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The White Stripes – Little Acorns Lyrics 12 years ago
Yes. I was wondering where the prolouge went to..

Maxïmo Park – In Another World Lyrics 12 years ago
This song actually reads like a girl speaking to herself.

The Birthday Massacre – Promise Me Lyrics 12 years ago

The Birthday Massacre – Nowhere Lyrics 12 years ago
Besides it sounding like summer in a way... it also reminds me of a tranquil peaceful time, floating through water or space. Allowing these things to wash over you, an ... epihiany.

The Birthday Massacre – Lovers End Lyrics 12 years ago
Nope, way cooler explanation than just cheating hearts.

The Birthday Massacre – Weekend Lyrics 12 years ago
That's definitely an interesting way to look at it.

Enigma – Weightless Lyrics 12 years ago
The conception of a child?
Or perhaps the loss of a child.

Or a dreaming child. This day was a bad day with the child, but now that they're asleep. Everything is quiet and sweet, the narrator reflects on what it means to get through such a bad day for that peaceful 'this is why.' moment.

Carly Simon – The Girl You Think You See Lyrics 12 years ago
*hugs.* Calm down. Hope you get to go, dude.

Phil Collins – Dance Into The Light Lyrics 12 years ago
I forgot to add; it could be the freedom of finding religion as well and believing in it whole heartedly.

Phil Collins – Dance Into The Light Lyrics 12 years ago
It can be interperted in many different ways...

One could of course be people loving one another more, forgetting what held them back from doing so.
Another could be something personal for someone, being free and breaking from a shell that's binded them. That sorta thing.
Could be a specific event as well.

Phil Collins – Take Me Home Lyrics 12 years ago
... I absolutely love all three of you right now. *beams.*

Billy Idol – Speed Lyrics 12 years ago
I think it's about a motorcycle, honest to goodness. This is the kind of music you hear in a motorcycle movie, while the camera spans in to see a guy shoving a hotdog with relish down his throat and some chick yelling come on you bastards. or some shit like that. Ten minutes later there's a head on a stick and the good rock stops.

Billy Idol – The Dead Next Door Lyrics 12 years ago
'live' and don't worry about death.^

Billy Idol – The Dead Next Door Lyrics 12 years ago
This song is basically about not fearing death... I believe he's saying we're all dead in a way, or we're already dying. Our next door neighbor is dying, the woman who checks you out is dying, the child carrying a balloon is too. We're all dead but we're living. Sounds depressing, but I think he's just saying 'live.'

Billy Idol – (Do Not) Stand In The Shadows Lyrics 12 years ago
While it sounds like teenage rebellion on one level, it also sounds to me like someone not living up to the expectations of others. Do not stand in the shadow could mean don't live underneath other people's shadows, rise up above it and do what you were meant to do, or be who you were meant to be. He's saying no one freak out, no one try to stop it, it's okay.

At least the last few verses seem that way to me. The first few sound like I said, teenage rebellion.

Billy Idol – Lady Do or Die Lyrics 12 years ago
This song is lovely, it's like western meets a bit of rock and long road. I'm oddly reminded of Spike and Buffy though.

Billy Idol – Adam In Chains Lyrics 12 years ago
How about Eve breaking his heart by being deceived by the fruit she brought and giving it to him? Which we don't know the whole story, he could have been deceived by her deceptions or knew and thought nothing would be of consequence since she already ate.

Could you imagine the anger he felt by being chained down to a more 'mortal' life? After he knew what another life was like. Cast out. He may have wanted some kind of revenge, most humans do have a vengeful nature especially after being imperfected.

But it can be interperted in any way, I rather like the beginning. It's relaxing, and amusing.

Ani DiFranco – Out of Range Lyrics 12 years ago

Peter Gabriel – Games Without Frontiers Lyrics 12 years ago
Oh. I like your explaination so much better. Love. ♥

Peter Gabriel – Games Without Frontiers Lyrics 12 years ago
It reminds me more of... Neverland and Peter Pan. Because... 'Games without frontiers... without tears.' Games are played, games are stayed, but while these go on it's without tears because it's all fun and games. It's kidstuff. That's what I thought of when I ... read the lyrics.

