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The Rolling Stones – All Down The Line Lyrics 9 years ago
To my ears "All Down The Line" is using the metaphor of a train to speak about their hectic lives. At the time they were recording Exile the Stones were trying to find a way to avoid the high tax rates in Britain, Keith was being hounded by the French police over drugs, Mick was preparing to wed Bianca, most of Keith's and Mick Taylor's guitars were stolen (while Keith was lying asleep next to them), members of the band were dropping in/out of the recording session at all times of the day (and night), drinks and drugs were hopelessly prevelent among the band and crew, and the recordings themselves were being performed in a stuffy Chateau basement with the mobile tape truck parked outside.

It seems to me that they're simply talking about life as a Rolling Stone. The end part ("Wont 'cha be my little baby for a little while?") might be aimed at Bianca. Who can really say except Mick or Keith?

Incidentally, there are video documentaries recounting the days of Exile on Main Street. For Stones fans they're worth a look.

The Rolling Stones – Memory Motel Lyrics 9 years ago
The popular thought is that the song recalls an affair between Carly Simon and Mick Jagger. I believe that Jagger confirmed this in a later interview. Carly Simon hasn't commented - but then, I'm not sure she would. She's rather reclusive when it comes to the media.

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