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Garbage – Blackout Lyrics 1 month ago
These lyrics remind me of "Full Metal Jacket": the person is getting prepared, not for a war, but for living in this cruel world where showing emotions will get you hurt.Even if he/she realizes that these emotions are what makes us human ("Beautiful like shards of glass") they are trying to suppress them to fit in the society

Tarja Turunen – Undertaker Lyrics 2 months ago
My favorite from "The Shadow Self". I believe it is about oblivion and transience in general, but in particular it could be about the music industry. It lifts unto its pedestal anything that is new, deliberately forgetting all the old "legends" who were far more original and exceptional...

Tarja Turunen – Diva Lyrics 2 months ago
It could be interpreted as a love song, sung to a lover who left her. However, it clearly also applies to her breakup with Nightwish.
Wikipedia says that the album is inspired by Annie Lennox. An interesting thing is that Annie named her first solo album "Diva" (after leaving Eurythmics).

Tarja Turunen – Medusa Lyrics 3 months ago
As is well-known, Medusa was a mythical monster, turning to stone anyone who looks her in the eyes. (Therefore "Last for you to see will be my eyes"). The singer presents herself as a temptress, already prepared to ruin her lover's life.
"You will find my truth in the reflection": the hero Perseus managed to overcome Medusa by watching her reflection in his shield. Hence she becomes harmless when you "see through her".

Tarja Turunen – Mystique Voyage Lyrics 3 months ago
With some help from Google translate, I will try to translate the spanish and finish parts:

Sail the boat to the call of the sea
His soul navigates, but doesn't find
When the storm waits
For waves, ghosts and coral
The girl follows the call of the sea
Hair of water and legs of salt
Better leave the port, do not go back
To be anchored to die

New morning comes
My Mystique voyage
Wind shakes call
Dreams of sinking

Tarja Turunen – The Archive Of Lost Dreams Lyrics 5 months ago
Naiads are a kind of female spirits from the Greek mythology. On the deluxe edition of the "What lies beneath" album there is also a song called "Naiad".

Mando Diao – You Can't Steal My Love Lyrics 8 months ago
About being disappointed with most of the world (the government, strangers in the street...) who betrayed his confidence, and then finding comfort in the girl you love, away from all the "peasants"...

Anti-Flag – Tar and Sagebrush Lyrics 9 months ago
This is the Jesus Christ story again, modern setting. Young people formally believing in him, but breaking all the principles he taught for some false ideals.

Enter Shikari – Shinrin-yoku Lyrics 1 year ago
Shinrin-yoku means "Forest Bathing", some kind of physical practice outdoors, to improve your health. Enter Shikari like to show how they are amazed by nature and its force, and it shows beautifully in this song. Clearly, they despise what modern technology did to everyone of us: "I feel like an empty inbox".

The opposite of suffocation - wonderful!

The Kills – Echo Home Lyrics 1 year ago
Since I read somewhere that they often come up with the title for a song before actually writing it, I'm sure that this one is derived from "Ecce homo"... Anyway, very nice song.

Editors – The Big Exit Lyrics 1 year ago
I think that he sings about the need for a change in a life shared by lovers, to make it fresh again, to amplify the feelings between them. It is understood that they love each other, no proof is necessary, but still the passing of time took some of the vigor and they just need to do something unusual together.

The Hives – I Want More Lyrics 1 year ago
This is clearly ironical songwriting, putting himself into the skin of a celebrity wanting all the shiny things and false values that fame brings. Lyrics reveal a guy, not too intelligent ("I want shit that's made in India") but completely self-obsessed, not even noticing that his life is getting destroyed ("More lawyers!")...

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Hiding All Away Lyrics 2 years ago
I think this is pointed at people who think they know what Nick's songs are all about; he seems to say: "You can look and analyze as much as you want but you will never be able to explain my songs entirely". And I agree: true poetry can not be transformed into prose without some loss of meaning or emotion. The person he addresses tries to interpret Cave's lyrics through religion, science, poetry and whatnot, but never succeeds completely.

