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Flyleaf – Tiny Heart Lyrics 9 years ago
Grr... Not to sound mean but THEY ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN BAND!!! True, many of their songs have Christian influences, but that does not specifically make them a Christian Band. Don't get me wrong, I'm a Christian myself, but the band itself has pointed out that though they have Christian influences, they are not specifically a Christian Band. Just pointing that out. I also believe that by saying this, you will have many people who interpret this song about God and others who will interpret this as something else personal to them. That's another reason why I like to point this out to people.

Flyleaf – Chasm Lyrics 10 years ago
Wow, reading your explanation... Wow. I hadn't thought of the song in that way before (and I completely agree) it has given the song a whole new meaning for me. Thank you!

Linkin Park – Nobody's Listening Lyrics 10 years ago
Thank you! Someone needs to realize this is going no where.

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