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The Naked And Famous – Girls Like You Lyrics 9 years ago
im pretty sure she says "everything you say is about you" which would make more sense for this song...anyhow amazing song, amazing up & coming band

Silversun Pickups – Well Thought Out Twinkles Lyrics 10 years ago
to me, this is a love song
i think at first this was a secret relationship and somehow ppl found out about it and they werent ready to accept it(now what have you done? its too early for everyone)
cleary he has ben hurt by this person for some unknown reason (now what was that scar situated from afar)- this secret relationship took place a while ago
but they both still realize the deep connection they have but they are too afraid to let each other know how they feel, or share this with the world (and what was the light integrated in your mind)
they are both just waiting for a sign from the other person but its been "passed in time"

in the chorus he is asking to actually talk and let out all the emotions (open sores and open jaw)
and then maybe he is looking for a reason to end it bc it is too much for him to handle (find one last flaw...)
and since it ended now you can pretend to be happy and realize that there never was a sign (so smile go inside come to see there is no sign)

the second verse further supports my hypothesis on this song,
"now here we are revisiting"-they are looking again at their relationship
"we promise we'll be leaving soon"- they tell themselves they will end it
"we share apocalyptic views"- they never told each other what they feel so they are both playing this guessing game
"how comforting that we feel it too"- but at times they think the feeling is mutual and its comforting
"who are we to promise we'll be leaving soon?"- they cant fight what they feel, and although they desperately want to leave they just cant

and the last part- "wait for that sign spilling over and over and over and over...."
regardless of how much they try to deny it, the sign is still there telling them to be together and it wont leave

Radiohead – Videotape Lyrics 10 years ago
to me, this song is describing a relationship between a guy and girl, and that for some reason this is their last day together. thom yorke is saying that although he might not see this girl again, its okay because he shared this perfect day with her and he got it on 'videotape', meaning his memory-to play over and over again. this gives him enough strength and motivation to live life the best way he can because their is hope that perfect days exist and although their is a slim chance he will see this girl again, its worth the hard work and effort to be the best person you can be so that if/when you finally do, you can live this perfect day with them

Ben Folds – You Don't Know Me (feat. Regina Spektor) Lyrics 10 years ago
i think this song is about how a guy and girl realize that tho they are 'madly in love', they dont actually know each other's personalitys but it doesnt matter to them because they both are attracted to each other. although they never really got to know each other, they are content with it because all that matters to them is the feeling.

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