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Meshuggah – Dancers to a Discordant System Lyrics 11 years ago
A prospective at the world: we are all drones, the protagonist too. A summary of the album.

The music in the end, when the vocals have quit, is in fact the waltz, reminding the listener that this affects him too, he shouldn't just discard the album and move on with his life.

Those were my perceptions on the album: as a concept album about the destruction and rewiring of an enlightened man, that enlightent then serving as the point of the album; that we are all just float with the stream, consumed by a vision of life laid out by those before us, already programmed and running, impossible to change.

Meshuggah – Electric Red Lyrics 11 years ago
Combustion told of how he had an absolute revelation, now he explains of what.

Meshuggah – Bleed Lyrics 11 years ago
A long and visual description on the protagonists physical death, told as if though he was killed by something supreme and powerful, the evil entity, the man on the cover (or however you choose to percieve it).

This is what all the pathetic death metal bands try to do, but done right.

Meshuggah – This Spiteful Snake Lyrics 11 years ago
This is the drones occasional glimpses at what he saw in Combustion, but his rewired mind is programmed to be repulsed by them. Like every other song, it weaves into social, philosophical or psychological critisicm, as stated above.

Meshuggah – Pravus Lyrics 11 years ago
This is Electric Red told from a drones perspective, with the evil doings even more clear, coming from the mind of the teller.

Meshuggah – Pineal Gland Optics Lyrics 11 years ago
The drone mentality has now completely consumed the speaker.

Meshuggah – obZen Lyrics 11 years ago
The protaganists mind was rewired by the evil god (an entity both god and hell (or void) in itself) and he is now a drone yet again, like the rest of humanity. Combustion has been forgotten.

Meshuggah – Lethargica Lyrics 11 years ago
The protagonist suffered physical death in bleed, now his soul is tortured, by the veiled god behind the machine-like nature of humanity. He is punished for his enlightenment in Combustion, and destroyed, erased, improved, possibly by the guy on the cover.

Meshuggah – Combustion Lyrics 11 years ago
About the protagonist realizing the meaninglessness and/or cattlebrain streamlined thoughts of man. This leads to his torture throughout the rest of the album.

An arsonist?! :)

Opeth – By the Pain I See In Others Lyrics 11 years ago
People made so devoid of emotion only lust gives reason to live.

Opeth – Master's Apprentices Lyrics 11 years ago
I can't get no satisfaction.

Darn, this and A Fair Judgement were surprinsingly weak for Opeth songs.

Opeth – A Fair Judgement Lyrics 11 years ago
About the fact nothing is going to help you or correct your life before it's too late.

Opeth – Deliverance Lyrics 11 years ago
My theory was sudden mental disorder and murder (see opening lines) but the pregnancy theory is interesting.
Whether he gies insane before or after a respectively thought-out or motiveless murder, it's definitely about drowning and losing to insanity afterwards.
Descriptions of Satan mean insanity to me.

Opeth – Wreath Lyrics 11 years ago
Since it might be Gods harvest as much as his, I theorize he accidently set fire to nature (animals are mentioned) somewhere.

Opeth – Wreath Lyrics 11 years ago
About psychological trauma. Character is suffering. He attempts to recall the events that started this, and upon success nearly loses his mind, but fights back and makes another day.
What he had done confuses me. He burned "human harvest" of some kind. Insignifigant?

Underoath – The Created Void Lyrics 11 years ago
They actually said that this album included no reference to Christ whatsoever.

I didn't know the Christians themselves were the ones that were bugging Onderath.

Opeth – Weakness Lyrics 12 years ago
Both great interpretations. Ultimately, I think there are still clues and details here we can't make out.

I could wish the song was a bout both. Being blinded by sexual desire is certainly one of the things I had planned to sing about myself, when I become able. It really destroys one of the core human emotions; love.

Opeth – Harvest Lyrics 12 years ago
Wow, with the assisted-suicide-just-before-death-ends-in-hell theme you are theorizing, this becomes just about the saddest piece of art I have ever witnessed.

To have endured life and be ready to go to heaven, and then end in hell due to the wanting to ease the lover's pain of losing one.

That is also very critical of religion and the sketchy concepts of afterlife.

Opeth – The Leper Affinity Lyrics 12 years ago
I am in no way a good interpreter, but it might seem that the line "It's the shallow deeds who is to blame" either suggests that the rapist tries to justify this as punishment on a shallow person, or that society has let him down, either by only helping him shallowly, or not giving him real work or a passion in life.

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