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The Kinks – Young And Innocent Days Lyrics 12 years ago
Don't judge your youthful perspective of the kinks too harshly. After all, a bit of innocent generalizing is what our protagonist is after. ;)

The point you brought up about Arthur wanting his England back is interesting. I think one of the major accomplishments Ray achieved on this album was being able to parallel some of Arthur's desires with those of his children and grandchildren. All of the characters want England back, albeit in vastly different ways. Either with less bureaucracy, more bureucracy, more patriotism, less patriotism, or even some of that superfluous victorian flair. This is a great critique, not only of your typical family feud, but also of the stages of one man and his everchanging expectations of his country and world as he ages. The song young and innocent days can mean so many things to a man or woman throughout different periods of their life, yet the emotion felt is typically the same.
And this point is reiterated with songs such as nothing to say and the eponymous tune arthur. Arthur, the song, seems to acknowledge the fact that we all are reading the same book, we are just on different pages. Maybe this comment belongs under said title, but this album is getting some great dissection right here under young and innocent days.

Radiohead – Reckoner Lyrics 12 years ago
I think this song is about the death or decay of God in our modern culture. The first verse has the singer (ok...Thom) boldy telling the Reckoner that "you can't take it with you". Meaning into oblivion.
The next verse contains more sympathetic tones. "You are not to blame for bittersweet distractor" Means it is not your fault the world is full of distractors. And admiration is shown when the following lines state that even though we don't dare speak your name in public anymore, you were always dedicated to all of us.
The part going "because we seperate...etc...", I think, gives the ultimate reason for God vanishing. Thom is saying that because we were all so different in our beliefs we couldn't survive together in this modern global culture withour dropping our regional beliefs about God.
Finally the lines "take me with you" painfully beg the dying God to take me with you. This is one of the most powerful religious lines I have ever heard in any song, hymns included, and it shows just how sad it is to lose something that held mankind together for so long.
So I think I made my opinion on the song clear enough, I'm sure many comments will follow to swallow up my thoughts. That itself is a testament to how influential this band is.

The Kinks – Young And Innocent Days Lyrics 12 years ago
I may have mistakenly associated this song with the son because we are in the same age group and I was attempting to relate to the subject matter.
Then again, these universal emotions could be appropriately portrayed by any of the characters on this album. This song seems to evade categorization as it manifest itself in all age strata. Thank you for helping me to remember that.
The only hold I now have on it is knowing how great it is (which I'm sure we can both agree on)!

Randy Newman – Sail Away Lyrics 12 years ago
The deception that is the "American Dream", here symbolized by the importation of Africans. Newman's observations don't end with past injustices, and, I believe, he is equating that scenario to modern American slavery. Every race, creed, and religion is " take care of his home and his family".

Paul McCartney – Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey Lyrics 12 years ago
To me this song is about two dual personalities, one old school and the other new, and Paul is making some kind of social commentary on the changing times.
I picture Uncle Albert sitting by the fireside telling boring war stories to a younger relative (Admiral Hasley notified me...etc). Albert conquered the seas during his prime (hands across the water) and perhaps he expects the same drive and ambition from modern youth.
Modern youth however lacks this type of drive (sorry we haven't done a thing all day) but excels as PSYCHONAUTS!
I'll probably be lambasted for making yet another drug connection in a Mccartney song, but you can't deny the meaning of "heads across the sky". This is the new battle and modern youth wants to conquer their minds and live a little while doing it.
So I guess the ultimate meaning of this song is that some kid doesn't want to sit around listening to his Uncle, so he makes excuses (it may rain, or the kettles on)to go home and get high (get your feet up off the ground). See! It all makes perfect sense! Heads vs. Hands.

Thom Yorke – Videotape Lyrics 12 years ago
I like Radiohead's version better.

Paul McCartney – Let Me Roll It Lyrics 12 years ago
Smokin' the peace pipe with someone you've had issues with.

The Kinks – Animals In The Zoo Lyrics 12 years ago
I think this song is about...HEY! Wait a minute! I wrote this same song in middle school when I met a monkey in the zoo...ah well forget it...Zoos are EVIL!

Paul Simon – The Cool, Cool River Lyrics 12 years ago
...and I almost forgot...
The lines "sometimes even music cannot substitute for tears", in my opinion, means that the more viseral, expressive lifestyle this person desires can no longer be satisfied by alternative outlets. With just a touch of sadness added to his rage he is ready to live his life the way he desires and not just emulate reality.

