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We the Kings – We'll Be a Dream (feat. Demi Lovato) Lyrics 9 years ago
i think it's pretty clear what the song is saying, but i love how poetic it sounds.
"When the lights go out
We'll be safe and sound"

so it's basically a relationship that ended for some reason, but it's something really sentimental, something that the two people would want to remember, since it's a lot of "do you remember", and then
"We were so young then
We were too crazy in love"
simple, but meaningful lines.

Metro Station – time to play Lyrics 9 years ago
boom boom shake it off
so catchy.

two people with all this other crap going on in their lives just want to be together [for fun?], no matter what other people think/say.

Lady GaGa – Bad Romance Lyrics 9 years ago
"love your games" obviously doesn't fit in with what she sings in english, but it's what i can hear.

Lady GaGa – Bad Romance Lyrics 9 years ago
i hear "jeux ton amour" (love your games?) after

j'veux ton amour
et je veux ta revanche.

Lady GaGa – Bad Romance Lyrics 9 years ago
maybe this isn't much of a meaning or interpretation, but it definitely fit in with last monday's gossip girl (the dan-olivia-vanessa thing).
i think she wants to be with a guy who's with another girl. as long as he's with her, he's "her's" and obviously it doesn't matter that he has someone else. it might turn out with a bad ending, the bad romance, but she doesn't care.

ehhh, whatever. i love this song.

Boys Like Girls – Two Is Better Than One (feat. Taylor Swift) Lyrics 9 years ago
i totally get what you mean!

The Academy Is... – I'm Yours Tonight Lyrics 9 years ago
just <33

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Your Guardian Angel Lyrics 10 years ago
this song is just so beautiful.

Self Against City – Tequila Moonlight Lyrics 10 years ago
[they sound amazing live.]

so a guy and a girl have this great relationship and they decide that they're ready to have sex. with or without the sex, the relationship means everything to the guy.

The Academy Is... – Crowded Room Lyrics 10 years ago
lol i'm still getting used to every avenue's album (shh. just go with it)

The Academy Is... – One More Weekend Lyrics 10 years ago
this is my favorite song off of the album.

to me, it's about realizing it's time to grow up and to let go of the past.
people you love eventually have to move on and leave (ex: college).

Anberlin – Inevitable Lyrics 10 years ago
definitely reminds me of me and my best guy friend... ):

"Amazing how life turns out, the way that it does.
We end up hurting the worst, the only ones we really love."

anberlin is amazing.

Taylor Swift – You Belong with Me Lyrics 10 years ago
this song just basically describes what i'm going through. i'm in love with my best friend, and we've dated before (kind of ruined our friendship), and now things are really f***ed up. and he keeps chasing after other girls that aren't even good for him. :(

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