If I am right, this is in a way similar to Dylan's legendary "Ballad of a Thin Man". Great songs, both of them...

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Right Out of Your Hand Lyrics 2 years ago
But that may exactly be the point: just as the lion is eating right out of her hand, in the same way the hollyhocks hang harmlessly... whatever they are ;)

Franz Ferdinand – The Universe Expanded Lyrics 2 years ago
I agree with previous comment, but can't help noticing how this great song fits nicely with a great movie - "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind".

(spoiler ahead :) )

Undoing everything about a relationship, just to do it all again the right way, because two of you are meant for each other...

The Offspring – Slim Pickens Does the Right Thing and Rides the Bomb to Hell Lyrics 2 years ago
Anyone who saw "Dr Strangelove" should remember Slim Pickens' riding of the bomb. I don't want to include more details in order not to spoil the movie.

However, just as Slim's character in the movie, lots of people (I guess they mean Americans, mostly) follow their leaders convinced that they're doing the right thing and proud of it, not realizing that they're working against themselves...

Cock Sparrer – BATTERSEA BARDOT Lyrics 3 years ago
The song is about Carol White, a British actress from 60's. "Cathy come home" was a TV drama (directed by Ken Loach) in which she starred. She looked a bit like Brigitte Bardot (therefore a film about her was called Battersea Bardot) but drug and alcohol problems caused her to practically disappear from screen.

Cock Sparrer – Because You're Young Lyrics 3 years ago
It says above the lyrics " as written by and David Bowie", but the Bowie's song of the same name has completely different lyrics...

Skunk Anansie – Cheap Honesty Lyrics 3 years ago
A beautiful song. About being in love, and everything seems to be ok, but all the time fearing that things will go wrong again. Seeing dishonesty everywhere, in everybody's seemingly happy life.

Cock Sparrer – Out On An Island Lyrics 3 years ago
Evidently anti-war and anti-army. Somehow the song reminds me of the movie "The Thin Red Line" which also puts the war against the nature and shows how senseless it is...

Cock Sparrer – Droogs Don't Run Lyrics 3 years ago
I guess everybody knows, but just in case:

"droog" is a word from "The Clockwork orange" meaning "friend". The language there was a mixture of English and Russian...

R.E.M. – The Apologist Lyrics 3 years ago
The "institution" of confession in the catholic church comes to mind. Especially related to parts:
"When I feel regret,
I get down on my knees and pray."
"Thank you for being there for me.
Thank you for listening, goodbye."
Michael seems to criticize how some people feel that they can make things right by showing remorse, and in time it can become a habit: thinking about the confession and regret even as you're doing the deed...

The Kinks – Nothing To Say Lyrics 3 years ago
Funny that a song called "Nothing to Say" is the only one on "Arthur" that has no comments... :) but I'm about to spoil that.

This one is about the alienation between members of a family, even those that were very close in the past. It simply happens because their lives go separate ways, and they have no more common subjects to discuss.

Even with The Kinks' usual irony present in the lyrics and the melody, this is a very sad, sad song...

Pulp – Seductive Barry Lyrics 3 years ago
I agree. And I think he's not fantasizing so much about the girl as about how he would be amazing "handling" her. Hence the images you don't really encounter in a love scenes, and the ironic title.

Pulp – Party Hard Lyrics 3 years ago
The song may also be about people that feel that they are not living a full life unless they are involved in some king of partying all the time. Living side by side with such people may be very tiresome, and you may be missing some not-so-spectacular, but very important slow moments of the life.

Gogol Bordello – Lost Innocent World Lyrics 3 years ago
Rejuvenation means (if I understood right) getting young again. So he wants to know how it feels to be a kid again.

"Death of a Clown" is a great song from The Kinks, and it is about how wonderful things (like circus for a kid) change with time and lose their appeal. I believe it is not a coincidence that it is mentioned here.

