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AFI – God Called In Sick Today Lyrics 12 years ago
Wow you guys have this song all wrong.

It was publicly stated by AFI that this song is part of the Catholic Dogma series. Lets break it down and I will explain this.

Let's admire the pattern forming. (patterns in the bible are very easily found 7 is a very easily found one Also the number 40. These are beautiful mathamatic patterns and should be admired as such).
Murderous filigree. (Talks about christs death)
I'm caught in the twisting of the vine. (We are all caught up in the story and are enthralled by its tale of heroism.)
Go ascend with ivy,climbing. (Christ asended. Also Ivy has been known as a religious symbol of his birth.)
Ignore and leave for me the headstone crumbling behind. (People often get mad because they think god is ignoring their prayers. Also There is some debate whether or not Jesus' stone on his grave was rolled away or crumbled when mary found it.)

I can't help my laughter as she cries.
My soul brings tears to angelic eyes.(People scoff these days because sins dont seem to be as big of a deal as they used to be and we laugh in the face of the angels as they cry.)

Let's amend the classic story, close it so beautifully, (amend the story of christ's death to make it more like our own.)
I'll let animosity unwind. (Such animosity towards sinners has to end)
Steal away the darkened pages, hidden so shamefully. (This speaks of the little known part of the bible [that was never really part of the bible] called The "Dead Sea Scrolls." these are apocryphal books of the bible speak of christ in a more human form. He had a wife and kids. These books were hidden because they were not deemed worthy by the catholic church to be put in the bible as they wanted Christ to be seen as a more divine origin.)
I'll still feel the violence of the lines. (speaks of the violence and animosity towards sinners)
I can't stand my laughter as they cry.
My soul brings tears to angelic eyes.

And miles away my mother cries. (even our mothers cry as the sins we commit.)
Omnipotence, nurturing malevolence.

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