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Animal Collective – Banshee Beat Lyrics 7 years ago
I don't know how/why someone didn't respond to your comment. I realize I am here nearly four years after you posted this, but I hope you are doing well now.

This song came on in the car today while I was driving with no destination; driving is what I do when I'm losing my mind. I love Animal Collective a ton, but if I'm not with my (now ex) boyfriend, I usually cannot listen to them without feeling the need to be with him. I can't explain how strong the feeling is. He loves Animal Collective, and I'm used to him being in the car with me, singing the songs aloud. Anyway, I actually decided just to let the song play today. The first few lyrics killed me. After six and a half years together, he broke up with me a couple of days ago. I felt your pain when I read your comment. I'm sorry you had to feel that way. I hope the pain has subsided enough for you to be happy today, wherever you may be. I want to be happy, too, but I know it's not going to happen overnight. His feelings for me seemed to have changed that quickly, though.

Please, take care.

Acid House Kings – That's because you drive me Lyrics 9 years ago
The narrator's not willing to accept that the relationship is over forever. He's seeking out signs in order to have something to hold onto...for reassurance that he's not a fool for waiting. He's still got faith, and he's willing to put in all the effort in order to regain the one he loves. He's absolutely (happily) determined. He may be slightly heartbroken, but the pleasure he gets from thinking about the future he'll "undoubtedly" have with her outweighs the pain.

The Organ – I Am Not Surprised Lyrics 10 years ago
The girl has been in an on-again/off-again relationship for quite some time. The song takes place during an "off" period, when the narrator is reflecting upon the past. She wants to be prepared to move on with her own life...and, eventually, meet someone else. She's been hurt so many times by the one she's been in a relationship with, and she wants to finally forget about him. However, she's finding it extremely difficult. The girl has been spending a great deal of time alone, and knowing he's just a short drive away, living life without her, she feels even lonelier.

The Organ – Can You Tell Me Lyrics 10 years ago
I don't know how all of The Organ's songs seem to suit me, but they do. This song particularly hits home, despite the fact that it's quite short.

(Note in advance: To lessen confusion, I'm just using the girl/boy relationship for my interpretation so that it's easier for others to understand what I'm saying...instead of using "him/her" over and over again, for example.)

I believe the song is about a girl who's there for the boy she loves at the drop of a hat. Whenever he calls, the girl is there. She may not always feel welcomed or wanted. When she mentions leaving, he says, "I don't mind if you stay." He's said, flat out, that she is his best friend...but changes his mind quickly and begins to ignore her. Meanwhile, the girl is confused and wondering, not necessarily why he doesn't care to speak with her anymore, but what is wrong with him (mentally) for cutting all ties so suddenly. The girl wishes he'd simply tell her what's going on in his head instead of leaving her in the dark. After some time passes, the boy decides he's ready to communicate, and he explains all of the complexities of his life. The girl's perspective of him has changed dramatically by this point, and she realizes the boy is worse off than she is...even though the girl has been severely damaged by the boy.

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