation.

Aqualung – Another Little Hole Lyrics 11 years ago
Love often leads to loss. It's just that way. It's like our pursuits in life. If you don't want any regrets, you must give it everything, and ultimately, you may walk away empty handed.

Aqualung – The Lake Lyrics 11 years ago
Maybe it's about a drowning. "Outside the water's black. This one won't throw back." There was a scary movie where a child would return from a puddle. Not sure if that's being referenced here but a drowning fits lyrically.

Jeff Buckley – So Real Lyrics 12 years ago
Love, let me sleep tonight on you couch
And remember the smell of the fabric
Of your simple city dress - So this is an example of love I suppose and he describes it in a way that is so real.

Oh... that was so real

We walked around til the moon got full like a plate
The wind blew an invocation and i fell asleep at the gate
And I never stepped on the cracks 'cause i thought i'd hurt my mother
And I couldn't awake from the nightmare that sucked me in and pulled me under
Pulled me under - The imagery is awesome here. He's careful to not do anything careless (never stepped on the cracks) and he has a nightmare that allows the fear to flow. That fear of love is so real too. :)

Oh... that was so real

I love you, but i'm afraid to love you
I love you, but i'm afraid to love you

Jeff Buckley – Eternal Life (Road Version) Lyrics 12 years ago
I don't get this song. He definitely cannot make a good song screaming lyrics. He doesn't have it in him. I'm sorry but he should've stuck to less hyped emotions.

Jimmy Buffett – Volcano Lyrics 12 years ago
ha ha...hotpocket is a word that suits this song. funny

Bush – Little Things Lyrics 12 years ago
going up
when coming down
scratch away
it's the little things that kill
tearing at my brains again
the little things that kill
the little things that kill - I think this relates to getting high when bad times roll in. Scratch away may refer to heroine I suppose. The little things are numerous and they often make us do what we do. I never really think it's the major incidents but the little things that persist that kill.

Hawthorne Heights – Control Alt Delete Lyrics 12 years ago
So, it's about a guy who cares for this chick but she wishes he was dead? Lol. Hysterical. Poor bastard.

Asteria – A Lesson In Charades Lyrics 12 years ago
This room is too cold to hold back your tears
And your heart is too weak to wear on your sleeve
If I'd allow myself to feel
The things I know I should
Then I might not be standing here - I think she's too weak to listen to her true feelings and he's pretty sure that she'll run back to her bf but he's still standing there. She's a wreck and it's probably speaking of the time when she breaks it off with him. That's why the room is so cold.

Oh god this poison's spreading
Can't feel the ground beneath my feet
My hands won't stop shaking
My legs are crippled from defeat
My vision's getting blurry
My heart is breaking as you speak
Won't you listen to me?
To me
To me - The poison is a poison that breaks his heart. That's why he regrets that first kiss. Despite its sweet taste it will no doubt spread to the heart and bye bye relationship. Nice try guy.

Asteria – Drink Life to the Lees Lyrics 12 years ago
simply slide in my sheets
and simply fall asleep
should she shatter my heart
and scatter these parts among these these shaded streets
in a shallow attempt to save her skin
then I simply wasn't shooting for stars
tell me again are you the reason I breathe
or why I die trying - So this guy obviously has doubts about the woman he's with. He lets her next to him but if she shatters his heart he'll just either make up the excuse that he wasn't shooting for stars anyway or he really wasn't shooting for the stars.

and I reckon this weapon I yield
this is her reason for revenge
her chance to right the words that I wrote
her chance to take this from me
trust that I will find my way out
I'll cut the throat to my better half
and you can choose what you'd rather have - I agree with winzip17 that the woman has some baggage that makes her act irrational. I feel like the weapon he's referring to is his kindness and the words are his compliments but either she doesn't believe his sincerity or something else. So she can take his innocence from him by trampling on his kindness. He vows he'll find a way out of this lunacy and he'll stop being the nice guy (cut the throat of his better half) and then she can choose if she wants the nice guy or the guy who says "fuck that."

