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MGMT – Mystery Disease Lyrics 8 years ago
The Mystery Disease is Greed.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Slave Lyrics 9 years ago
Think it's about being a slave to addiction.

"It eats your soul, like tears you fall, my slave"

"You steal, you heed the call, my slave"
Stealing to feed the addiction.

"The keys, the keys are gone, my slave"
Lost keys to apartment/house/car for addiction.

"You keep me, On the throne, Heads down all day"
Makes me think more of a drug/alcohol addiction.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Wedding Song Lyrics 9 years ago
Released just in time for wedding season... ^_^

MGMT – 4th Dimensional Transition Lyrics 9 years ago
I'm not saying it's an acid trip... but it's an acid trip.

Maps – Valuim in the Sunshine Lyrics 10 years ago
typo in the title. Should be "Valium" not "Valuim"

Maps – I Dream of Crystal Lyrics 10 years ago
I can explain the lyrics by adding a single word to the title.

I dream of Crystal METH.

Song is about drugs and the emotional roller coaster that goes with it.

Arcade Fire – Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) Lyrics 11 years ago
I remember when I was a kid... and in a lot of cities there used to be areas of land between houses. Usually they would be uncut forest, wooded areas. I remember playing in them as a kid growing up... but over the years since then Kids don't play outside as much, and those pieces of land have become urban sprawls and shopping malls... mountains beyond mountains... This whole album is reminiscing of those "good old days".

It's definately anti-sprawl. City life is different.

I think the best example would be Los Angeles (or Toronto in Canada)... all the different valleys around the city have a new subdivisions of houses popping up like crazy and they cover MASSIVE amounts of land.

There's a joke about the names of subdivisions... they usually have names like "Cedar Grove", "Pine Hollow", "Silver Birches", etc. Whatever the name is, it's what USED to be there. Now its houses.

Arcade Fire – We Used to Wait Lyrics 11 years ago
This song is another great one from a great album.

It's about how people have no patients anymore. Reminiscing about how things were.
Even with those undertones this is a great romantic song as well... the implication that love is put into a letter. I like it.

I love this album... I think I say it every album, but this is my NEW favorite Arcade Fire Album... they just keep getting better.

I love how they change their sound from album to album too. This one has a heavy 80's influence.
Neon Bible went with a Church Organ Vibe... which was amazingly done too.

Arcade Fire – We Used to Wait Lyrics 11 years ago
It's great... but it's on YouTube. You don't NEED Chrome, although it applies to the video. I watched it using Firefox.

One thing though, you need to watch it fullscreen. The video looks like a PC screen... I won't give any spoilers to what the video is about though.


Arcade Fire – Wasted Hours Lyrics 11 years ago
This song and pretty much the whole album is amazing.

My friends and I have been talking about, complaining about "urban sprawl" for a long time.
I don't know how many times we've asked the question "remember the forest that used to be there?", "remember that mountain that used to be there"... they're all Urban Sprawls and Shopping Malls now.

These guys have been one of my favorite bands for a long time, but this one is special. I love that they think like me, and probably a lot of people for that matter. What ever happend to people? We used to be people... now we've just accepted being a number.

Arcade Fire – City with No Children Lyrics 11 years ago
Brilliant... this album has a lot to say about the direction society (at least in North America) has gone. The mindlessness of the people who just accept everything the way it is. Mind blowing stuff!!!

Interpol – Safe Without Lyrics 11 years ago
Great Song...
I think this song is about quitting LSD/acid or possibly some other hard drug.

First part is about doing the drug.
"So much to feel so much to gain" - the excitement before doing the drug
"I'll be ok I've got my shapes" - hallucinations

Second part is about trying to stop.
"It's go the road or drop the weight" - quit or drop acid?
"As great big sheets disintegrate in the water" - destroying a sheet of LSD?

I also hear
"I steal, I KNEEL, and I do it again" - the recurring cycle of trying to quit. Kneel makes more sense than Heal too. Kneel implies begging forgiveness.

A-Ha – Soft Rains Of April Lyrics 12 years ago
I agree... the line "The ferry across the water to Dover" too

there's an old fortress in Dover that was converted to a prison in the 50's

Split Enz – I Got You Lyrics 12 years ago
This song is 100% about the Insecurity of dating a prettier girl. There always that shadow of doubt in the back of your head.

great song!!

Shiny Toy Guns – Stripped Lyrics 12 years ago
Look it up under Depeche Mode... it's their song

Shiny Toy Guns – Don't Cry Out Lyrics 12 years ago
try listening to it instead of being a drone... come up with your own opinion

Muse – Undisclosed Desires Lyrics 12 years ago
I think its about the purity of first love
They've broken up and the Girl has commited her sins
He forgives her, gives her the path back to innocence

"You trick your lovers
That you're wicked and divine
You may be a sinner
But your innocence is mine" <--- First Love

MGMT – Electric Feel Lyrics 12 years ago
If you've ever seen footage of an Electric Eel doing its thing... this song gets even sexier.
They wrap their bodies around their victim while excreting a slimey lubricant.... then ZZAAPP!!!

The thought of a girl doing that while covered in lube... is kinda a lot of hot

The Horrors – Sea Within a Sea Lyrics 12 years ago
I love the instrumentals in this song... especially about half way in, it takes you.

Epic Song

MGMT – I Found a Whistle Lyrics 12 years ago
I'm pretty sure this song is about Religion...
How the Church pulls the wool over peoples eyes and how people have lost touch with God. It's not about there being no God, it's how the Church has lost touch... and gotten us to lose touch to.

"I found a whistle that hangs like a charm" - The Cross
"15 centuries of dissolution and grief" - Anno Domini (Years of the Lord) started in the 500s AD
"to return a yellow trickster and a thief" - Possibly a reference to the Pope

"the trail escapes to nowhere" - Organized Religion is a waste of time
"the flood erases the crime" - God's flood? The Crime is the Church's money taking and warmongering.
"such conviction to paint all the walls with the blood"
"of the young and the faithful and the good" - The Church has shed a lot of innocent blood over the years under the guise of "good". "Manifest Destiny" is one of these such things.

"I found a whistle as thin as a sheet" - The pages of the Bible
"to split the dumbness of a vision" - the wool has been pulled over out eyes
"between asleep and a sleep" - we're basically blind to what is happening
"tiny axes repeatedly raising the flag" - religion is often used in warmongering
"all ignored, real emotion's such a drag" - they don't care who is hurt

"aerophane sorceress" - Aero means air/sky, Phane or Fane is another word for Temple.
"at home obeying the fates" - Angels in Heaven?
"when it's gone, has it gone all the way?" - What happens when we die? is there a Heaven?

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