Gogol Bordello – We Rise Again Lyrics 3 years ago
This song is so Gogol Bordello...

Favorite lyrics:

"With a fist full of heart
And relics of future"

Motörhead – Bomber Lyrics 4 years ago
I'd say that the bombing stuff is a metaphor for holding concerts ("A mission every night", "We aim to please",...)

Kaiser Chiefs – Starts With Nothing Lyrics 4 years ago
You arrive with nothing
And you leave with nothing

I guess this means the same as in the title of the movie "You can't take it with you": the value of money is bounded; it can bring you only a certain amount of happiness in life, but it makes no sense to pile it up and neglect the important things ...

Kaiser Chiefs – Little Shocks Lyrics 4 years ago
Thanks Severai, I would have never thought of that!

There is a great movie, "Prick Up Your Ears", by Stephen Frears about Orton and Halliwell and their turbulent relationship. Highly recommended!

Pet Shop Boys – Love Is a Bourgeois Construct Lyrics 5 years ago
About a guy denying that he’s been hurt by a break-up, pretending that he’s better off without him/her. But inside he is aware of the emptyness of his new life...

The melody in the background is based on a piece by Michael Nyman (by Wikipedia).

Pet Shop Boys – Minimal Lyrics 5 years ago
A very original song.

It does seem that "minimal" wasn't intended in a positive way, especially because it reflects on the way such people act ("Decide something less decisional").

But then it also has a good side to it ("A single thought Leaves a trace")...

Pet Shop Boys – I Get Excited (You Get Excited Too) Lyrics 5 years ago
I guess there is not much to analyze here. But I like the part describing the sounds from the street ("I hear the sound...") when for a moment it seems that the back beat of the song actually comes from these sounds...

Blur – Globe Alone Lyrics 5 years ago
This is one of my favorite songs for jumping around when I'm alone in the room.

On the one hand it makes me feel glad that I'm (hopefully) not the guy from the song, spending his life taking care only to LOOK right, with what's "right" being derived from commercials, and even being "keen on Sharon Stone" just because she's "in" at the moment. Pay attention to the "ALMOST loves it" part!

On the other hand it makes me furious to think of rich sons that get "mad on M1" endangering other people's lives, and knowing that their dad will "come and stop it all" (ok, I know it's from another song) if the things get messy.

Suede – This Hollywood Life Lyrics 5 years ago
I agree with you, except one thing: Meryl Streep wasn't in Dangerous Liasons, you probably mean Glen Close...

Great song!

Alanis Morissette – Forgiven Lyrics 5 years ago
I agree with Surrenderyourego and LittleBriddie. But I see another moment here:

"We make up for so much time a little too late" could mean that at certain point she decided to rush into something after years of restrain. She had a very negative experience due to her being inexperienced and now she is desperate and sees no other exit but to return to faith (the "...but I believe again..." part).

The Good, the Bad and the Queen – The Bunting Song Lyrics 5 years ago
I think these are better:

Pull out the bunting
She made 'em one by one
Hang 'em in the trees
Or they'll blow away

Move to the country
The town has told its tale
You'll be forgotten
When the autumn leaves, they fell

And the whole place
Didn't look the same that night
They put a party on and waited
For the sunlight to recall
All the days are a ticking gone

Bye Baby Bunting
All England wants you home
Away in the hills
Where the wild things, they roam

So I'll never know why
She made 'em one by one
Hanging in the trees
'Til a breeze, it comes

And the country
Didn't look the same that day
They put a party on
To a day, a ticking gone

The Kinks – Everybody's Gonna Be Happy Lyrics 5 years ago
From the chorus we can conclude that to people in love it seems that all the world is revolving around them, and that they being happy implies that everybody is...

Far from being the best Kinks song, anyway... too simple.

Blondie – Just Go Away Lyrics 5 years ago
The "you spell you read" parts are spelled strangely. I guess the point is: D.O.O.R. and O.U.T.

