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Tool – Eulogy Lyrics 10 years ago
Scientology is some of the dumbest sh*t I have ever heard. I respect religion as long as it respects me (the guy who doesn't have it), but scientology... it's nothing more than a scam. and there are actually people who believe in it... what has humanity come to?

Tool – Eulogy Lyrics 10 years ago
God is dead, and no one cares.

And also, looking for an actual answer is different from knowing them. It's the search. If you can't be content knowing that you don't know everything, that you think everything must have an immediate explanation, then yes, that does make you insecure.

Also, just putting this out there:
If, hypothetically, there was some sort of divine being/creator, and he/she/it truly was onmiscient, omnipotent, all that cool stuff, and was a being to be looked up to, i.e. someone/thing that was all for justice and righteousness- wouldn't he/she/it be able to instantly judge what is right and what is wrong? Wouldn't there be no injustice, since he/she/it (hereafter referred to as God) is omnipotent and could then do away with injustice? I dunno about you, but I really don't see any justice in Afghanistan and Iraq, or war in general, or the 9/11 bombings, or waterboarding, or Guantanamo Bay, or the Patriot Act, or all the shameless bickering that goes on between our two parties over minutiae that they would rather carry out far past its expiration date rather than doing something that could help their citizens who elected them, or any of that other good stuff that happens in our great Nation under God.

If you say that somehow that is justice, then God is just a sadist who created humans to watch them suffer.

Then god wouldn't really be righteous at all, and if he/she/it DID exist should be rebelled against rather than worshipped. It would be a useless effort, but when someone who's that much of an asshole has that much power... you've basically got Rafael Trujillo, or Maximillien Robespierre, or Kim Jong Il, or Saddam Hussein up there in the clouds.

God is a convenient answer.
Use Occam's razor. The best solution is usually the simplest. How is an incredibly complex being with unimaginable power and knowledge, that somehow created everything, yet was in existence forever (even though everything needs a beginning), before anything existed, the simplest answer?

And trust me Mike868, I am quite real. My name on this site may not be real, as I don't want any of you wackjobs coming after me, but I am real. This is real thought that you see before you as I read this. Think about it, if you can.

by the way...

I don't mean to get so inflammatory, but when I see a comment insulting me (the comment that started this whole line of replies- "atheistic nothing") I can't help but get a little mad and say something in response.

Feel free to believe what you want to, just don't try to force your beliefs on me, or insult me for my beliefs. If you insult me for my beliefs (or lack thereof) I will respond likewise. Now, for the sake of peace and harmony within humanity, please just forget this debate ever happened. I put forth my thoughts on the matter, and you yours, and it's time to end it. If people can just learn to live with one another, the world will be a much better place.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Tool – Eulogy Lyrics 10 years ago
The universe has always been and always will. And it didn't some from one little atom- according to the big bang theory (the actual theory not the TV show), the universe was once compressed into a singularity. Meaning everything was so immensely dense that it was all in one thing. Hard to fathom right? I guess it must be easier just to think a man in the clouds did it.
But the universe, according to one theory, could have been going on like this forever, in a sinusoidal pattern- that at the low point, it's all compressed into a singularity, and that we're in the first half of the period after the latest low point. Eventually it will then collapse back in on itself, slowly, through billions of years, and return to the low point on the sine wave, and then start anew.
Sines describe nature better than a preacher ever could.

Anyway, no, you can NOT make something from nothing. It's not possible. You could possibly convert energy into matter and vice versa, but that's still something => something.

And one more thing: Religion shows that you're too insecure, that you need an answer for everything. If you choose not to believe, you don't need answers. You feel secure not knowing. And knowing that you don't know.

Nine Inch Nails – The Fragile Lyrics 10 years ago
This song keeps me from falling apart when I'm in a dark place. Literally. I feel depressed and I listen to this song, and know that everything will somehow come out all right.

Nine Inch Nails – Somewhat Damaged Lyrics 10 years ago
This song has a deeper meaning than what's on the surface. It means whatever you interpret it to mean.
This can be said of the entire album, The Fragile. For me it may have a much different meaning that it may to you. So don't down-vote someone else's interpretation because you think it's wrong.
Case closed, you lose. >:D

In the context of the "general concept interpretation" of the album (concept album) as a whole, though, I think it might be the character, who's so totally destroyed and broken by the end (which is the beginning of the album), looking back on all the shit that went down in his life, and how did he get to where he was?

Black Light Burns – Cruel Melody (feat. Carina Round) Lyrics 10 years ago
Great... now I won't be able to listen to this song anymore.

I did that to a friend of mine... but he still doesn't know it yet. I haven't told him.
Great, guilt... fun.
But then again, she told me he had no chance anyway... so "it wasn't meant for him to win".

Now I have a mark on me, like a brand on my skin that only I can see... (next song)

KoЯn – Ball Tongue Lyrics 10 years ago
Several things:
One, fuck off Aunt Fefe. Don't you have something better to do than troll on a good band?
Two, I really don't see how this rips off that morbid angel track. I took a listen on YouTube and really don't hear it. There's more old "heavy metal" stuff, ex. complicated solos, high octave guitar, etc, while ball tongue is more of a "pre-nü-metal" song.
Two-and-a-half, guess how many people have heard of "morbid angel"? And then guess how many people have heard of KoRn? I would guess that the ratio is about 1:100 at least.
Three, this song fucking rocks, and that morbid whatever song sounded like derivative iron maiden ripoff crap.

Marilyn Manson – Eat Me, Drink Me Lyrics 11 years ago
Somehow The first verse makes me think of the Resident Evil game franchise. "In the wasteland" = raccoon city
"all the way to the Red Queen" = Red Queen is what Umbrella calls its supercomputer that stores all of its data it ever compiled
"...dreams to be famous" = Wesker's need for power and fame
"eat me, drink me" = uhhh... Zombies? They eat your flesh and drink your blood.
That's just my ideas, I know it's actually about Alice in wonderland or whatever.

Tool – Eulogy Lyrics 11 years ago
Ohh yeahh it's so f***ing hard to be one of those a**holes who make up the majority of humanity preaching their BS all over Earth through TV, Internet (case in point), spam emails, and brainwashed Politicians. Must be really hard, going with the rest of the brainwashed masses. Must be really hard to agree with those morons all the time. Rather than an Atheist, who has to argue his point through lobotomy patients like you. Must be really tough there, buddy, to not even try to find real answers and submit to the idea some guy in white told you about a big shiny Zeus look-alike making something out of nothing. By the way, have you ever seen something made from nothing? No. If there is something, it always came from something else. Who made your god? Another god? Who made him? And his maker? No, you're right, must be really tough not using your brain every Sunday. Good luck bud.

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