Billy Idol – Rebel Yell Lyrics 12 years ago
Without all the sexual allure. [which you know, does happen between two people]
It just sounds like a simple love song on one scale.
This girl takes care of him.
He takes care of her.

He's obviously in love.

It also sounds like a rebellion. No duh, but I think he's just speaking about the things he likes about her in general, and how much he cares for her because she cares that much for him.

Ghost of the Robot – Liar Lyrics 12 years ago
I so didn't notice this song didn't have any comments till just now. Oddlings, but good song. Meaning is pretty straight forward.

Iron & Wine – The Wind Is Low Lyrics 12 years ago
I'm fairly sure this is about a car crash (or boat crash?).... the narrator, might have been the driver. He's speaking to jesus specifically... I'm not sure he's asking for forgiveness for the past in his life well as for his wife and child.

The last few lines indicate they've died, and they're going to God. Supposedly.

Iron & Wine – Minor Piano Keys Lyrics 12 years ago
Whoa, this song totally relates to Tifa Lockhart and Cloud Strife from FF7. She thought he died in Nibelheim, I can see her sitting outside in the rain on the water tower before she leaves to the lines 'Soaking she sits alone, outside and down.' I can see her doing that after he leaves too.

But I think it's about a woman waiting at home for the soldier boy to write, he's telling her he's fine, he's okay, he doesn't miss anything and she wants to hear the truth. She wants to know how many times he's been bombed, how many times he's ran for his life, how much he likely just wants to go home. She's depressed, and partly stressed and just misses him. Knitting him sweaters, and the like to keep her mind preoccupied. Then she gets up one day from her piano playing, goes to the door and sees a stranger driving up near her porch. Of course the news is the news she didn't want to hear. The dead.

The Birthday Massacre – Red Stars Lyrics 12 years ago
Reading your lyrics makes sense to me... it appears to be about the newer generations coming out of the woodwork. The last generation built things up from the ground, they have given everything, they left rules in place, they feel the next generation will appreciate this. They are proud of this, the younger generation pretends they are grateful and proud of the last.

Each child in this generation is a metaphor of red star, they take everything that is given and destroy it. Do they care? No, not really. They could give a hoot less.

They're imitating what's expected.
They're not grateful for their education. [those before struggled to be educated]
They're pretending to be admirable of others.

The Birthday Massacre – Unfamiliar Lyrics 12 years ago
This seems to make an awful lot of sense though.

The Birthday Massacre – Nevermind Lyrics 12 years ago
Your interpretation is so well done. *five dozen cookies.* Loving it.

The Birthday Massacre – Video Kid Lyrics 12 years ago
I kinda agree with your interpretation more than the others.

The Birthday Massacre – Play Dead Lyrics 12 years ago
Yes, true... to elaborate it could be about a very creepy guy who would like nothing more to take all the pain and hopelessness in some girls' life, like you know she goes to school, everyone there is fake and lame, mean to her and he kills them later on, he's like they're all playing dead now. Let's be the King and Queen of them. That sorta thing, would make for a creepy independent film.

The Birthday Massacre – Science Lyrics 12 years ago
I had a totally different interpretation... then your's blew my tired mind to pieces. Snap, but good stuff.

The Birthday Massacre – Goodnight Lyrics 12 years ago
.... creepily, I think it does fit Phantasm. 'You're not a friend, you're just a lover.' The Tall man poses as a beautiful lady to lure in a male victim at the first round of the film, he keeps doing it as I recall. It might just fit Mikey too, along with the mirror sequence...

The Birthday Massacre – Holiday Lyrics 12 years ago
Pretty much.

Ghost of the Robot – David Letterman Lyrics 12 years ago
Oh har. Har. Buffy. Har. Har. But okay yeah, agreed. Wouldn't it be easier to put your interpretation down this way instead of underneath the lyrics? Anyway. All I want to say is... this song grows on you, and you'll get it stuck in your head for hours on end.

