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Bon Jovi – River Runs Dry Lyrics 13 years ago

such a wonderfully sad song, i wonder if he meant it for anyone in particular.

for me its those heartbreaking decisions, the ones that make you choose between what your heart wants and whats for the best or whats the right decision.
The river running dry feels like decisions gone wrong, causing pain and hurt; understanding that theres nothing to be done and so feeling bad for one's self is pointless

Bon Jovi – Right Side Of Wrong Lyrics 13 years ago
the only lyric i noted as being wrong was
"in a couple hours from now we're gunna get out of this light"
i could've sworn light should be life

but anyway for me its pretty straight foreward...maybe...i dnt know if im "right"
its about doing anything for your friends, no matter what the cost may or will be. the character was even willing to pick up and start a new life for a friend. i think his carry through of cowboy theme is just plain Bon Jovi, he is a bit of a cowboy and it comes through a lot in many of his songs.

its such a sad song, but all the while makes you want to stand up and say me do that for my friends

Bon Jovi – Now And Forever Lyrics 13 years ago
for me it sounds like two people who were once very close...but time and distance broke that, and now only the friendship remains, jon's saying friendship cant be broken by that same time and distance...well not as easily as a romantic relationship

Don McLean – American Pie Lyrics 13 years ago
every time i listen to this song i thought of Lennin [politician] but i suppose if you think of the quartet as the beatles then it must be john lennon.
seriously...some ppl who post on this thing need to chill the fuck out....agreed, music is an art form and so is open to interpretation...just chill...even if there is proof someone is wrong, theres no need to slam them...if theres anything we could've learnt from 'nam is that you can't fight a person based on their beliefs

Bon Jovi – Always Lyrics 13 years ago
too bad its a song about a stalker...
the greatest "non-love song-love song" EVER

Bon Jovi – Miss Fourth of July Lyrics 13 years ago

I remember hearing this song for the first time last year on the 100Million fans... boxset, and then hearing his meaning on the boxset. I can't remember it perfectly, so shoot me down if you can.

It's referring to life and growing older and how life seems just like a carnival as a child.
A lot of it talks of contrast, then and now. When you're a kid everything just seems so happy and full of life, like the clown, but as we grow older we see past the make-up and smiles to the lies beneath. So everything, the "carnival", our dreams, life in general seems to fade.

"Miss Fourth of July" is just the promise made to us when we're young, of how good life can be, and how much of a change we can make; much like the promise of freedom and happiness the 4th of July brings.

It's really a sad song in it's jaded nature. And as with any song, piece of art[BON JOVI MASTERPIECE!!!] its all about perception, but yeah that's what i remember of the interview + my own thoughts.

Really great song too

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