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Fleet Foxes – Oliver James Lyrics 9 years ago
It's also about a woman recognizing her natural desires to be a mother through a chance encounter with a child.

Fleet Foxes – Meadowlarks Lyrics 9 years ago
Meadowlarks are traditionally a symbol of the new day, of hope and happiness.
Hummingbird are traditionally the symbol of life, sometimes learning from your cirumstances.
It may apply to this.

I think it's about remembering a love long after you realized the relationship is completely over. You're past some of the sadness but the memory of that love is like hearing the song of a beloved bird.

Fleet Foxes – He Doesn't Know Why Lyrics 9 years ago
I think it's about his brother coming home after a long time, ( "memory is a fickle siren song...") as a complete failure from his long excursion- nothing but $20 to his name and the singer not being able to talk to his brother about what happened and understand the severity of his brother's situation.

It could be about his brother's drug use and taken in the whole context of the album, I think it is.

Fleet Foxes – Drops in the River Lyrics 9 years ago
It's about growing older ("young today, old as a railroad tomorrow..." and "days are drops in the river to be lost...")
and loosing your 'glory' days, numerous friends visiting and hanging out ("birds of a feather"), and only having that one other person beside you in the end (like a spouse: "...on the long night we've made...") and finally no one( "No ghost of course in here").

It's about being completely alone in the end.

Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal Lyrics 9 years ago
I love this song.
It's just about death and how it can happen to anyone at anytime no matter how safe you think you are. And death isn't some tragic end, it's just the start of another season, part of the circle (thus the repetition).

I don't usually recommend this, but watch the video! It's great...I think it gives a little different interpretation...

Fleet Foxes – Your Protector Lyrics 9 years ago
I think it could be about an addiction.
Maybe he was addicted and dragging her down, but it's all coming to an end when her "protector" intervenes?
Maybe it's just her decision to get away from her home life and come live with him or even marry him...

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