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Switchfoot – Selling The News Lyrics 8 years ago
It is amazing.
I think this song is about how man has become so materialistic and putting their trust into the world rather than in God. How money and image is everything, and Christianity is just an object for cash, that they're 'Selling the News'.

Alter Bridge – We Don't Care At All Lyrics 8 years ago
iTunes version of the Blackbird album.

Rush – Cygnus X-1 Book I: The Voyage Lyrics 8 years ago
Damn, Part 3 is so amazing. Geddy sounds like he's ready to explode...with awesomeness.

Rush – Bastille Day Lyrics 8 years ago
Easily best song off of Caress of Steel. Only 2nd favourite Rush song to 2112. That solo is just awesome anyway, and as always, Peart nails everything :D

Megadeth – Blackmail The Universe Lyrics 9 years ago
Damn, Dave's a genius.
I see this song as a futuristic possible war.
At the beginning, obviously Air Force One has been shot down.
The first verse (The greatest crisis, to, God get me out of this hell) is sung from the presidents perspective. He can't believe he's made such a stupid mistake (I've red white and blew it) and now he's paying for it.

Then after is the Vice-President and the other guys contemplating what could be happening to the president and how they need, but cant, go to war.

Then the 5 minute warning part is there decision to go to war.

Then the speech, I see has the vice-president addressing his country. Saying that they need to goto war.

Then the last verse, could actually be a look at the ongoing war between the USA and whatever other country it is from Gods view (or a Dave's, whatever).

Anyway, thats my view on this song.

Underoath – Paper Lung Lyrics 9 years ago
Actually, quick correction guys, the correct lyrics are:
"How can you sleep here? I bear the weight of YOUR world."
Out of the booklet ;D
<3 this song.
Spencers voice is so awesome :D

Underoath – Paper Lung Lyrics 9 years ago
I agree, excellent comment. Man, I love this song =D

Alter Bridge – Blackbird Lyrics 9 years ago
This is my favourite song. And thats a pretty big statement for me :P.
I think the meaning's pretty much been summed up. About losing a family member/friend. I think its quite smart how he used a "blackbird" as a metaphor for it though. Pretty smart IMO :D

Megadeth – Something I'm Not Lyrics 9 years ago
First, you say keep your opinions to your selves, then go ahead and say your opinion.
Thanks for that.

Slayer – Jesus Saves Lyrics 9 years ago
This songs lyrics are irrelevant to some Christians. Tom Araya states he is a Christian, but me being the curious guy I am, I decided to check up on this statement. After surfing the web for a bit, Tom says in an interview:
Jesus came to teach us to love and accept us for who we are.
Um, sorry Tom, that's only partially correct. Jesus came to die and rise again so humans could be forgiven and taken to heaven when they die. What Tom says isn't the full picture. Also what I don't like about Tom, their albums usually have a pentagram on it, and he states: When (a band member) writes a good song, we'll use it." Or something close to that. Apparently he doesn't know that others come second and NOT first. Jesus comes first which he's obviously forgotten, or his church has taught him a twisted version of the Bible. I hope his belief takes a bigger part in the band and his life in the future (If you think this is impossible, go look at Dave Mustaine and his transformation.)

Anyway, this songs lyrics have pretty much been summed up by everyone. The song to me sounds like Slayer thinks pretty lowly of bible bashers and Jesus in general. Obviously, the people who are like "YOUR GOING TO HELL HAHA IM GOING TO HEAVEN NOW" aren't real Christians. It doesn't sound like Tom takes a full belief in Christianity, it sounds like he thinks it's just something to fall back on.

Avenged Sevenfold – The Wicked End Lyrics 9 years ago
Actually six hundred sixty six is a reference to the number of the beast, a.k.a, the number that the beast will use in the end of the world so if youdont have that marking you wont be able to buy or sell anything. Then when Jesus comes later on, anyone who didnt take the mark will go to Heaven. Yes i'm a christian. Yes i was intrigued by the lyrics. :D

Avenged Sevenfold – The Wicked End Lyrics 9 years ago
I completely agree with you. I was looking through some of the old stuff and its far from christian.

Avenged Sevenfold – Beast and the Harlot Lyrics 9 years ago
This whole song is based upon Revelation 18, 19 or 20. Cant remember. :D

Oh, Sleeper – The End Of A Dark Campaign (The Amputation) Lyrics 9 years ago
Ok thanks for clearing that up. :D

Oh, Sleeper – REVERIES OF FLIGHT Lyrics 9 years ago
Wow man. Awesome story. *Jamaican voice* I pray for you XD

Oh, Sleeper – The End Of A Dark Campaign (The Amputation) Lyrics 9 years ago
theBush = Win XD What I don't get it is Micah taking the lords name in vain at the beginning. I know lotsa bands do that now but this is a Christian band so I'm a bit puzzled. :P

Oh, Sleeper – The Color Theft Lyrics 9 years ago
I think this song is from 2 views. A black person and a racist person. Micah is telling the story of the black person and in the chorus Micah is sort of telling the racist guy what he's doing. "Are you where you said you would be in the end?" He's pointing out that he may not have reached his goal either, so why pick on the black person? Hence the name "The Color Theft". Yeah, I think the songs about racism.

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