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Foster the People – Helena Beat Lyrics 9 years ago
You took the words out of how I was feeling about this song. :) I am very fond of this song.

Linkin Park – When They Come For Me Lyrics 9 years ago
This interpretation is spot on.

Lady GaGa – Judas Lyrics 9 years ago
[I’ve learned love is like a brick]

Since bricks are heavy, she is saying her love of Judas cannot be easily removed and permanent in existence. Therefore, since bricks are also a material resource, she has a choice on how she uses Judas, her darkness either for better purposes such as "build or house" or bad purposes e.g. "sink a dead body".

[In the most Biblical sense I am beyond repentance]

She is addressing to the religious people who obviously do not like her music. Her career actions will not be forgiven by them.

[Fame hooker, prostitute wench, vomits her mind]

These are the criticisms from the religious people.

"Fame hooker" Sexualized image of her obsession of fame implying it is sinful.
"Prositute wench" Lady Gaga's freedom of expression of sexuality is perceived as degrading and selling sex.
"Vomits her mind" Her thoughts and ideas are perceived as sick, inappropriate display of conduct, lacking in substance and harmful to listeners.

[But in the cultural sense I just speak in future tense]

Since Lady Gaga is part of the modern generation, it implies that religious perspective is unimportant and irrelevant in this generation and that they are simply outdated and old-fashioned.

[wear ear condom next time]

1. Mocking religion's obsession with being sexually pure and cleaning their mind from impure thoughts.
2. Don't listen to her music.
3. Condoms only barricade, not removing the source of music so it implies her music is here to stay so deal with it.
4. Since music is sex, or precisely ejaculation, she is planting her seeds of life into her fans minds? o_o

[I want to love you]

Who is "you"? My guess is Jesus. "want" implies a lack of willpower and if she did "love", her love would be fabricated and not authentic.

[But something's pulling me away from you]

She says an external source is "pulling" her away which becomes ironic later as she intentionally "clings" to Judas.

[And Judas is the demon I cling to]

She is closer to Judas and she is aware that this is bad. "cling" implies materialism perhaps grabbing hold of her career, fame, and money. She finds comfort in keeping her materialistic career despite knowing this is bad but she does not want to lose it.

In conclusion, I am confused. Lady Gaga claims this song is about embracing the dark side in order to see the light but the lyrics seems to appear that she is suffering from embracing the darkness? She does not sound very confident degrading herself as a "holy fool". By repeating the chorus chanting Judas in the end, I am left with the impression she is walking towards the darkness than finding the light. As a result, as she betrays her virtues, she is suffering from walking towards the darkness. "Judas" fits her dilemma betraying good virtues and walking towards a path of materialism.

Paramore – Ignorance Lyrics 10 years ago
This is Hayley's perspective of their conflicts.

Paramore – Brick by Boring Brick Lyrics 10 years ago
After the Farro brothers leaving, this song is a lot clearer.

The Naked And Famous – Girls Like You Lyrics 10 years ago
Higher? Oh damn, I thought Alissa is saying "Everything you say is fire" XD

Katy Perry – Firework Lyrics 10 years ago
The plastic bag reminded me of the movie American Beauty with the plastic bag scene.

The Naked And Famous – Punching in a Dream Lyrics 10 years ago
A song of fear.

Lady GaGa – Bad Romance Lyrics 10 years ago
According to Wikipedia, it is about falling with her best friend. Which I thought it quite beautiful.

"Oh, caught in a bad romance"
The verb "caught" suggests this is something that is external and beyond her control. She is a prisoner of her own passion.

"I want your ugly
I want your disease"

I find this lyric adorable. The extremity of using the words "ugly" and "disease" is a metaphor for all the really bad flaws of this best friend. She doesn't care about the physical appearance, she doesn't care the psychologically toxicity the best friend can be. She can tolerate and accept it. She wants "everything" of her best friend and importantly of all, she doesn't demand any changes except reciprocation of her love.

"I want your drama
The touch of your hand"

This suggests these two best friends share their problems of their lives which suggest emotional support and intimacy.

"Kiss in the sand"

Romantically, i interpret it as kissing after crying since tears are salty. Which suggests she is comforting her through times of hardship reinforcing intimacy between the two.

"You know that I want you
And you know that I need you"

The best friend is aware. What the best friend response is unknown. Perhaps she's keeping it to herself?

"I want your horror"

Sharing of fears or continuing the idea of his bad flaws which suggesting the best friend is abusive.

"I want your psycho"

She is there for the best friend when the best friend goes through a mental breakdown.


As I read more lines, I can see the song is interchangeable with many contexts as forevercloud3000 mentioned.

An overall summary of this poem is just passion. Intense passion.

Ke$ha – We R Who We R Lyrics 10 years ago
Kesha wrote this song in response to the increasing spike of teen suicides especially about LGBT youth.
Overall, this song aims to say teenagers should be proud of themselves for who they are.

First Verse:
The poem explicitly begins with saying teen suicide is really a "hot and dangerous" issue.
"If you're one of us, then roll with us" implies that not every teenager is alone and that they should unite. Distinguishing feeling of "us" implies there is a group of people who are different from normal society.
"We make hipsters fall in love" Hipsters is a symbol of independence, individuality. not conforming to norm, and being one with nature. To make them "fall in love" is to mean we make them proud and inspired. Homosexuality is not a choice, we are born with this gift from nature, and we are making them proud connecting to themselves of their true nature.
"And we've got hotpants on enough" Pride in their creative qualities and fashion tastes.
"And yes of course because we're running this town just like a club" {araphrase: we are going to party in this normal society and enjoy our lives. The act of "running this town" suggests they are going to influence or change the normal society thinks.
"And no, you don't wanna mess with us" Paraphrase: Society and the norm is not going to push us around anymore.
"Got Jesus on my necklace" Being able to accept their true natures bring them closer to faith and God. Or being it a blasphemous act suggests we shouldn't give a toss what religion says.

