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Paul Weller – Friday Street Lyrics 12 years ago
This is an uplifting song. He's made it through the dark pages of September and is in the new leaves of Spring. He remembers what it is like to be "him". He's found the very roots upon which he stands.

He doesn't care about a damn thing, the world is clear...yada, yada, yada

Paul Weller – Can You Heal Us (Holy Man) Lyrics 12 years ago
The religious intensity experienced just before the fall, and clung to so strongly after it.

The crushing feeling that you have no right to make judgements as you are merely mortal and waiting for your time (in the sky) and will you get in anyway? You thought you were special but you're just 1 in 5 (or is it 7) billion. Insignificant. That creeping doubt....

He repeats this theme in Above The Clouds.

I am unsure about the split the father and son part. Paul Weller had a great relationship with his Dad apparently? Maybe his Dad kept pushing him to lighten up and 'Let it Be' and PW just wouldn't.

The chorus is as is: Hang on tight, hang on strong, how much longer can this go on....sad, blue etc..

Great song. Gives you hope....but not as much hope as Strange Museum does.....

Paul Weller – The Weaver Lyrics 12 years ago
Uhmmm...dig at Elton John....Errr...No.

This is the fact that your dreams get crushed and you spend your time hidden from the world trying to figure out what you're going to do and who you are.

Hide behind your wall and start to get to the very heart.

Like the aboriginal saying "He who has lost his dreaming is lost" - that is what this song is about. You need dreams to make you feel worthy and happy. If you don't have them then you feel like sh*te.

This is saying that the weaver of dreams will smash the shell you've crawled under, will break the depressed spell you're under and get you started with another plan (dream).

It's an uplifting song. Pure genius.

Paul Weller – Whirlpool's End Lyrics 12 years ago
The descent into madness. The song speeds up as it happens and slows down as he comes out, into the Surry Hills in Spring.

Awesome song.

Paul Weller – Woodcutter's Son Lyrics 12 years ago
Similar to Bob Marley's 'Small Axe' - Weller has that on his album Under the Influence.

Paul Weller – Where'er Ye Go Lyrics 12 years ago
Currently, this is my favourite Paul Weller song...always transient though, he writes so many great songs. This is really clever, because it leads you to think it is about a member of a family that goes off on adventures, then comes back and regales his family/friends about it.

However, this is actually where he goes in his mind. It is his family's understanding of this side of him, and the fact that they would rather have him about than not, even if he is a miserable b*stard...because when he comes back (to normal not from an adventure) he is just a pure joy to have about.

No matter where he goes - his family love him and send with him their whole breath and magic. Even though they can't understand it fully.

Absolutely brilliant.

Paul Weller – You Do Something To Me Lyrics 12 years ago
Sparkling spirit. Has it on the nose.

This is a song about how hard he tries to regain the feelings of love inside him that he knows he has. However, bitterness is his over riding emotion and that his him dancing through the fire just to catch a flame (because his internal "fires really, really gone out").

He can't feel a damn thing...but he knows he once did and that's where he is trying to get back to. I wouldn't play this at a wedding either. Great love song, but not about unrequitted love at all!

Paul Weller – The Changingman Lyrics 12 years ago
I think this is a song about the changes he goes through each time he hits the floor. It takes all his energy and most importantly "belief" to get out of it. Each time he does he comes out resurrected and different in some way. Sorrow is better than laughter, it may sadden the face but it sharpens the understanding.

He thinks so much during this time and sees so many things/situations that he can interpret in a 100 different ways that he says 'the more I see, the more I know, the more I know, the less I understand" - he's confused.

He goes into these states because he knows the muse and knows how to control it but not when he lights a bitter fuse. All because he is too in touch with himself and what he is capable of.

Paul Weller – Hung Up Lyrics 12 years ago
I think this is about Paul Weller losing his mind. He refuses to give up on the idea he has of his identity from the past (that he lost "just by coincidence") and goes hunting it down, as he closes himself off from everyone and everything around him.

He's got to hurt someone - probably the fact that his wife couldn't understand the complete transformation in his personality. He mentions this in other songs, like - You do something to me and All the pictures on the wall (we don't talk that much at all the further out I seem to stray) - to name two.

I found it just by coincidence refers to the fact that there is no reason for him to be down. He just can't find it - but he'll never lie to himself, he knows he feels like shit - so he'll keep on hunting, looking for the signs (of who he actually his, his internal happiness), that will cease his war inside.

Paul Weller – Porcelain Gods Lyrics 12 years ago
I think "beware false prophets" talks about the feeling you get prior to the fall. A belief that you may well be a prophet of some sort. How wrong can you be.

Some people will try and take it referring to the people that understand this concept and can see it in other people. They then torment them mentally when they are down...taking all their energy in the process. Great song.

"I shake it off" - is him getting back to feeling normal (relative happiness/control).

Paul Weller – Wild Wood Lyrics 12 years ago
This is a song about depression, as are most of Paul Wellers songs as a solo artist.

Here he is talking about finding your way out of a wild wild wood, that you've managed to get yourself in to. It is racked with guilt and your loss of individualism comes from the constant comparison (and bitterness you feel) you make against other people. Don't let them get you down, making you feel guilty..

He gives you hope though. He tells you that golden rain will bring you riches. If only you have the courage to exorcise and face all your fears and doubts and still come out untouched and in love with the world. Then you can pursue your dreams with clarity and abandon, and get all the good things that you deserve....after all its "just bitterness rising from the ashes of your youth".

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