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Radiohead – Thinking About You Lyrics 13 years ago
so what? it's a bit about wanking, and... "WHAT DO YOU CARE"???

Green Day – Before the Lobotomy Lyrics 13 years ago
screaming, you will hear me scraming, when the fog will make you see my lost memories.

thank you, Kinus

Pixies – All Over The World Lyrics 13 years ago
((we all get our own interpretation))...this song is about a man who's feeling alone and look outside himself to find someone. Maybe a pet, God, aliens or just someone that's on the other side of the moon.
"you can't even speak" because no one can really understand you. "But all of them speak".
Cause even if no one understand you, you continue to speak.
And I really think that the person that's on the other side of the moon, the one that you can't reach, is the only one you wanted to reach. Then you will meet him/her "over there", but you can't show him/her who you are because you don't know it. "all i am...What i'm not"
__KiNuS ;) (i'm italian, by the way)

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