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Person L – Ok Lyrics 7 years ago
It's actually "it's bittersweet then the sweet it subsides"

Yo La Tengo – Our Way to Fall Lyrics 8 years ago
It really seems like the chorus is about them having sex for the first time. We'll try and try, even if it lasts an hour. It really sounds like it. Like they're sealing the deal on how their relationship has bloomed. Just an observation. That's kind of what I've always thought about it.

Mayday Parade – I Swear This Time I Mean It Lyrics 8 years ago
Yeah, it's hard to get over even still. They used to pretty much be their own genre. Six band members with two lead singers, a drummer, a bassist, and three guitarists. It used to be a completely unmatched sound. But now that Jason has formed Go Radio, I've kind of picked them up as the replacement for the old Mayday. Sure they don't have two lead singers but it's really Jason's lyrics that set Go Radio apart from the current Mayday Parade. And sure we all want to see a reunion but it's kind of like a divorce in that aspect and we're the children. We want them back together but we know that they probably wouldn't work the same anymore so it's so selfish for us to wish that upon them. I think it's safe to say that the old Mayday Parade and it's own genre is probably dead for good.

The Crash Engine – So It Goes Lyrics 8 years ago
I love this song. I used to have a friend exactly like this. We were really good friends, she started dating some guy and we had to stop being friends. Then they broke up and we started to have a little thing and he put her through hell. But she still took him back for some reason. He's a complete douche and seems bipolar. He doesn't know how to control his temper. I wish I could help her but since we don't talk anymore she's gonna have to help herself. So it goes.

Red House Painters – I'm Sorry Lyrics 9 years ago
You know he didn't write this, right?
It's a cover of a John Denver song.
Therefore, he can't change the lyrics.

Dear and the Headlights – I'm Bored, You're Amorous Lyrics 9 years ago
My brother was actually in a relationship like this, and so being around that I feel like I can understand exactly what this song means. They started dating when he was a sophomore in high school and she was a senior. They had been dating for three and a half years and moved in with each other. He was going to college and she had a job at the local hospital. Everything seemed fine, and her parents had assumed that they would just get married. I mean there's no reason to break up right, so why do it? Well we started having talks about his situation. He was becoming unsure of everything. He was feeling trapped. If her parents had their way, then he would settle down basically as a sophomore in high school. He didn't want that. He had a whole huge life ahead of him and he wasn't so sure he wanted to spend it with her. They had no issues, but he wanted something more. Something more than a movie, a slowdance, and straight teeth. Every day he gets closer to death; we all do, and he wanted to live that time he had left truly happy. He already was happy to an extent. But he wanted the happy I knew he deserved. So I encouraged it. I got the idea rolling, and so he went through with it. It happened exactly like this song. She confessed how she was the best part about him. How he needed her. He proved her wrong. It's the best decision he ever made, and I'm glad I was a part of it.

The Cure – Out of This World Lyrics 9 years ago
reading all of these comments has given me a thought of this song. i'm thinking of how we all want to accomplish great things in our lives. the bucket list concept. we want to experience everything that seems great in this world and in our lifetime. but once we have accomplished these things, let's say an activity, in time we forget the feeling we felt as it was happening. we remember our thoughts about the moment. sure, the moment was great, i mean it's what we've been trying to do. but the feeling is lost. we are back to the way we were before it happened. you still feel the same thing. you feel life. your mind is still the same. it's just that these brief feelings are gone.

The Cure – Watching Me Fall Lyrics 9 years ago
To me, this comes across as him being uncorrupted by bad things in the beginning. He grew up with virtues that are against drugs. But as time goes on he is becoming less himself. The girl(or metaphor) introduces him to drugs. She pulls him deeper(the addiction). His reflection doesn't look like himself anymore and so he screams. The next day is colder because he is now affected by this addiction that he wasn't affected by before.

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