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Alice in Chains – God Am Lyrics 9 years ago
I also want to point out too that in the beginning.. "Gods all powerful but does he have lips" is suppose to indicate "dialogue" between him and the "smack" which he refers to as "GOD' similar dialogue like in the song "Dirt" I know sometimes I hear people give different meanings.. and that's ok cause all songs are open to interpretation .. but its important to understand 90% of Alice in Chains music is based around Media response, Depression & Drug Dependency.. Layne stated in many interviews that was his message .. also reference - God smack, A Little Bitter,

Alice in Chains – A Little Bitter Lyrics 11 years ago
this song is about 3 things Heroin, The Media, and his Father

How the mind does shout for rest
When the bodies shaken, yeah
Oh the tightness in my chest

symptoms of withdrawl

Still your leaves I'm raking

(talking poetically to the heroin his "God" he referred to smack as "God" because
the control it had over him see God smack, God Am, etc.

Lord is this a test
Was it fun creating, yeah?

is this with drawl he going through a test
was it fun turning him into a heroin user

My god's a little sick
And he wants me crazy

the heroin feels nothing for him
and he's saying poetically it's making
him lose his mind from all the pain it's caused

Are you
Who can say
It's ok to live through me?
Live to be
Part of me
You're a wrinkled magazine

heroin - it lives through him by his use
Father - used him for his money to get high
Media - printed lies about him in their magazines for financial gain

Was it something that I said?
Was it how they're breaking, yeah

he's asking did he say something to offend
the writers of the magazines for them to slam him and
pry into his personal struggles with no regard to how he feels about it

I'm so selfish, paying your rent
While your blood I'm "tainting"

he's talking to his father asking how am I selfish
when I'm paying your rent and getting you high all the time

Spend me
Like a tree
Dirty dollar bills for leaves
Dark in a sea
Of my seeds
And the tears on which you feed

Father - used him for his money to get high
Media - printed lies about him in their magazines for financial gain

You feed

The body is a temple
A dormant alter
To where infantile men lie around
Itching and nibbling
For a small piece of sanity
Of which you can not give

Heroin - he saying people become weak from use, broken by withdrawl
even though the smack can't give them the peace they've come to expect


Buying "penance" with my soul
And a little Heaven spent
While the Hell I'm taking

Heroin - buying penance meaning the price he's paying (physically) for getting high by severe pains from with drawl the little heaven spent is the heroin he just used, the hell he's taking is after the high wears off

Hide from life
You know they'll remember me

They are abhored
In self-worth
All that matters much to me

None of these people care anything about him, the media only wants to cash in off
his suffering, and his father only wants to get high off his success
and he's saying this weighs on him a great deal, which is why the song is called "A little bitter"

Alice in Chains – Real Thing Lyrics 11 years ago
Layne Staley referred to Alice In Chains as Sexual Chocolate alot of times when they played live, it's from a movie it really means nothing lol

Alice in Chains – Get Born Again Lyrics 11 years ago
you guys are killing me with the lyrics!

Sad suffering
I knew him when
Farewell the friend of mine
Try not to think
I merely blink

Hope you wish away the lies

Can you protect
me when I'm wrecked
I pretend you're still alive

Who will deny in time all the lies

I choose the day
One damp and gray
Thick fog can hide our smiles

Clear all your sins
Get born again
Just repeat a couple lies

Sad Suffering
Get Born Again
Sad Suffering
Get Born Again

Alice in Chains – God Am Lyrics 11 years ago
You guys need to understand that music is a form of poetry and Alice In Chains songs were written often about the same subjects the horrors of drug addiction deep depression, and a few songs that were written about their girlfriends. Layne Staley said in an interview "our music is about taking something that's ugly and making it beautiful" and I couldn't agree more

that said.. this particular song is about Heroin

Layne referred to Heroin as "GOD" reference Godsmack "God's name is smack for some"
he wasn't God bashing in this song, now I'm no church person but it's a fact he wasn't
nor was he in Bleed the Freak, A Little Bitter, Get Born Again, Man In The Box or any other song he Mention the word "God" one more example: the song, man in the box "Jesus Christ deny your maker he who tries will be wasted" that should be self explanatory. also he guest appeared on a deeply religious song
called "Ring Them Bells"

Alot of these songs were explained in interviews, but I can tell you no AIC song is just spelled out for you they didn't write like that, dirt, sickman, angry chair, would?, Junkhead and hate to feel were all about heroin it's true would? was written as a tribute to Andy Wood but the song was written about drug relativity it not about about andrew wood it's dedicated to him.

so as a favor to you and in an attempt to put to rest this nonsense about sacrilege I'm going to break
down this song for you line by line.

"Sure God's all powerful, but does he have lips? Whoa..."

this is some what hard to explain but AIC had a great sense of humor especially Layne,
it's basic sarcasm to make you think this song is literal when its all metaphoric

Dear God, how have you been then?
I'm not fine, fuck pretending

he saying he's relapsing while the listener believes he's talking to God in prayer
it's a metaphor for saying he's going back using heroin which he refers to as "God"
he's not fine meaning he's going through severe with drawl

All of this death your sending
Best throw some free heart mending

despite the fact it's killing him
he hopes after he uses he will be at peace

Invite you in my heart, then
When done, my sins forgiven?

poetically referring to "shooting up"
sins forgiven meaning pain go's away

This God of mine relaxes
World dies I still pay taxes

the heroin feels nothing for him
world dies meaning the high takes over and
everything around him is tuned out

Can I be as my God am
Can you be as God am
Can I be as my God am
God of all my God am

the chorus will make sense in the end.

So Lord, I see you grinnin
Must be grand always winning

its like saying the heroin is smiling at him
the drug always wins over his sobriety

How proud are you being able
To gather faith from fable

this line is exceptionally poetic:

he's saying how is it that people still buy into the lies
that drugs will solve your problems and make your life better

faith meaning users who put their faith in heroin
fable meaning their rationalizations for using it is all bullshit

Can I be as my God am
Can you be as God am
Can I be as my God am
God of all my God am
God am
My God am
God am

All the respect I'm giving
Shared strength acquired by living

he saying he uses alot
it uses him and he uses it, that what he means by "shared strength"
and the acquired by living means only until the user dies

All blooming life you're feeding
Can't hide sick ones you're weeding

the heroin is feeding of a healthy life that was once pure and destroying it
can't hide sick ones it's killing because the symptoms of withdrawl and
and the physical appearance of one who uses is very noticeable.

Can I be as my God am
Can you be as God am
Can I be as my God am
God of all my God am
God am
God am
God am
God am

so there you go, now maybe you can understand why Layne Staley was such a poetic Genius!!
the songs mean more than what they appear to be at times so my advice is HEAR the song don't just listen.

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