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Iggy Pop – China Girl Lyrics 11 years ago
What is the inspiration behind it?

David Bowie – Bring Me the Disco King Lyrics 11 years ago
forthelove, I agree "dead or alive" is that Death keeps calling for Bowie. I also agree with others that he himself is the Disco King. I might suggest it does not care if Bowie is dead or alive, so long as he is summoned to endure whatever pain and grief is in store.

My thinking is in all the verses Bowie is dialoguing with Death, but the chorus is Death's attitude toward Bowie. But where my theory falls apart is:
(a) who is saying & what is meant by "Feed me no lies," and
(b) to whom/what "I don't know about you" repeatedly refers.

Any alternate ideas / explanations, anyone?

Moby – Porcelain Lyrics 11 years ago
Anyone see this song in "Dancing at the Blue Iguana?" Beautiful. Very appropriate.

If anyone knows the hurt of being a damaged child, and the scorn of being unloved and unwanted for these hurts that you never asked for, the lyric "Tell the truth you never wanted me" echoes in your mind with every relationship. No matter how loving the person, you can never understand what it is to be loved. So you damage and destroy every relationship with mistrust, deceit, rage, pain.

There is no dream greater than that of acceptance through love. But you die in your dreams when your dreams have died.

These are the meanings I take from this song.

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