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Train – The Finish Line Lyrics 10 years ago
I think this song is about a relationship where the man is letting go and the woman is holding on. They both want the relationship to work but the man realizes that letting go is the only option. They would be better off apart and free than being together and broken. Her attempts at saving the relationship are fruitless because he has given up and is not willing to fight, and the more she fights for him, the more he slips away. He tries to explain that we are blinded by what we want so badly we loose sight of what we truly need and what is best for us. She is so focused on holding on to him, she has lost herself along the way and He tries to comfort her by saying that once he has left, she will be able to find herself again, and in turn, be able to let him go.

An achingly and bittersweet song

Train – Lincoln Avenue Lyrics 10 years ago
This is for real my favorite song right now, I can listen to it all day. The music of the piano mixed with pat's vocals it so perfect. Pat's voice carries a kind of pain that makes the story believable (especially at the end when he says "but anyway I need you, I need you now, I need you now, I'm ready now.")Plus the lyrics are so beautifully crafted like:

Well I guess this is where I left my life,
and all its operations.
And I know that I will never get this twice,
with all negotiations.


And I'll tell myself, I don't need you,
I'll tell myself enough to get me through.

And of course

This feels like the place between what is and might have been.

truly a song that i will enjoy listening to for a long long time

Jeff Buckley – Dream Brother Lyrics 11 years ago
I have never heard a song as beautiful as this!! The music is almost eeriee and combine that with his amazing voice and it creates this ghostly, haunting, wonderful song

Billy Joel – And So It Goes Lyrics 11 years ago
"My silence is my self defense".....Holy crap thats beautiful

Garth Brooks – The Red Strokes Lyrics 12 years ago
All I have to say is the video for this song is freakin amazing. Any guy willing to be drenched in red paint is alright in my book

Don Henley – The End of the Innocence Lyrics 12 years ago
My favorite line in this song is "Offer up you best defence" It infers that the taking of innocence is not wholly consensual making it somewhat bitter.

Seether – No Shelter Lyrics 12 years ago
I thinkg this song is about a man in an unhealthy relationship. He knows that for the sake of both their sanity they must end it, but at the same time he is lost without her. Either way, he looses.

Garth Brooks – That Summer Lyrics 12 years ago
LOL I personally think she slipped something in his coffee

Garth Brooks – In Lonesome Dove Lyrics 12 years ago
Orion510 is dead on

John Mellencamp – Hurts So Good Lyrics 12 years ago
I dont really care what this song is about I just absolutly LOVE it. Just the line "Hurts so good" sums it all up

Jeff Buckley – Morning Theft Lyrics 12 years ago
His lyrics are so powerful."A heart that beats as both siphon and resivor" such poetic beauty

Eagles – After The Thrill Is Gone Lyrics 12 years ago
I really love the line "you don't care about winning but you don't want to lose" it sums up the whole meaning of the song

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