could my concern kill
a car crash in her body as she swallows each pill
kill her with kindness
count on clouds
to slow her down - Here I think he asks himself if he is aiding her irrationality by being genuinely concerned. Perhaps the clouds signifies careless treatment. Maybe she's just used to abusive or unreliable relationships where she is treated less than kind.

limp and lifeless
my body without it's frame
scream my name three times if you love me
it's the only way to save me - He's asking for her to reassure him that he's not out solo on this.

crows can't fly with comets girl
don't get caught in the current - Idk, maybe he's referring to his statement before about not shooting for stars. He says, "Don't let me down and become a black bird. I saw a mockingbird and I don't want to see us swept away."

Ellison – Following You Lyrics 12 years ago
If it's movies you want to go see
Then I'll make sure you get to see every screen - These lyrics hurt my ears. Despite some weak lyrics I kept this song because it is a great example of really what not to do if you want your relationship to last. Being indecisive and following some chick around is really dull and not any way to make a strong statement that says "I'm your man."

Carbon Leaf – The Sea Lyrics 12 years ago
Yeah, I'd have to agree with you guys. This song is definitely about something beyond the sea. A relationship fits. He realizes that the girl he is playing with is now a focus of his affection. He realizes this when he touches her toes. There is an air of innocence when he describes himself racing the morning light down the wooden path and once he's in the water it can't reach him. Perhaps the white rose represents innocence and before the sea signifies friendship but the sea signifies a partnership. Something greater but with all things that are greater there is greater likelihood for temptation. This is why the devil lies in the deepest reaches of the sea. The sea is beautiful but his pull is the undertow and you can swim, swim, swim. This is game he likes to play. But if they hold on to each other, he'll try and rid himself of any malevolent tendencies.

Carbon Leaf – When I'm Alone Lyrics 12 years ago
I guess he wishes that she would've taken his feelings with her when she left or at least changed the locks to his "music box" because he thinks of her when he plays certain songs I suppose. He had strong feelings for her of some kind and did not keep a leash on them and trampled on her despite her hints of disapproval. Now she's gone so he resorts to music for comfort. He knows the heart is for bleeding and it sounds like he has no regrets because to find out, one has to act out. Then he rambles about piecing together a serenade for this woman. He explains what had happened in the last part of the song. He offered up his heart to a girl he liked before it was asked for or even just simply invited. He continues to play his favorite songs for a broken heart.

Carbon Leaf – Let Your Troubles Roll By Lyrics 12 years ago
beautiful imagery here and I love how he includes the metaphors for past troubles, comparing them to culture vultures and devil sailors...but you drowned the sailor away with your tears and the vulture's sprawled out on the floor so goodbye bad times. :)

Carbon Leaf – One Prairie Outpost Lyrics 12 years ago
I can't really figure out why the window's a wound and the road is a knife. Is it because the road (all the traveling he has done) has taken away his peace and tranquility? The window is a wound caused by the road/traveling...hmm. So I guess he no longer thinks of the world a toy but too much of something too good to see. He must heal the wound by staying in one place for a while? It's my best guess.

Carbon Leaf – Paloma Lyrics 12 years ago
I imagine this song is about letting go and chasing higher ground. You have to let go of the past but don't forget love. The dreams you seek are straight ahead in every direction. All you have to do is make that leap of faith like a flock of birds preparing for the Fall.

Carbon Leaf – Raise the Roof Lyrics 12 years ago
I believe the "dance till you fall, love till you die" are examples of just doing it and the "shut your mouth, raise the roof" lyrics are getting a kiss from a girl. Raise the roof because the kiss will make you high. The guy's been through multiple relationships, he's getting older, and his spirit is sagging. He's singing about the time when he can unlock his heart again. That's my take.

