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Bad Religion – We're Only Gonna Die Lyrics 10 years ago
i think its about the Roman Empire.. and it very well relates to society today

Bad Religion – Struck a Nerve Lyrics 10 years ago
He wants to maintain a positive drive but the sight of reality turned his drive to shit.

Bad Religion – Land of Competition Lyrics 10 years ago
First of all dont be mislead; the best punk came from so. cal. (in my opinion)

This song is about the people who overpopulate southern Cal. The ones who spend money they dont have, the ones who dress in clothes they cannot afford, the ones who think they are some fucking celebrity who everyone is watching.. Competing with the rest of the ants on the hill. Sucked in to the life of 'look at me'.

I live in the heart of it all and am sickened at what's important to some people. And whats not.

This song is AMAZING

Bad Religion – Big Bang Lyrics 10 years ago
'What comes around aways goes around' ya and 'Big Crunch' theory and the TANSTAAFL idea (no free lunch). I think Greg is saying that our universe possibly recollapsing, due to laws of science, well 'what comes around always goes around yeah!'

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