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Atmosphere – Your Glass House Lyrics 10 years ago
what i got from this was... basically a chick went out and got fucked up.. blacked out the ending of her night.. woke up sick as fuck in a house she didn't even recognize with just her pants on and no shirt.. meaning there may or may not have been sexual involvements the night before with someone from the bar or somewhere else? (that's all up to your imagination) she spent her morning being sick and trying to get herself together not wanting anyone to see her like that due to the embarassment from her actions last night.. probably because she didn't remember what had happened.. and at the end, it's kind of like a twist.. saying.. maybe you don't recognize it but, this is where your life lives. meaning.. it's her home, her fucked up lifestyle.... it kind of struck home with me.. it explains my lifestyle and situation perfectly. a friend showed this song to me saying, wow.. it reminds me of you. it's kind of sad. but.. i'm sure there are many other meanings to it as well. that's the great thing about music.. no matter what the artist may have been writing about it's written so flexibly so just about anyone can take it and relate to it with their own personal situations.

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