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16 Volt – Two Wires Thin Lyrics 12 years ago
I believe when he says (as "it" wrote it "I have reached the end of the line and this time" he actually says "I am at the end of the line this time" Other than that it is easy to understand what the song is about. He has been stabbed in the back and will get revenge.

Pantera – Hollow Lyrics 12 years ago
My oldest brother died feb 5 09 of a fentanyl overdose (self inflicted but accidental). He overdosed in late Oct of 08 and was in a coma with severe brain damage and seemed like a "Hollow" vessel with his eyes open staring into space. My mom cried for months almost constantly and my younger brother and I have an extreem hatred for his widow which drove him crazy and to use drugs to "escape" her, well, he escaped it all. That is what this song means to me.

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