And "Medicaid cool" make sense when she mentions that "cool rhimes with fool"

Blondie – Heart of Glass Lyrics 5 years ago
And remember the same phrase from Rolling Stones' "Jumping Jack Flash"!

Garbage – Nobody Loves You Lyrics 5 years ago
These should be right:

Watching the days slip by so fast
Knowing our fate has long been cast
Working our fingers to the bone
Cause nobody loves you when you're gone

Coughing up feeling just for you
To find something real to hold on to
But there is a hole inside my heart
Where all of my love comes pouring out.

You know you'll always be my man
But grab yourself sweetness where you can
Cause sooner or later we're going to die
Left to the dogs under the sky

I cracked a piece of broken glass

Coughing up feeling just for you
To find something real to hold on to
But there is a hole inside my heart
Where waves of my love come tumbling out.
You say that all the good is gone
That I have forgotten who I am
Free as a bird
Wild as the wind
But somehow I cannot let you in

R.E.M. – Walk It Back Lyrics 5 years ago
Michael (from wikipedia):
"In my head, it's like I'm addressing a nine-year-old and I'm saying, 'I come from a faraway place called the 20th century. And these are the values and these are the mistakes we've made and these are the triumphs. These are the things that we held in the highest esteem. These are the things to learn from"
I don’t know if he meant this about "Walk it back" but it seems to me that it fits.

Bloc Party – We Are Not Good People Lyrics 6 years ago
It's like the devil is tempting a young man by flattering him and showing him how it doesn't pay to be honest. He also shows him that others are no good either, and maybe offers him drugs?

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Push the Sky Away Lyrics 6 years ago
He had a sudden revelation, about how one must always find reasons to go on, set his goals higher and higher, and follow his own path.

A song unusually straightforward for Nick Cave, but so true.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Wide Lovely Eyes Lyrics 6 years ago
Ićm not sure what the song is about, but the images it produces are magical, like trying to escape together from this straightforward world, that destroys all that is beautiful (mermaids) into another imaginary place...

Bloc Party – Ion Square Lyrics 6 years ago
I think that
"I love my mind when I'm fucking you
Slowed down to a crawl"
should be read together. So it means that he stops thinking and surrenders to her completely.

Depeche Mode – Secret To The End Lyrics 6 years ago
I think that he sees clearly that their relationship is not meant to last, but cannot accept it, because of the love he had felt for her. And what bothers him even more is that she deals with it too rationally, as she never had any feelings involved.

Depeche Mode – Goodbye Lyrics 6 years ago
He sees his (love-searching) soul as a wild beast that's finally been tamed and turned into a domestic animal. But to whom is the "goodbye" addressed? To his old ways? Or has he decided that he cannot bear such captivity and has to break free?

Depeche Mode – Welcome To My World Lyrics 6 years ago
These should be right:

Welcome to my world
Step right through the door
Leave your tranquilizers at home
You don't need them anymore

All the dramaqueens have gone
And the devil got dismayed
He backed up and fled this town
His masterplan delayed

And if you stay a while
I'll penetrate your soul
I'll bleed into your dreams
You'll want to lose control
I'll weep into your eyes
I'll make your vision sing
I'll open endless skies
And ride your broken wings
Welcome to my world
Welcome to my world
Welcome to my world

Watch the sunrise set
And the moon begin to blush
I'm naked in a search
Translucently too much

And I hold you in my arms
I keep you by my side
And we sleep the devil's sleep
Just to keep him satisfied

And if you stay a while
I'll penetrate your soul
I'll bleed into your dreams
You'll want to lose control
I'll weep into your eyes
I'll make your vision sing
I'll open endless skies
And ride your broken wings
Welcome to my world
Welcome to my world
Welcome to my world

Depeche Mode – Welcome To My World Lyrics 6 years ago
Wrong! These ar lyrics for "World in My Eyes"!

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