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Rihanna – A Million Miles Away Lyrics 11 years ago
Beutiful song and i want to get the piano piece itself down its lovely

Marilyn Manson – Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode cover) Lyrics 11 years ago
Marylin manson is one of my favorite people that are going to hell

Billy Joel – New York State Of Mind Lyrics 11 years ago
New york smiled when this was written

Billy Joel – And So It Goes Lyrics 11 years ago
In every heart there is a room, (there is a place of refuge within ones self)
A sanctuary safe and strong, (A place of healing and safety from heart break)
To heal the wounds of lovers past, (It is a place of recovery from past heart break)
Until a new one comes a long, (Until a new lover comes along)

I spoke to you (new lover) in cautious tone, (I was scared to tell you about myself)
You answered me with no pretense, (You answered me without pretending to love me)
But still i fear ive said to much, (Im afraid ive told you to much about my self)
My silence is my self defense, (Being quiet is the only way to keep from being hurt again)

And every time ive held a rose, (every time that ive had love)
It seems ive only felt the thorns, (its seems ive always gotten hurt)
And so it goes, and so it goes, (And so it leaves me)
And so will you soon i suppose, (Im guessing you will leave me heart broken like every one else has)

But if my silence made you leave, (If my insecurity made you leave me)
Then that would be my worst mistake, (Then i could miss out on true love)
So i will share this room with you, (So you can enter my place of refuge)
And you can have this heart to break, (And you can break my heart)

And this is why my eyes are closed, (This is why i cant see if you will hurt me)
Its just as well for all ive seen, (Its because ive seen alot of people who love me and leave me)
And so it goes and so it goes, (And it continues)
But your the only one who knows, (You are the first person ive told this to)

So i will choose to be with you, (I will trust you)
As if the choice were mine to make, (As if I could resist you)
But you can make decisions too, (But you can do what you want to me)
And you can have this heart to break, (And you can break my heart)

This song not only touches on heart break but it touches on the effects of heart break. After a heart is broken the person tends to be more cautious, and to say the least timid, about trusting another person. But the previous lover masked them selves so well that there is no way for a person with a broken heart to tell the difference between someone trying to hurt them or love them. So after a while the person with a broken heart will surrender his/her defense and just give in to anyone that seems suitable. Giving that person the chance to break there heart once more.

-Anthony Johnson

Eminem – Like Toy Soldiers Lyrics 11 years ago
Frankly i was suprised at the lyrical content of this song the first few times i heard it but the chorus makes up for it. well done song!!!

Eminem – Cleaning Out My Closet Lyrics 11 years ago
Yea thats what you do you diss your mom on a rap song making it seem as if she ruined your life. If any thing he should thank her for making him a stronger person come on E i love you dude but your a millionaire stop stooping down on low levels like that -_-

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