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The Buggles – Video Killed the Radio Star Lyrics 11 years ago
Wow, what an ingenius song. It really foreshadowed MTV and the changes in the music industry. It's about how video technology tarnished the music industry. Fancy visuals and physical appearance started to take attention away from musical talent. I think it's also about how the radio industry was once the largest medium of entertainment in America and then just faded into obseletion to make room for television. So many people had jobs in radio and it was their passion, and now it's just something in the past. As lighthearted as it sounds, it's actually really deep.

Linkin Park – Runaway Lyrics 11 years ago
This song touches one of LP's favourite themes, emotional outbursts against an oppressor. It
's about ending an ongoing conflict filled with deceit and lies by running away and starting over. Great song.

Nas – Halftime Lyrics 11 years ago
One of Nas' best, just him flexing his flow out and putting out mad lines. You don't hear tracks like this anymore.

George Thorogood – One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer Lyrics 11 years ago
A sweetass tune by George Thorogood woven with lyrics about being an average Joe broke and trying to stay afloat. It's about living day-to-day, being swamped with problems but still being able to kick loose and get down. The theme is Blues-inspired. Awesome song.

Bill Withers – Just The Two Of Us Lyrics 11 years ago
This song's directed towards a girl the narrator is deeply in love with. It's basically saying "We're in love, let's indulge". He's bascially saying "Let's not wait, jump on in". It's a feel-good song, love and positivity all round.

Dio – Dream Evil Lyrics 11 years ago
Sheer gold, this song has a very storybook feeling and it's awesome. This song is about how we must explore what is labeled forbidden otherwise we will never know the whole truth. We must go where there is no light at times, because that is where new discoveries are made.

Ice Cube – Ghetto Vet Lyrics 11 years ago
This is just Ice Cube keepin it real and rapping real-life stories through his songs. When he wasn't making bass-fueled pump-up tunes, he bumped some real shit.

GZA/Genius – I Gotcha Back Lyrics 11 years ago
This song is both philosophical but very down-to-earth. It has the Wu-Tang flavour, tales of the streets and how they teach lessons of life. It's about the many perils of ghetto life and how some get past it and other fall victim to the system.
The chorus is great as well. I gotcha back, meaning you got friends to help, but you need to do your part and stay vigilant and prepared for life's many obstacles.

Kansas – Dust In The Wind Lyrics 11 years ago
One of my favourite songs, gets me so emotional. This song is all about how small our lives are in the grand scheme of things. Everyday we are preoccupied with our own lives and our petty problems but we are blind to the fact that we are so insignificant in comparison to Earth and the rest of the Universe. The vocals have a sort of sad but humble sound, outlining the theme of the song.
“All we are is dust in the wind”, impacted and moved by forces far greater than us.

Canibus – 33 3's Lyrics 11 years ago
This song has no real message, but it kicks ass anyway. Canibus is just doing what he does best, writing lyrically stunning pieces and spitting them with lava-hot flow. It’s crazy how he gets all of those threes into this song. Here he’s just flexing his skills and proving why he’s one of the best instead of just bluntly rapping about it.

Linkin Park – Numb Lyrics 11 years ago
A familiar Linkin Park theme, insecurity and breaking collapsing under too much pressure. Numb voices what someone would say to a person that constantly puts pressure on that person with endless expectations. This song voices the will to independent and live for oneself instead of always having to be worried about disappointing someone.

Johnny Cash – Ring of Fire Lyrics 11 years ago
I'm no country fan but I have deep respect for Johnny Cash.
This song describes love better than any other song for me.
Cash compares love to a ring of fire that both warms and torments the victim. And the longer one stays in love or the ring of fire, the more intense the flames and the affair become.

Eric B. & Rakim – Paid In Full Lyrics 11 years ago
This song is all about being on the grind and just trying to survive in the concrete jungle.
Eric B. & Rakim are trying to balance their careers, finances and personal lives, we all can relate.

One thing that I love about these guys is that they're referred to as Eric B. & Rakim, both are credited. The arrogant rappers of today's mainstream never credit the people that produce their songs and make the beats they get famous off of.

D12 – Purple Pills Lyrics 11 years ago
Obviously, this song is all about one of D12’s favourite hobbies-drugs!
Great song to get high to.

Eminem – Role Model Lyrics 11 years ago
One of his best songs, perhaps even the best.

In this song, Eminem utilizes his wonderful flow with an array of badass lines. After getting harassed by critics for his controversial nature, Eminem spits in the face of all his critics with a “What the hell are you gonna do about it?” attitude. This song defines Eminem’s outrageous style excellently.
Favourite lines: Follow me and do exactly what the song says:
smoke weed, take pills, drop outta school, kill people and drink
And jump behind the wheel like it was still legal
But I don't get pissed, y'all don't even see through the mist
How the fuck can I be white, I don't even exist
I get a clean shave, bathe, go to a rave
Die from an overdose and dig myself up out of my grave

Linkin Park – Faint Lyrics 11 years ago
Ahhh, this one takes me back.

Classic Linkin Park, monologue directed at an unfair lover. This song is about, once again, lashing out at someone that has been unjust in a relationship. Mike Shinoda’s verses outline all of the things that you would want that terrible lover to hear. And the rest is an aggressive attempt at being heard.

One of their best songs.

Tool – Parabola Lyrics 11 years ago
Although many users before me have said this, I think that this song is about the existance we know in contrast to our true existance. The word choice indicated that the physical body is only a vessel for something grander-the soul. This life is an experience, and a great one at that. Life is magnificent and we are blessed to have the opportunity to live the lives we have. Even when we are going through tough times, we exist and that is a beautiful thing.

TOOL is definitely my favourite band, this is my favourite song by them.

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