Paul Simon – The Cool, Cool River Lyrics 12 years ago
I think this song is about the typical lower-middle class american and the deep restlessness they experience and usually supress all their lives.
The first few verses seem to portray this "YES"-man who is angrily coming home from work like "a fist through traffic".
This character has some underlying hopes to be free even if it means living in his car. However I would never equate him to a terrorist. Indeed, he appears to be the anti-terrorist. The lines "slides throught the metal detector" convey how casually he approaches the mechanical and routinely invasive aspects of modern life. He is a nobody, just another "slide in a slide projector", which I equate to living in an apartment building.
The theme of fighting for freedom runs through this song, but I don't know if he means Revolution!! or simply taking charge of your life. This person is obviously on the verge of attempting one or both of those tasks, indicated by lines like "song dogs barking on the edge of dawn"...his dawning. And the lines about the thuderstorm hint that the change will be either symbolically or literally violent.
Either way, Simon apparently believes there are loads of these Stillwater cronies and clones because of the lines "these streets like a sleeping army", where we have all of the potential warriors simply sleeping away while their own personal battles and our collaborative battles are lost.
The cool river I equate to us each being like currents on the surface of the ocean. Each individual collectively adding to the ocean. And this person presents a calm, yet misleading surface which hides or "sweeps" the white caps

Supertramp – Just Another Nervous Wreck Lyrics 12 years ago
This song establishes Davies as the driving force behind Supertramp to me. The quirky piano, nice 70's style solo, and anthemic chorus work together great. I could go on praising this song forever...
I have to agree with previous posters about the subject of this song being a man going through the rigors of divorce. But I think the song also represents change in general.
While the rest of the world is young and alive ("acrobats they tumble") this man and his relationship are growing old ("corn begins to crumble" and "sun upon my wall is getting less"), and his house of cards comes crashing down ("juggler makes his fumble"). But the best part about the song is that through all of this it remains inspirational. And I think thats where the metamorphisis really is. The man sees the change as a blessing in disguise and realises he "Don't give a damn", he's still young enough to "fight while he can". He accepts that he is a nervous wreck but thinks he can manage. Honestly, how much closer can you get to describing the human condition!
Also I hear something like "tell me who's your fuckin tailor" after the lines "soilder...sailor". I always thought that was a reference to how "they got your number".
This is a pretty abstract song for one with such blunt lyrics peppered throughout, but I guess I better leave some room here for other interpretations.

Megadeth – Youthanasia Lyrics 12 years ago
It's about how pompous and corrupt our U.S. government is to think we can go around policing the world, or raping the world for some rich politician's gain, all under the guise of "helping". Meanwhile, people at home are dying, poor, abused and often lead worse lives than the very people we're trying to "save" at trillions of dollars a year. Take the f'n trillions you are laundering over in 3rd world countries so every senator can have a new jaguar, and give it back to the proper owners.
I think with the lines "stepped over lots of bodies on my way" he is saying that he refuses to rise up and be wealthy, etc... if it requires stepping on some poor guy from another country (the manner with which the US gains most of its income) or even stepping on your own brothers/sisters all for cheap walmart crap. "Don't need no more anything"
The last verse to me is a call to arms, being the only way he sees these fucks understand how to do business, and that we should be more ready to die in a youthanasia rather than a euthanasia.

The Kinks – Black Messiah Lyrics 12 years ago
Watch it Ray! You can't say things like this anymore!
Ray points out all of our inherit racist tribal tendencies by asking if you pray to a black god or white one.
He also very unabashedly claims that whites and blacks are indeed different, and that we need to recognize that before we can advance as a multicultural society (well thats the scenario as I see it in the states at least).
Now I know that I'm treading dangerous waters here, but I also get the feeling that Ray is very pissed about the reverse racism happening today against whites.
All in all, this is a highly offensive yet catchy little tune that I can't help but sing when the sheeple of America start crying for their lord Obama.
That is just my opinion, don't shoot me for it!

The Kinks – Young And Innocent Days Lyrics 12 years ago
The only song on Arthur without a power chord?...and done wonderfully. This song is the ultimate nostalgic peice from the album, a theme presented in a variety of ways on Arthur, but definetely culminating here. I think the character singing is Arthur's son and that he is longing for innocence again in a world which he believes is vile or brainwashed.
The way Ray and Dave perform this song so well together, and with alternating harmonies, always made me think it was like an ode to eachother as brothers. I know I can't help but thinking of my great childhood spent with my siblings when I hear this song. The words "I see the lines that cross your face" make me look at how much older my family and I are now and leaves me with this unsettling, hopeless feeling that "nothing ever can replace".

Little Shop of Horrors – Skid Row / Downtown Lyrics 12 years ago
I think this song looses alot of meaning when you simply say its a metaphor. Anyone who has ever lived "downtown" realises the struggles portrayed here are not states of mind but are a harsh reality. And I think the song is pointing out how much environment has to do with one's success or overall happiness, which is critical to the movie. However, I do agree with your point lilacsweetie. I just think the meanings run parallel.
Personally, this is my favorite song from the movie. I actually feel moved when the street people slowly shuffle along chanting "downtown".

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