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Eisbrecher – Leider Lyrics 10 years ago
Apparently "Ich hab mich selbst darum gebeten" colloquially can mean "I was asking for it" in the sense of "I deserved it" or "I had it coming."

Eisbrecher – Dein Weg Lyrics 10 years ago
Your path

A last kiss - Says nothing
I know you must go
How I feel - questionable
Don't question

It's up to you
Maybe your path leads you back to me

If you go now
You will walk your path all alone
If you go now
A part of you will stay for ever with me

A last look punishes me
I release you
The loneliness calls you
Searches me

Walk your path all alone
Run after your longing
Don't turn around, don't look back
and go further, always further


Thanks to Inimeda on the Eisbrecher Forum!

Eisbrecher – Die Engel Lyrics 10 years ago
The Angels

I am not blind yet I cannot see
am paralysed and cannot move
I am afraid and turn around
I want to scream yet I stay mute

I am not tired and not awake
would like to get up, am too weak.
in the last instant, I long to be back with you

Can you see the angels?
they will fall just for you
Can you see the angels?
I fetch them just for you
for you, from heaven

I am alien I feel alone
I am walking behind myself, I cannot catch up [with myself]
I am still here; who knows for how long
yet what never ends never begins

I am trapped, cannot escape
I cannot avoid my syncope
in the last instant, I long to be back with you

Can you see the angels?
they will fall just for you
Can you see the angels?
I want to, just for you
fetch them from heaven


Thanks to Scorpio on the Eisbrecher Forum!

Eisbrecher – Mein Blut Lyrics 10 years ago
The choice of which chant to use might be meaningful. They chose the Kyrie which is in Greek and is part of the Catholic mass but generally sung or said in English now.

The chant is "Kýrie eléison; Christé eléison; Kýrie eléison."

In English it means: Lord, have mercy; Christ, have mercy; Lord, have mercy.

Depeche Mode – The Sun and the Moon and the Stars Lyrics 11 years ago
I adore this song. The singer is in a painful place in relationship with a girl and the universe is just laughing at them because it's so common. Whatever the issue is between them, while difficult for them to deal with, for the universe it's just par for the course. I love it!

Depeche Mode – In Chains Lyrics 11 years ago
I currently have it stuck in my head that Martin might just be pining for his ex-wife. With that in mind, this song would seem to refer to not being able to get over her. To me this song is actually kind of boring, if it's not about his wife. I mean, we've heard about him being shackled and bound by love so many times that this being "in chains" seems not to be the result of a new woman but in fact him being chained to his ex-wife.

"I know you know what you're doing to me
I know my hands will never be free"

For whatever reason his hands never being free seems to suggest to me that they are not newly in chains. His hands will never be free to reach out to another woman.

Of course, I also like the idea of it being about a Mistress who makes him weak, but I have room in my head for several interpretations.

Depeche Mode – Ghost Lyrics 11 years ago
I love, love, love this song. Our Martin has left an imprint on someone and she will never forget him. Possibly his is a "revenge" song to his wife. They probably still float in and out of each others circles because of the kids and when you've been together for so many years, it's hard to make a clean break.

Depeche Mode – Lilian Lyrics 11 years ago
I used to think that this was about some new girl Martin was fascinated by after his divorce but then the idea popped in to my head that this is actually him pining for his wife. These are the lyrics that made me consider this:

"Oh, Lilian
Once I begun
I couldn't stop
Till every drop
Of blood was sung
Pain and misery
Always hit the spot
Knowing you can't lose
What you haven't got"

Martin has been singing about his wife all these years and once he started he couldn't stop until the last drop of blood from their ruined relationship was sung. And then there is the pain and misery of knowing that he has lost her and he can't lose her again because he no longer has her.

Depeche Mode – A Pain That I'm Used To Lyrics 11 years ago
This song probably is about Martin and his ex-wife but I could also see this song relating to him and Dave. I don't know how the time line would work by I could see this as being about Dave inserting his songs on to DM albums.

"I don't need to believe all the dreams you conceive
You just need to achieve something that rings true"

This is Martin telling Dave to get over the fact that he doesn't so huge excitement over is contributions and it doesn't matter. Dave just needs to make something he believes in.

The pain that Martin is used to in the normal pain of making a album. The rest of the lines take on a different meaning to if you apply this idea to the whole song.

Like I said, I don't really think that this is likely the true interpretation but it amuses me.

Depeche Mode – Surrender Lyrics 11 years ago
Actually it should be:

"Feeling like an infidel
Not worthy of your floor
Tempted by your innocence
Beckoned to my fate
I will face the consequence
I wouldn't hesitate"

On the versions that Martin sings those are the lyrics.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Loverman Lyrics 11 years ago
I agree with the last poster (partenopei) This song is about lust, plain and simple. There is nothing creepy about it, unless you consider all men creepy. By this I mean that I see the lyrics as describing the darkside of all men when they hunger for sex. It's exaggerated and it is not meant to be taken literally that he's a devil or that he is possessive of her. It's about a simple guy whose brilliant master plan is to get his girl's dress off. He can't help himself, he wants sex, and he will say or do whatever he needs to in order to get it. And in his lust induced haze, he gets all territorial (even some mild mannered men get like in the bedroom) but there is no violence in the song.

The song is basically about the male need for sex. He is a typical pig of a man but one whom I find sort of endearing because he makes at least the effort to profess undying love.

