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Emery – From Crib To Coffin Lyrics 9 years ago
i get a full body chill when i hear stuff like this... if niceguypose is right.. then i'm a little upset, i'm more atheist/agnostic.. and i don't believe in loving jesus will make your life any better.. but reguardless the songs literall meaning of life and how we go through it is amazing..

Circa Survive – The Longest Mile Lyrics 9 years ago
this seems like the most legitimate interpretation.. the going down with this ship(the band) i couldn't have a better crew to travel with(the band) i would never sail again( Play in another band if it means they're not all together)
to never make a sound again(if the bands not together none of them will make music)

this is easily my favorite song on the albumn.. i get the chills everytime i hear it and i might even get the corus tattood to my arm. my meaning would be all my family and friends as the (crew) and the going down in the ship would be the end of my life as i'm looking back at it. i'll never sail again, because i'll be dead

absoultely amazing song..

Circa Survive – Dyed in the Wool Lyrics 9 years ago
this is a cool interpretation.. it's almost exactly what i thought

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