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Arcade Fire – The Suburbs Lyrics 12 years ago
The part about wanting a daughter now is incredible. ive been thinking about it all day and i see it as wanting a daughter to show beauty to because of the tenderness of a girl and how she would take it in. i mean, you would still show a boy the same things but its different, with a little girl you have to protect her until the day you die. how he says "if its too much to ask" i think hes talking to "god" in a sense, and means if its too much to ask that the world be beautiful still for her to see it then send me a son because a boy has a harder edge and could face a crumbling world with more chance of survival. All in all i think the song is about harnessing your time left on this planet because the good times and going to be over soon. get off the pavement and into the grass, infrastructure falling... Gorgeous song about a world going bad and living in such a pinnacle time.

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