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Dog Eat Dog – Isms Lyrics 11 years ago
If I had a dollar for every time i've been citing this song, I would not have any dollar.

Tool – Swamp Song Lyrics 12 years ago
Isn't this song about a guy that's stupid enough to dance in the desert? Just think about the energy loss you would have by dancing in a hot desert. That part about "No one even invited you in" is strange though. This must be about some other guy because it doesn't seem probable that someone owns a house in a warm dessert. A little harsh to wish the life out of someone just because they invite themselves in. I have invited myself in plenty of times without asking and I don't feel I deserve to die just because of it. Maybe this song really is about MJKs anger management, or more his lack of it.
That main riff is a killer one though, crappy produced but wonderfully executed.

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