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Nirvana – Scentless Apprentice Lyrics 9 years ago
There is a movie about the book too. but they only made it in german. its pretty good tho. if you can understand german anyway..

Linkin Park – Drum Song (The Little Things Give You Away Demo) Lyrics 11 years ago
i love this song. for some reason Chester's voice sounds different on all the lpu9 demo songs.

Linkin Park – Fear (Leave Out All The Rest Demo) Lyrics 11 years ago
i think the same.. i just love the whole lpu9 cd. all the songs are good and the lyrics for fear are so much better than loatr. but chester's voice sounds really different in the song fear.

Linkin Park – In The End Lyrics 11 years ago
o. m. g. i do tht exact same thing xD

Fall Out Boy – I Don't Care Lyrics 11 years ago
i can relate to this song because i dont care what other ppl think about me but if they wanna waste their time thinking about me im fine with it.

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