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Dream Theater – Build Me Up, Break Me Down Lyrics 11 years ago
Could be about celebrities in general whether they be musicians, actors, sports stars. People fixate on them, build them up to god-like proportions they could never uphold, and tear them apart when they are seen as typical frail and mistake making people.

Draconian – The Cry Of Silence Lyrics 13 years ago

This song seems to be just utterly sorrowful, like someone who feels shunned by humanity in general, such as the lines:

"Why should I be alone/when I love my brotherhood"

I particularly enjoy how the song starts very slow like the author is brooding, and progressively picks up the pace as the anger and loneliness consumes him, building to a crescendo when the protagonist finally expresses his lamenting and sorrow over his life, then ends with a lone piano, as though he has found death and in as much found peace and contentment.

Just one man's opinion....

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