Carbon Leaf – Grey Sky Eyes Lyrics 12 years ago
Perhaps the girl feels ordinary and is shy so she tells him that he must understand that behind her grey sky eyes it is neither raining nor glowing. He feels a strong liking toward her but underplays his curiosity towards the girl behind the cloud where she is comfortable. Then he decides to tell her truthfully how he feels and show her that he had underplayed his feelings. He definitely wants to penetrate her complacent resistance.

Creed – My Sacrifice Lyrics 12 years ago
Christ, I read the first pages for this song and I find myself reading about boy scouts, gays, and who's atheist or christian. Ya know, I've been on this site a lot for a diverse group of songs from diverse artists and one thing is for sure. I can tell how good a band is by the substance of what their fans post on this site and not rhetoric that I'm finding with this particular band. The individuals on this site who are so off topic defending their ideologies are doing an injustice to the band they like. That's how I see it. Agree to disagree. Btw, Creed isn't the only band on this site with this problem. A shame.

Creed – Are You Ready? Lyrics 12 years ago
Overall I dislike Creed's music but I like this song. When he tells the hero to remember his roots I wondered why. The only thing I can think of is that despite feeling invincible, a hero should remember his roots so he stays grounded because he's an ordinary hero. And, his roots may help him maneuver a situation to his advantage or escape by relying on his instincts.

Creed – What's This Life For Lyrics 12 years ago
I can't get into this band...I just can't and it baffles me but hey, each to their own.

The Cribs – Shoot the Poets Lyrics 12 years ago
The only thing I get from this is that there's this girl who thinks her beauty should be publicized. Things are not working for her the way she had hoped and her friend is telling her that he wound up in a provincial town. Big deal. He's doing fine so she is losing her grip on reality. Perhaps the picture refers to the glamour world that she is infatuated with and that picture means many things. Maybe he's trying to tell her that glam may not be how she imagines it to be. She should cut her losses and shoot the poets who, if they're good, can make anything sound too good to be true? Idk

The Cribs – Shoot the Poets Lyrics 12 years ago
Nicely said rice95. This song means nothing to me but if I'm enlightened to its meaning in the future perhaps I'll change my mind.

The Cribs – My Life Flashed Before My Eyes Lyrics 12 years ago
Yeah, I pretty much agree with 2quik2silver. Someone that's talented (or perhaps this is meant sarcastically, idk) is judging him by looking at the things he can't replace or can't escape. Apparently, whoever is judging him must do so superficially by trying to gather all of this information from his facial expressions. In the end, they decide they don't need his talent. Although, I'm not sure what they lied about. Anyone else have further insight?

The Cribs – I've Tried Everything Lyrics 12 years ago
I half agree with victor1890 because I believe it was his girlfriend that left him. He was missing something and was trying everything to try and determine what it was. In the meantime, his girlfriend grew tired of his unassertiveness/ultra politeness. This personality of his probably arose from the fact that he's stuck in a town that dulled his sense of passion or assertiveness due to stagnancy of "The Merrie City."

Depeche Mode – Never Let Me Down Again Lyrics 12 years ago
Yeah, drugs.

Foo Fighters – Lonely As You Lyrics 12 years ago
What would I do
Lonely as you
Pleasure or pain
I can choose - I think he has a friend and he puts himself in his shoes. His friend must be lonely and he knows that his friend could choose pleasure or pain.

Wake up
You're dreaming
I can't stand your screaming
Drowning out these prayers
Just some words without meaning - I'm not sure how it would go but his friend must've had it rough and apparently he doesn't have much faith in God or the power of prayer.

Spare all the preaching
My secret's worth keeping
No one understands like I do - He understands his friend's situation but feels it is wise to keep his mouth shut probably because it would benefit no one to attempt and fail at explaining how his friend feels to other people (probably family or friends)

Keep out of reach
I'm your leading deletion
Hide behind these masks
Though they still see right through them - When he says leading deletion it makes me think that his friend is either dead or has disowned him and that he was very close (his leading) friend whom he left.

Every now and then
You're down and out my friend
Down and out again
Down and out again
Down and out again
But I'm down with you - He knows his friend is down and out but he understands him and so he says that he is right there with him.

