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The Fratellis – Whistle for the Choir Lyrics 7 years ago
I'm going to disagree with all the people who think she says she's not lonely because she's not interested in him. I think it's the opposite. She doesn't want to sound desperate or pathetic so she claims to be happy alone, not lonely at all, when in reality all she wants is to be with him. She has her guard up as she's been hurt before. He sees through this and calls her silly for pretending to be more calloused than she is.

I think this song is about the union between two people who have been hurt and are cautious entering into anything. Perhaps they are casually seeing each other and both want it to be more but are worried that the other one isn't interested so they put up a front.

As far as saying "So if you're crazy, I don't care you amaze me" I don't think he is saying that she is crazy. She's so amazing that even if she WAS crazy, he wouldn't care.

That's my interpretation of it. It has a lot to do with personal experiences though.

Joshua Radin – What If You Lyrics 8 years ago
This song really reminds me of my break up with my ex boyfriend. I had gone on a trip and when I came back, he kind of surprised me with a break up. I was absolutely devastated. We had been living together for about 7 months and had been talking about marriage just a week earlier. We had one last night together that was absolutely perfect... well, as perfect as a break up could have been. He kept telling me that he still loved me very much, but it just wasn't our time yet.

I wish that we had left it at that... a few days later I learned that he had cheated on me while I had been on my trip. I was completely heartbroken! This song reminds me of our last perfect night together though and has really helped me let go. It's such a beautiful, heart wrenching song.

For me, I think he has made a huge mistake and he is scared to tell her. "What if you wished me away, what if you spoke those words today". He has cheated on her and he's scared that if he tells her, she'll leave him, so he decides to leave first. He's being a coward. He still loves her but he knows that he isn't good enough for her. He breaks her heart by leaving because he knows that it's what's best for her... she deserves better. "I could have treated you better, better than this" <- that line specifically makes me think that he cheated on her or did something terrible. This song is all about guilt... he can't take it, he can't handle that he did this to her... so he leaves her, but spends one last night with her.

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