Martin L Gore – Loverman Lyrics 11 years ago
I adore Martin's version of this song. Almost more than the original and I love Nick Cave. I found it interesting that Martin does not do the "how much longer?" parts at all. Also, I was listening to this song again recently after reading several interpretations of Martin's DM work using the BDSM slant and it takes a whole new possible meaning. Not all of the lines work, but the singer's hands are tied, he has no choice and he comes crawling across the floor. He needs to be forgiven and he asks to be raped and murdered. He wants her to take off her dress but what sub doesn't want his Mistress naked if he can manage it. Perhaps she is the one who will be seizing the crown, throne, and mantle, not him.

I realize that the original version of this song is basically about the male need for sex. When Nick sings it, the signer is a typical pig of a man but one whom we women find sort of endearing because he makes at least the effort to profess undying love, even as he claims his territory. But when Martin sing those same words become strangely submissive.

Depeche Mode – Dirt Lyrics 11 years ago
The lyrics above are not quite right, at least not based on the version that I have.

Ooh, I've been dirt
And I don't care
Ooh, I've been dirt
And I don't care
'Cause I'm burning inside
'Cause I'm burning inside
I'm the fire o' life
Yeah, alright

Ooh, I've been hurt
And I don't care
Ooh, I've been hurt
And I don't care
'Cause I'm burning inside
'Cause I'm burning inside
And do you feel it?
Said do you feel it when you touch me?
Said do you feel it when you touch me?
I’m on fire
There's a fire
Yeah, alright

There’s just a burning inside
There’s just a burning inside

Said do you feel it?
Said do you feel it when you cut me?
Said do you feel it when you cut me?

There's a fire
There's a fire
A fire inside

There’s just a dreaming

Depeche Mode – One Caress Lyrics 11 years ago
I tend to agree with Lanakael on the interpretation groups and I think interpretations from all four "groups"(Spiritual/Religious, Romantic/Love, BDSM/Sex, and Drug/Alcohol) are valid in their way. Once a piece of art leaves and artists hands it is subject to individual interpretation. Artists know this and sometimes I think that they even bank on it because if we really knew exactly what they were singing about we would see too much of their soul.

Personally, think that Romantic/Love and BDSM/Sex are the most common themes which are then being compared to Religion and Drugs, so that the main themes are indeed Love/Sex.

On another note, while I do agree with MapMistress that it is naive to deny the fact that Martin clearly has at least BSDM leanings (although I personally think he's totally into it) and that this colors his lyrics, I also feel that sometimes when Martin sings about love, he really does mean love and not sexual submission.

Also, I feel that for Martin the surrender of one's heart and the submission of one's body are so intertwined that either interpretation is valid.

Depeche Mode – Martyr Lyrics 11 years ago
To me this song is a summation of all of the love songs Martin has written over the years that are in the same vein. Time and time again he has written about being moved by love's overwhelming force like a pawn and suffering deeply for it. I could pick out over a dozen songs that feed into this theme: being a martyr for love.

Dressed in Black
Higher Love
In Chains
I Feel You
In Your Room
Master and Servant
Mercy In You
One Caress

Of course, many of these same songs have D/s or BDSM overtones as well and I find that fascinating. Martin (or at least the persona that comes through in his songs) seems to love so profoundly that complete submission of his heart, and occasionally his body, is the natural result. When he does suffer in the physical, erotic sense at his lover's hands it is out of love and not merely to get off sexually. Love, pain, and submission are all intertwined for him in both the emotional and physical realm, which is why these songs can be interpreted as describing the surrender of one’s heart to another (which we all identify with) or the relationship between a slave and his Mistress.

Depeche Mode – Corrupt Lyrics 11 years ago
Perhaps it is because I've been reading all of the BDSM interpretations of Martin's lyrics on this site but when I listen to this song I can't help hearing a whip cracking in the beginning. Then that leads my sick mind to interpret the song as Martin's response to some girl who came on to him for some D/s action where he's the Dom despite the fact the he's a sub himself. Or maybe he swings both ways, who knows.

Depeche Mode – Rush Lyrics 11 years ago
To me this song has always been about erection and orgasm.

"Couldn't make any plans To conceal me" and "I come up to meet you" is an erection.

"When I rush to greet you" is the orgasm.

The rest is about the relationship that the couple is in, but the primary imagery is that of the male orgasm.

Sea Wolf – The Violet Hour Lyrics 11 years ago
Doh, I submitted before I was ready. . .

"Your lips are nettles,
Your tongue is wine."

Pretty self-explanatory if you are familiar with the "location" in question.

"Your laughter's liquid,
But your body's pine."

Shuttering and stiffening of the body or possibly contrasting the secretions with the hardness of the clit.

"You love all sailors,
But hate the beach."

Sailors are seamen, aren't they? Don't know what the beach refers to though. Any thoughts?

"In the dark you tell me of a flower,
that only blooms in the violet hour."

A reference to sex happening when the sun goes down. Blooming referring to the opening of the legs.

"Your arms are lovely,
Yellow and rose.
You back's a meadow,
Covered in snow.
Your thighs are thistles,
And hot-house grapes
You breathe your sweet breathe,
And have me waiting."

Again referring to the look, feel, and smell of the "area" in question.

"And now your sitting,
Upon your chair.
You got me tangled up,
Inside your beautiful black hair."

Sitting on a chair is a very convenient way of giving and receiving a certain sexual act and most women have black hair down there.

Sea Wolf – The Violet Hour Lyrics 11 years ago
Um, the meaning seems pretty clear to me. The flower that blooms in the violet hour is certain part of a woman's body. Re-read the lyrics with this in mind and it all makes perfect sense.

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