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Arctic Monkeys – Suck It and See Lyrics 10 years ago
Absolutely beautiful song.
Alex Turner never fails to amaze me with his gorgeous lyrics.
Anyone who can fit the words 'can of dandelion and burdoch' into a song with such meaning and romance is a fucking genius. I only wish there were more artists like the arctics.

Depeche Mode – Rush Lyrics 10 years ago
Well, for one, words cannot describe what this song does to me...just takes me somewhere else.

And yeah, it is about heroine and drugs, but not in the ordinary sense. This is a song to his fans and all those that have condemned him for the drugs he took and the lifestyle he lived.
In this song, very much like 'Walking in my Shoes', Dave is just telling the people that he did it for them. He feels that that is the only way he could produce such genius (and I think we can mostly agree that it is indeed, genius).

"I come up to meet you" - could be a reference to getting high before a gig, to meet his fans.

"I'm not proud of what i do" - this line just makes me get goosebumps; Dave just saying like, look, I know what I do, and I know its nothing to be proud of but I only do it for you.

Thats my opinion anyways :)

Elbow – Not A Job Lyrics 11 years ago
Elbow are just immense :)

Elbow – Red Lyrics 11 years ago
Such a lovely song, gives me goosebumps.

"I'll give you the time you deserve"
Seems like a line that only someone as gentle and romantic as Guy Garvey could write.

Lostprophets – Dstryr / Dstryr Lyrics 11 years ago
Waited AGES for this god damn album, and I'm sooo excited that it's finally here, lol!

Think this is about being knocked down constantly by someone/people and basically just rebelling against what they are told they are, and should do. I think it's quite obvious tbh by the lyrics.

Depeche Mode – Blasphemous Rumours Lyrics 11 years ago
Basically just saying, he hasn't got any compassion like everybody claims that he has (when I die, I expect to find him laughing). Sick sense of humour is saying that if he is there, he must have a sick sense of humour for the things that he allows to happen, and if he thinks that these things are the right things to allow to happen, then he must be sick/twisted.

The song challenges the whole idea of god, and without actually saying it, Dave more or less says that there IS no God, if things like this happen. And I have to say I agree.

Wickied song, wicked lyrics, amazing band.

White Lies – The Price of Love Lyrics 11 years ago
Ooooh, bitter thoughts there....but in a sad way, I have to agree with you partly.

Arctic Monkeys – Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secured Lyrics 11 years ago
Yeah, in agreeance with the taxi idea, obv.

Lol, I was in a taxi t'other night and saw that sign on the door. I had that song in my head the WHOLE way home.

Love it.

Arctic Monkeys – Secret Door Lyrics 11 years ago
tbf I think they're both pretty awesome.

Arctic Monkeys – The Jeweller's Hands Lyrics 11 years ago
I must say, I agree with andfrazer and azmelody. Once you look at it, there do seem to be lots of clues pointing towardas this being abotu having an affair. I cansee where people are coming from with the whole drugs thing, but in all honesty, I like to think that the Arctic's lyrics have more meaning and depth behind them than a night time trip.

Radiohead – Faust Arp Lyrics 11 years ago
Mephistopheles is also mentioned in Videotape too...i just realised.

Radiohead – Videotape Lyrics 11 years ago
I completely agree. I hated radiohead at first but after listening to them for a bit, I realised what pure genius they really are. This song is just amazing and makes me wanna cry everytime I listen to it. Mega song, but thats just the norm for radiohead really.

Arctic Monkeys – Pretty Visitors Lyrics 11 years ago
I know! tbf, he is like, an amazing drummer in really, every song.

Paramore – Where the Lines Overlap Lyrics 11 years ago
Love this song. Reminds me of my recent ex. Definately another song about the band, like alot of the songs from the album. You can also look at it form a love perspecive as well, I spose but I think her personal intentions were about the band and the fact that even though they've argued and stuff, they still know that they're living the life. :)

Paramore – Where the Lines Overlap Lyrics 11 years ago
Lol, thank god. no offence to anyone, but the mainstream stuff just does my head in.

Fightstar – Mercury Summer Lyrics 11 years ago
My mate absolutely worships Fightstar, and she's like, had her photo taken with charlie simpson and knows every single word to every single song, and the new single that hasnt actually been released yet that she go off youtube and converted just so she could have it is now the most played song on her ipod. So yeah, she is pretty obssessed about fightstar. And she told me it was about shawshank redemption :)
So I think that's what it's about (Y)

Arctic Monkeys – Crying Lightning Lyrics 12 years ago
Lool, yes. I second that one.

Arctic Monkeys – Pretty Visitors Lyrics 12 years ago
Hmm, I dunno.
Probably something like the snake pit represents them, meaning they're vicious, snidey and generally sneaky little buggers aha.
I dont really know what it means but is an awesome track.
Agree with theenvy. prefer Crying Lightning, but its a close one (Y)

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