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Avenged Sevenfold – The Stage Lyrics 2 years ago
I think this song starts off a bit with a young man growing up and experiencing/seeing things he did not see when younger. The history of this world is extremely violent every step of the way and it's not something we think about when we're younger. The chorus reminds me how one can be so cynical about society and skeptical towards authority.

I think the second half of the song is about how we evolved as a species. We formed societies. We created governments. We conquered lands and expanded through violence. We created religion and we used it to justify horrific acts throughout history. I think a major point we're supposed to take away from the song is that the human race was corrupted long ago and has progressively become more evil throughout history. We are at a point of time where we should know the history, but here we are still making the same mistakes across the world.

Linkin Park – Roads Untraveled Lyrics 7 years ago
hole* not whole

Linkin Park – Roads Untraveled Lyrics 7 years ago
Sorry, I meant Chester/Mike both sing the end. The part about needing a friend, there's a seat by them.

Linkin Park – Roads Untraveled Lyrics 7 years ago
In my opinion, this is the best song on Living Things.

This song is so beautiful because it implies NOT to dwell on what could have been or NOT to dwell on "what if I had done something different." Not knowing what could have been is one of the worst pains one can suffer through. It truly eats at the core of you and Mike is convincing when he sings it. This song is also about moving on and knowing in time you'll be glad that the relationship (whatever it may be) you had is gone. Your time is not worth on this person who left you or caused the breakup. I like how the end also implies that Mike knows your pain and you and him can share your pain together. In my case, my name ex left a gaping whole in my life when she steered our relationship into the ground over distance(school). This song was much needed about 5 years ago.

Thank you Linkin Park

In Flames – The Attic Lyrics 7 years ago
I think Pezable is the most accurate so far.

When I heard this, I saw multiple metaphors. I think it's about someone who sees nothing great about the world and wants nothing to do with it anymore. The "machine/rope/trap" is his plan to further himself away from the world. Yet, at the same time, he said it's getting better by time and the part "I saw something in the mirror, Someone is watching me, If I hide in the attic, They will never get to me" can metaphorically mean that he still has hope to change and can be convinced that things are ok and will be better, but in the end, it's not what he really wants or feels.

Seether – The Gift Lyrics 9 years ago
3 years ago on the radio, shaun said it was about woman abuse. he gave no further detail. I can only think it's mental and physical abuse.

One Less Reason – A Day To Be Alone Lyrics 9 years ago
I get two interpretations from this song. Obviously, most of us are seeing the easiest one, s girl and a guy speaking to each other through a rough relationship. He tells her no matter what he'll be there for her and still love she can't take it anymore.

the other interpretation I get could be wrong completely, but then again it's just an interpretation. He starts off the song with "She said". This could be a letter from the girl that he's paraphrasing for rhyming reasons. The chorus could easily be about the singer himself, she tells him one day it'll be better, and that she'll always be there. The singer could also have very low esteem and it gets damaged even more through the fight they are going through. The second verse also helps this interpretation:

"One day you're gonna see things my way
you gave me so much room that I can breathe
And all I've got are pictures to view
There was nothing before and I've started with you
For some reason it's supposed to be that way"

When couples fight, sometimes they take a break. This could be through the girl's eyes and how she expresses it to him. I never really thought about it, but because he goes on tour (this is a band...) maybe all she has to cope are pictures of him. This could be her first love.

Anyway, don't ignore the possibility of this being a letter from the girl that he's paraphrasing.

Destrophy – The Way of Your World Lyrics 9 years ago
The first verse seems pretty easy to grasp.

- The second part of the first verse to me seems to be the truth about a lot of people. Few people out there have the answers to problems(world, family, love, etc.), yet they go unheard because they're no one special, and people believe nothing is original anymore. It also to me means that the answers are just so obvious, yet we'd rather just not take action to fix anything, and instead we should just point the fingers. Eventually, we just look away from what has grown into a Sh*t mess, which a lot of people tend to do. They let a problem grow out of control and just look away, because it's easier to do so.

also, this song seems to be about two people, lovers. breaking up. The CHORUS to me, the first part anyway "first take what you want and then you throw it away, this is the way of their world" seems to be his lover, who he generalizes as a group of people - who gets what they want, and discards it.

The second part "don't know what you got till it's taken away" - to me is It hits him like a brick, cause he didn't realize what he had until his lover discarded him.

This song could be about so many things. World problems, love, family, friends, maybe people in general..

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