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R.E.M. – Imitation Of Life Lyrics 9 years ago
I agree, I think it's about celebrity life.
"that's sugarcane that tasted good
that's cinnamon that's hollywood
c'mon c'mon no one can see you try"
That could mean all the temptations to live the life of a celebrity, like money and power, which appear sweet. "No one can see you try" may refer to the image celebrities like to create of effortless talent, which in reality is just a facade masking desperation and hard work put into becoming famous.

R.E.M. – At My Most Beautiful Lyrics 9 years ago
Don't get me wrong, I adore R.E.M and this song is one of their greatest, but I think the lyrics appear to be addressing someone in a coma.
"I read bad poetry
Into your machine
I save your messages
Just to hear your voice."
"Your machine" I think is a life support machine, and many people in a coma respond to stimuli, such as a voice of a loved one, a touch from someone's hand, or in this case bad poetry. It may be an attempt to rouse their brain to activity. "Save your messages" could mean the focaliser attempts to keep all she/he said close to them, stuff like recorded voicemails of letters.
"I count your eyelashes secretly.
With every one, whisper I love you.
I let you sleep.
I know you're closed eye watching me,
I thought I saw a smile."
While she/he is in a coma, the focaliser takes into account everything about them, such as their closed eyes, eyelashes, and wishes they could tell the patient one last time that they love them. Although they aren't responsive, the focaliser imagines the patient is watching them, and hearing what they are saying. "I thought a saw a smile" could refer to many of the reactions patients may have. Some people squeeze hands or smile while still in a coma, sometimes it means they are waking up, more often than not it's simply an unconscious reaction.
"I've found a way
A way to make you smile "
This may mean although they know their loved one may never wake up, or respond to stimuli, if they smile then the focaliser takes joy in that small fact.

Regina Spektor – Love, You're a Whore Lyrics 9 years ago
Put in the Youtube URL, and you can download it in MP4 format. It can even go on your iPod in video format.

Regina Spektor – The Call Lyrics 9 years ago
Regina wrote this song ecspecially for Prince Caspian, so it ties in very well with the books. If you read them you understand
"You'll come back when it's over
No need to say goodbye"
As the children frequently leave Narnia, then come back in the hour of need.
"Just because everything's changing" is a reference to growing older. In the novels, the children grew up and one of them abandoned Narnia, instead staying in our world and no longer believing in the magical land.
Read the books and understand the meaning, and they song truly comes alive in a way it never did before.

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