K's Choice – 20,000 Seconds Lyrics 12 years ago
Little bit of music, a little bit of sun, a bit smiling and finding something to laugh at.

A Perfect Circle – Vanishing Lyrics 12 years ago
I agree with you, I kinda also see it as the death of a loved one. Relative even. And then I sorta agree with the whole enlightenment thing, a higher learning, a higher meaning.

A Perfect Circle – Crimes Lyrics 12 years ago
This. But ... I can also see it as him just simply counting a list of personal crimes he commited but he would much rather just keep what they are from us.

A Perfect Circle – People Are People Lyrics 12 years ago
Aww. No one's going to rape you, that's a good interpretation. ♥

Something Corporate – Cavanaugh Park Lyrics 12 years ago
Are you okay? Can I get you squirting flower? You seem like you need one.

Tool – H. Lyrics 12 years ago
My take.. might sound weird but an old friend of mine and I used to have odd couple characters. A girl with brain damage that made her mentally challenged, and an hyperactive boy who had some series A.D.H.D and a rare heart condition. I kinda subconsciously chose this song as their song because due to their conditions it is like having this snake at your back, this thing you can't get rid of no matter how hard you try to be just 'normal.' The girl for example would smile even if she was in pain, she could never express how she felt and it was the same for him. On different levels but the same.

The thing that came into line for them is they couldn't be together because people would find it 'weird', and it's considerately killing the both of them while they're still happy no matter what, being able to look into each other's eyes and say it's alright. They would allow the walls to stay down for them. That's just my take!

Either-way, I love this song. It's awesome.

The Pierces – Turn on Billie Lyrics 12 years ago
This song in my opinion... is about being in a relationship with someone, this person knows they're wrong often times while the other person is right but at the same time they work so very well together that it's worth the fight. No matter who's telling them they can do better than each other. Basically the narrative is saying we can work through this, we'll get by, let's do something others just don't have the guts for.

Or maybeee... Billie wants to drop the narrative and this person believes that they're meant to be while Billie keeps questioning everything. Allowing the narrative to whisper in their ear while they get that feeling again? It's time to go out and prove what it's all about.

The Pierces – Lies Lyrics 12 years ago
Simple message; dude's been cheating, she's scorned, she's pissed, she's had enough. She might just smother him with a pillow the next time he comes home or at least she's thinking about it.

The Pierces – Secret Lyrics 12 years ago
To be honest? I think it's more about wanting to get the secret out, wanting to tell the person you trust most but if they would ever tell then you want to murder them, and they have already murdered you by denying the trust you have so given.

I don't think it's totally about actually murdering someone, it's frantic frenzy of wanting to spill but so terrified that perhaps they can't be trusted at all. Just imagine frantic eyes, someone's been thinking and turns to the other 'Catherine.' 'Yes Alison.' the threat becomes somewhat of a joke, but can't help but wonder how angry the person would be.

Of course, when you you keep a secret and something is asked of you relating to a secret... you're kinda forced into dodge lying, aren't you? Another thing, toward the end of the song she sounds even more frantic like the person may have let it slip. Maybe not. It's such an accusation in her voice.

Just an opinion. Favorite song by far, the kind of thing that makes you want to apply white make up, wear a top hat, fishnet stockings and point a cane about in wind up doll dance.

Ghost of the Robot – Call 911 Lyrics 12 years ago
This song is surprisingly not about a girl, this is about my guess is a once good friend of his or someone who started off as a enemy from the back. In the beginning he's saying I was one of your bestfriends, I used to shine on you when the fog wouldn't lift but how will it feel when it won't anymore? Last year you turned on the other friend you really had (my belief is that it might have been him) He's calling this person a disease, using riches and connections to buy his crowd. He won't be bought back.

There's something going on between them, they're pissed at each other. He feels like he's going to just explode on the person, he's going to knock them right out if anything.