And pretty much the rest of the song focuses on partying hard.

Repetition of "You know we're superstars, We are who we are!" means they are going to party hard, enjoy life, be proud and feel special, because they know their true selves.

Ke$ha – Blah Blah Blah Lyrics 10 years ago
Well, I am just saying just because she does not appear to present herself as a serious musician doesn't mean her songs are a devoid of meaning. Also, I acknowledge that not every song has a meaning but Kesha personally said it herself that this album was suppose to be fun.

Avril Lavigne – Alice Lyrics 10 years ago
I'm quite disappointed.
I feel the lyrics could have been elaborated more instead of her screaming her head of most of the time.
I particularly only like the introduction.

Ke$ha – Blah Blah Blah Lyrics 10 years ago
It saddens me that everyone is throwing ad hominems at Kesha.
You do realise this song is criticising the current mainstream pop songs how the ordinary male just pretty much want to get into female's pants? How guys do not care what your talking about, they just want you for sex.

Kesha parodily plays the role of a typical horny selfish male. Sure, the song instruments are played with auto tuning is quite dislikable but it /is/ mocking the typical male of mainstream pop with songs about sex and money.

MGMT – Flash Delirium Lyrics 10 years ago
Bravo! Best interpretation I've read so far. :D

Gorillaz – Superfast Jellyfish Lyrics 10 years ago
I like the references to chicken as instant noodles which come with chicken powder are common in today's diet. xD I think it's commenting on the added flavours to foods too.

Gorillaz – Superfast Jellyfish Lyrics 10 years ago
Amen indeed. These assertions of "this strictly means this" is making me annoyed. ):
All interpretations are viable as long you have an logical explanation to back up your ideas.

Empire of the Sun – We Are the People Lyrics 10 years ago
My interpretation of this song is about death. Death of someone who is a soulmate, your other special half that makes you feel whole. And mourning about it.

My evidence is the video.

We start off with a view of a sky from below. There is light.
This symbolises heaven and "seeing the light" as one would describe when they die.
Trivially, this foreshadows the ending of the video as the two characters have fainted and seeing their view from below.

From here, we see the journey of the passing away of a soulmate and his journey to the next realm.

Now, we get images of death. The skull, grim reaper face, and graveyard.
We get a sense of impending death.
The bike tumbled upside down suggests end of journey.
The sense of impending death is furthered by the two characters dying in the heat of the environment.
The setting reinforces impending death as the desert is a wasteland, harsh, hot, and unsuitable for life.
A clip of digging expands the sense of impending death as reminds the watcher of digging up graves.

The two meet a man. The setting is an archway.
This creates a sense of ascension, a port way to somewhere.
The meeting reminds me of two situations: overviewing and reviewing one's life after death and getting lost in the realm.
However, the two characters doesn't actually enter the archway so I presume the setting is just for imagery/symbolism or could be not choosing that path for some reason.
I did not bother to translate the spanish subtitles so there could be some additional things I missed out.

We see a building. A lady. An entrance. The entrance continues the idea of ascension, port way to somewhere.
The lady. Hmm... Grim reaper? Beautiful death? I do not know.
She gives the character a skull. It could mean the character is given the truth that he dead and/or embracing death (or comically, given some weed :P )

Transition to waterfalls. Ahh, the soothing part of the video. The contrast from the hot climate to cooling waterfalls is very striking and effective.
Symbolises the transition to heaven or spiritual enlightment/peace. =D
We are shown this playground-like building thingy. The stairs remind me of ascension. The whole feel of inhabiting this area produces an atmosphere of a sanctuary.

Now we are back in the harsh environment. I assume this is the perspective of the character who lost their soulmate.
At the same time, the lyric "I know everything about you, You know everything about me" comes to this scene.
Reminds the watcher of the two soulmate's connectedness.
Then we are shown some culture; parading through the streets. Creates this sense of "back on Earth" feel to emphasise the
character who loss their soulmate situation that this character must continue life without his/her soulmate.
There are crucifixes and the girl with grim reaper facepaint, things associated with death, in this scene.

Then we get another jolt of "coming back to reality" through another transition. It repeats the beginning with an image of a graveyard.
The two characters fainted in a pit suggesting this whole video journey was a dream/hallucination.
However, it symbolises death and journey of ascension. :)

As for the biker staring at beginning and end, I think it just a comedic effect. :P Tho my intuition feels there is some more meaning behind the biker..

Dogs represent wandering and I dunno what the insect scene shows. The dire survival in the harsh environment? Bleh.

Beyoncé – Halo Lyrics 10 years ago
LOL, I kinda agree there has been hints of sexual connection. I got it from this verse:

"Hit me like a ray of sun
Burning through my darkest night
Youre the only one that I want
Think im addicted to your light
I swore Id never fall again
But this dont even feel like falling
Gravity cant begin
To pull me to the ground again"

Gorillaz – Stylo Lyrics 10 years ago
Haha, this brings it into a minor wider context referencing to how people break up over cellphones. : P

Gorillaz – On Melancholy Hill Lyrics 10 years ago
"plastic tree" is quite an intriguing phrase. A natural thing that isn't organic. It's artificial. I get the sense that something is fabricated and not natural.

MGMT – Kids Lyrics 10 years ago
"Crawling on your knees towards it"

I always felt that this line is subtlely suggesting sense of impending doom.
Or it could just the child-like curiousity looking at everything and just getting it just because its there.'

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