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Psychic TV – Just Like Arcadia Lyrics 2 years ago
@[kaplan:17174] this is true but could be expanded a bit: From wikipedia, "After the collapse of the Roman power in the west, Arcadia became part of the Greek-speaking Byzantine Empire. Arcadia remained a beautiful, secluded area, and its inhabitants became proverbial as herdsmen leading simple pastoral unsophisticated yet happy lives, to the point that Arcadia may refer to some imaginary idyllic paradise". Look up Poussin's "The Shepherds of Arcadia" as an example of it's use in art.

Tori Amos – Horses Lyrics 3 years ago
"But will you find me if
Neil makes me a tree"

is a reference to Neil Gaiman's Sandman comic books. In Sandman#4 the protagonis, Dream of the Endless is escorted by Etrigan to the city of Dis. Suicides are depicted as trees, rooted and stuck in their suffering.

Fela Kuti – Lady Lyrics 6 years ago
I don't disagree that it's not against equality, but I think it's more of a mockery of African women trying to be "lady-like", like European women, ignoring their more passionate selves in order to seem more gentrified. "if you call a woman 'african woman', she's not going to agree, she's says 'I be lady, not woman'..."

Fela's mother was a very outspoken and well known women's rights activist and I believe part of the reason he was so politically outspoken in his music.

Biffy Clyro – Different People Lyrics 6 years ago
It's about growing up and changing -- you can't go home again, after you've changed by growing up. You're a different person and all those old things you used to talk and worry about happened to a different person, they're different arguments.

Moby – God Moving Over the Face of the Waters Lyrics 6 years ago
It's from the bible, in Genesis 1:1-3 "1. In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. 2. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved on the face of the waters. 3. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light."

Fela Kuti – Trouble Sleep Yanga Wake Am Lyrics 8 years ago
pigdin translation: palaver means trouble, waka means walking

Shudder to Think – The Ballad Of Maxwell Demon Lyrics 8 years ago
They were very deliberately aping Bowie's early glam period; Maxwell Demon is a reference to's_demon (which also features prominently in Thomas Pynchon's "The crying of lot 49").

Animal Collective – Working Lyrics 9 years ago
I don't mind from where I came
but I'd rather be on the hills of Saturn
but then I would get thirsty
to feel I need to leave my friends
to always be the kind of man
to try and love those kinds of hands
I hope to not stick to my plan
and never bleed the pains of red
if I tried to love simple things
if I tried to love simple things
sometimes I...

where are the back roads
that goes to the garden
you run from the rest of the city
that ends at the banks of the river
and sends it back to me
and holds it back up
back up when i'm looking


Animal Collective – Mr. Fingers Lyrics 9 years ago
I hear "is perfection placed or just to use it out of shame (???)" as "is perfection placer or just a glimpse of harbored shame", the second "reach for what i've done" I hear as "reach for then I'm done"; the line right after "weather is mild" i'm hearing "when i used to run my way" but after that it phases too much for me to make out.

Living Colour – 17 Days Lyrics 9 years ago
Prince cover

Living Colour – Bi Lyrics 9 years ago
it's based on the singer's personal experience when his girlfriend told him she was bi and he freaked out about it

Living Colour – Hemp Lyrics 9 years ago
A song about a noose.

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