One more time for the last time
One more time for release
One more time for the last time
Everyone wants to believe - Perhaps he's referring to prayer and saying that this is the last time his friend will try praying. Everyone wants to believe.

Blame it on youth, all these years I've been losing
Blame it on the past, it's the last place I knew you
Blame all the children, their rage and ruin
Blame it on the black and the blue - He is thinking about his friend who must be in his past now, either from dying or having disowned their friendship and how he's as lonely as his friend felt. He's trying to place the blame for what has made him feel as lonely as his friend felt?

Foo Fighters – Razor Lyrics 12 years ago
This song reminds me of "porcelain" by The Red Hot Chile Peppers. I'm not sure why but I think that is also a good song.

Foo Fighters – Another Round Lyrics 12 years ago
When she goes storming out
I run for cover
Rolling like thunder clouds
Hanging above her - She's pissed and leaves.

Ring in the witching hour
Spells that I'm singing
Rain come and drown me out
Sinking deep below - He's wishing that she'll come back 'round.

Can you go another round
I will follow you down and out
Lets go another round
I will follow you down and - Down and out is often referred to as a "quickie." Then he changes his mind and wants to lay around after sex and not leave so fast.

We could just lay around
Stare at the ceiling
Want to forget about
One for the feeling - He wants this nice reassuring feeling to last and hopes that this feeling will overpower the anger.

Room full of photographs
Box full of letters
Come on make it last
Nothing else matters right now - They've been together for obviously some time now and he's put in good effort. He wants this to continue and not peter out.

Foo Fighters – End Over End Lyrics 12 years ago
Probably my favorite song thus far of the Foo Fighters. The desire to return to past instances to fill in the gaps, reminisce, and sometimes live the same exact way because occasionally you had it so damn good.

Foo Fighters – The Deepest Blues Are Black Lyrics 12 years ago
Sorry for all the typos.

Foo Fighters – The Deepest Blues Are Black Lyrics 12 years ago
Shame on you, seducing everyone
You faded jewel, you diamond in the rough
You don't have to tell me, i know where you've been
Shining once again - She's cheated on him or continues her troubling flirtatious behaviors

Will you do, the thing you've always done
Tell me true, i think you know the one
One that makes me blurry, colors start to run
Everytime i wonder, i go under - I think this refers to a sexual act that makes him blurry, making the colors run. Every time he starts to wonder about her seducing everyone she somehow seduces him once again.

The deeper the blues, the more i see black
The sweeter the bruise, the feeling starts coming back
All the deepest blues are black - The more he see the more he dislikes her but if her sweet seduction brings back the feelings he has that he's probably been trying to stifle. Deep down he knows that the this can't last.

Now my mind is spinning, and my head is going numb
Right from the beginning, our ending had begun
I can be your trouble, shiver into you
Shaking like the thunder, sinking under - He's stressed but again, he thinks of her and how if she's looking for temptation then he can be the thrill she seeks.

The deeper the blues, the more i see black
The sweeter the bruise, the feeling starts coming back
All the deepest blues are, deepest blues are black

When it comes closing in
Cause I got to move - When the feelings for her start to return he must tell himself to reject them because he knows it is wise to move on.

And the simple things, get in the openings
Connect, become something new
To remove - I really like these lines. Simple things seem to be the ruin of many great things and once they have a hold on, they change the relationship. She becomes someone different somehow and now it's something to remove. He must move on. Things have changed to black.

Foo Fighters – Hell Lyrics 12 years ago
I think this song explains how misery loves company. He wants somebody else to break his skin so he can show them what kind of state he's in. He'll lead the descent because he's indifferent to HELLLLLL. He tells us to break his spell by giving us examples that don't make any sense. You can't drown a wishing well and you sure as hell can't kill time if you think about it but this way he lures us into his state of mind. Let's give the Foo Fighter's some company and hum along to the buzz of the Hell that was in his mind and sing it WELLLLLL. :)

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Porcelain Lyrics 12 years ago
"Little lune
All day" - I think "Little lune" means "little moon" and it refers to the mother. "All day" refers to her desolation and the moon is usually up at night but, because the child has distanced herself from the mother, the mother feels this desolation all day.