He's asking is it his fault this person changed? Are they trying to destroy him? He doesn't know if questions will get them anywhere. There's nothing else he can say without having to think.

He's saying that he might have untrained talents, but he has something and he'll blow him out of the water one way or another because he has things he'll never have. Basically the same thing down below.

But is it strange... that I find that instead he might be talking about himself and his inner ego? He's the best part of him that won't buy into all his bullshit? and if that other part won't stop he might just explode?

Ghost of the Robot – Blocking Brainwaves Lyrics 12 years ago
There's some beginning missing to this song...

Ladies and Gentleman
Thanks for coming out to the Braff, B.B.W Hall Tonight
We've got a great show for you!
Two great bands!
Overnight Maxi
ANDDDD Steel Member!

But first, let's have a warm Yogo? County welcome for 'Ghost Of The Robot!'
[Boos are heard]

Had to add it. It was hilarious.

Anyway. This song is about a guy trying to connect with a girl who can't connect with him, he's saying Give him a chance. Allow him to break through, discover what's hidden underneath and she might be surprised just how much they can be. He's saying her ignorance of his feelings must be bliss? I'm not too sure on that part. No, that's not right at all!

He's a fling, nothing but a fling to her and he wants to connect on a deeper level. A much deeper level but she's keeping him at this arms length that he doesn't like at all and knows she'll regret it later. Or at least he hopes she'll regret kissing without any feelings in the mix. The island full of slaves might be a reference to the island full of people who come there to enjoy, to have fun, and when they leave they've forgotten everyone. He's saying she's like that, and he wants it to be different from that.

Ghost of the Robot – German.Jewish. Lyrics 12 years ago
Without paying attention to the interpretation... oh fudge it, it's a love song, sure. But it almost sounds like he's saying fuck whatever else thinks, forget the roots everyone's still embedded in. We're in this together, and I'll fight the war. I don't care, because you're worth fighting for. He doesn't give a shit about their 'respective' titles, or their backgrounds, but he wants her to know she shouldn't let go because he's not going anywhere and he's not like the rest of them. Which means she could also be against them simply because of his background as well, what everyone might think, what she's been taught.

That would explain the whole him feeling insecure over the ordeal.

Also, the guitar rifts flippen rock.

Ghost of the Robot – Mad Brilliant Lyrics 12 years ago
It's not so much that he hates this girl, it sounds like she cheated on him and he's still really bitter about it. He taught her everything, he must have been her first everything, and she turned on him. Betrayed him. Her vunerbility became the excuse of why she cheated, she must have said the other person led her astray or some shit. She had a weak moment, blame it on that. Eitherway, he's still really pissed about it.

Ghost of the Robot – Vehicles Shock Me Lyrics 12 years ago
... Well there was no need to post the lyrics that way, if not kind of annoying but yeah... pretty much, spot on. I love Mr. Marster's voice in this song, towards the end he has such a scratchy big ol kitten voice going on. It's downright enthralling. Reow.

Ghost of the Robot – Good Night Sweet Girl Lyrics 12 years ago
I don't see why you got a minus because you're pretty much spot on. He wants whoever he's talking about, he wants her to see that but he's decided to say goodbye. It's best that way he figures.

James Marsters – Dangerous Lyrics 12 years ago
If this is true. The knowledge makes me squee uncontrollably.

Billy Idol – Flesh For Fantasy Lyrics 12 years ago
It sounds more to me like how people go out for one night stands, trying to get lost in the sea of bodies they experience time after time. Using flesh, sex as a means to get by.

'Are you someone else tonight?
Neighbor to Neighbor
Door to Door'

When you really think about it, some people don't give their names when it comes to those types of encounters. Giving a fake name, and fake information, because who cares once you've done it and you don't see them gain, anyway.

Father loves his son
mother, daughter too
It's an old old story
cries the new world order

Point blank, since this a 'fantasy' getting lost in fantasies psychically. He could be suggesting the people doing this are looking for love where they didn't have it before. Just my opinion.

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