The Shins – Phantom Limb Lyrics 12 years ago
All of these people comment on this shit without having the right lyrics. It's right it the damn little book that came with the cd case. I'm sorry but it really gets annoying when you'd like to look at what other people think but then you realize they are opening their mouth without having any idea what the lyrics are to begin with.

The Summer Obsession – Where You Belong Lyrics 12 years ago
ha ha...I'm sorry guys but I do not believe this is about rape. It was disturbing to see this as a translation though. Don't tell me none of you were ever with somebody who was hesitant about knowing what the next step should be that they should take in the relationship. "It's been so long" means that there is a history between this couple and he is confident that this is how things should be so he presses his finger to her lips to assure her that at least he knows where they stand.

Tristan Prettyman – Melting Lyrics 12 years ago
There is a similarity between the voice of Tristan and Jewel. These chicks rock.

Blue October – Sound Of Pulling Heaven Down Lyrics 12 years ago
sparkles...thinking ginger ale

Army of Me – Better Run Lyrics 12 years ago
"If you're lifted from the ground ---------Just a few corrections of the lyrics here. What a great song to inspire us.
No, you're never coming down"

"Should freedom make a sound
and your heart begin to pound"

"But the one thing that I ask
is that you live without reserve
that you find out what you need
it's sure what you deserve"

"Gonna find out what you need
cuz it's sure what you deserve"

Army of Me – Going through Changes Lyrics 12 years ago
I am still yours even if you're not mine
I stare at the floor and I study the lines
Oh I took my place at the back of the crowd
Baby I couldn't see, but at least it was loud.
At least it was loud. ---------------I'm pretty sure he will love this girl, whoever she is, despite their break-up. He took his place in the background like everyone else does when they are no longer in the foreground of a relationship. They are separated. But, he still loves her, still cares, and continues to pay attention to her in the limited ways that are now available to him. And, I agree that he is going through changes to better himself.

Tom Petty – Out In The Cold Lyrics 12 years ago
I thought of you starry-eyed, I wonder where we stand?
Did I just fall from your arms
Down into your hands? ---------------I think he's referring to the relationship between God and himself.

Stone Temple Pilots – All in the Suit That You Wear Lyrics 12 years ago
"Hey you, someone said you were lost out there
In the grip, trying to strangle us all down here
In the meantime, are you ever gonna set us free
Hey you, will we ever get out of here?" ---------- He's wearing a suit to fight the grip he's in. His struggle is affecting the ones around him and so they're hoping he'll set them free by removing "the suit."

Are you ever gonna surrender
do you even care
Wasn't talking about sweet submission
It wasn't even there --------------------------Not sure but, because he is so absorbed in the suit (his facade), they wonder if he even notices that they are affected too. And they know it's not easy to step out of the suit because they weren't talking about sweet submission. They know it's much harder.

All in the suit that you wear
When you're looking for something
It's in the suit that you wear
when you're hiding from someone
All in the suit that you wear
When you wear it ----------------------------People wear different suits for various reasons such as in the pursuit of something, hiding from someone, etc. And please, don't take "the suit" literally. It's meant to be a metaphor.

Hey you, you keep a-walking the razor
On the edge, you cut your feet when you stand in there
In the meantime, there's always someone to set you free
Hey you, will you ever get out of there ----------There are people who love this person and they'll help him to surrender.

Stone Temple Pilots – Army Ants Lyrics 12 years ago
"gotta gotta now gotta find the reason why a woman ain't a man" - I think this is just an exaggeration to accentuate the contempt they have for conformity.

Soundgarden – Zero Chance Lyrics 12 years ago
I think when he says, "Stand up and everyone will see your holiness," he is sarcastic, meaning that he chose this loneliness in an attempt to serve God at fever pitch. Which is bullshit. :)

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