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Soap&Skin – Vater Lyrics 7 years ago
If I translated correctly he died of a heart attack or heart failure quite suddenly.

Soap&Skin – Vater Lyrics 7 years ago
Anja's father died while riding a bicycle so I think she means bicycle wheel when she sings "Rad". I watched a concert where she explained this was for her father.

Soap&Skin – Big Hand Nails Down Lyrics 7 years ago
Heartmill is Lisa Yvo.

Fiona Apple – Hot Knife Lyrics 7 years ago
Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Poe – Dear Johnny Lyrics 7 years ago
Pelafina. Absolutely Pelafina.

Poe – Hey Pretty Lyrics 7 years ago
Yes, YES, and MORE YES!

Poe – Control Lyrics 7 years ago
It sounds to me as though Poe's father is saying, "It's your world now" in the reverb before the daughter says, "this is scaring me."

The Dresden Dolls – The Sheep Song Lyrics 7 years ago
Here is Amanda talking about what the song is about. Sheep. Literally. Also the lyrics are really wrong up there.

Poe – Haunted Lyrics 7 years ago
From what I've read both Mark's House of Leaves and Anne's album were written in response to their father's death. They are bookends in a way and his presence felt throughout both.

The Dresden Dolls – Ultima Esperanza Lyrics 7 years ago
These are the correct lyrics. The song was written about a friend Amanda had in Germany that was in love with a girl in Texas that had lost her legs in a car accident. They were engaged to be married despite never having met in person. (as told in concert in Sydney)

Downloading doves on your fancy computer
You're shooting for love in the dark
Hey foks you've found her now go instant message
Her name is a pretty good start

Ultima sits in her bedroom in texas and
Waits for her hamsters to touch
She lost her legs in a car crash three years ago
She doesnt get around much

But she is hoping someday
Somebody will take her away

Now that you got her a dress you can send her
A matching attachment and face
Slick rhododendrons you make out of paper
With flowers that never lose shape

You have a video camera strapped to
Your forehead in case she is true
Smiling rewind as we die in slow motion
(As if its not happening to you)

Don't be afraid of the dark ages darling,
You may have to wait but a letter is coming
With mixes of marilyn songs
And pictures she took at the prom
Knowing her name is enough...

Foks trotting globes rotting under my fingertips
Tappng for oil in veins
How could you possibly hold it against me
It's such an unusual name

Some one hoping to find
Her limbs in an auction online
Knowing her name is enough...
Ultima esperanza

Gwen Stefani – What You Waiting For? Lyrics 8 years ago
Someone who will do whatever it takes to reach what they consider to be the "top" of the social scale.

Neutral Milk Hotel – The King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 1 Lyrics 9 years ago
The "holy snakes" part reminds me of those Appalachian churches that would dance around with snakes. Also, wild carrots do bloom flowers.

Neutral Milk Hotel – Two-Headed Boy Lyrics 9 years ago
I was thinking the line-

"And they'll be placing fingers through the notches in your spine"

goes right along with-

"And she was born in a bottle rocket, 1929 with wings that ringed around a socket right between her spine" from Ghost.

If looking at this as being an Anne Frank reference, I have this picture in my head of confused Nazi doctors examining her remains and finding these strange holes in her spine where her wings (symbolizing freedom) used to be.

PJ Harvey – Angelene Lyrics 10 years ago
"Rose is my color and white/Pretty mouth and green my eyes" comes from Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes by JD Salinger.

PJ Harvey – The River Lyrics 10 years ago
The literary reference is 'The River" by Flannery O'Connor.

Soap&Skin – The Sun Lyrics 10 years ago
To me the lyrics seem to be reflection of self. I see the sun as a sort of interrogation light. It illuminates and intensifies your own shadows until you're sucked into the black hole of oneself where you're forced to face the nightmares.

Where Anja references "skin" throughout her lyrics makes me think of it in terms of a protective layer over the soul. So when "the skin opens there" her soul is laid bare.

Bat for Lashes – Glass Lyrics 10 years ago
I'm wondering if the line

Two heavenly spirits
That just wouldn't seem

is actually

Two heavenly spirits
That just wouldn't seam

like their spirits wouldn't sew together. They wouldn't become one piece, one being. Possibly because they are "made of glass"?

Tori Amos – Amber Waves Lyrics 11 years ago
I always thought the "healing machine that glows in the dark" was a TV. With the "straight to video " lyric it seemed like he was persuading Amber to make more videos that would eventually make her a star. Then the line about the Northern Lights made me think Amber was from Alaska, and the Northern Lights represent home.

I doubt it's that literal, but that's the image I see in my head when listening.

Tori Amos – Pancake Lyrics 11 years ago
"I ordered you a pancake."

I read this interview when this album first came out, and tori was talking about how she was in the restroom of a restaurant, looking in the mirror, and having a total revelation. Then when she came out and got to the table her husband looked up from his menu and said, "I ordered you a pancake." Thus completely shattering the entire thought process. (Can't you just picture the look on her face?)

I need to dig through boxes and find that article again.

The Cure – All Cats Are Grey Lyrics 11 years ago
Is this song based on the short story "All Cats Are Gray" by Andre Norton. Its about a woman that is colorblind and her cat. The entire crew of this ship had been killed by aliens only she and the cat can see because they see everything in shades of grey.

You can get the Ebook for free

While I doubt the song is a literal interpretation of the short story, I think the two have a similar atmospheric quality.

Tori Amos – Curtain Call Lyrics 12 years ago
To me personally it seems like a commentary on Hollywood and celebrity. That by 25 you're used up and burned out by the Hollywood machine. Then you start degrading yourself to eek out another ten years of career. Then the celebrity handlers plan for your farewell retirement despite your all your achievements, and whether or not YOU are ready to retire. And all along you thought you were in control when you never really were.

It's happened to a lot of great musicians

Steely Dan – Do It Again Lyrics 12 years ago
You know I always thought the first verse was about a woman who was raped. Then she hunts him down and shoots him, and as her punishment they put her on the street where she ends up being a prostitute.

Weird I know, but it's the little story that runs in my head when I hear this song. :D I always think of each verse as a different story riding the "wheel of fate" and it always ends the same. I'm probably way off though.

The Dresden Dolls – Ampersand Lyrics 12 years ago
For me this song reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend I was considering dating. We'd been family friends for 10 years and went to a wedding of a mutual friend together. His mother introduced me to the bride's mother as "This is (guy) and (guy's) girlfriend." She didn't even tell her my name. It hit me so hard because I had ceased to have an identity of my own in her eyes. I was merely an extension of her son. If I dated him I would just be "The great so and so's &" despite all my own accomplishments. I told him we couldn't date. That was the end of it right there and he asked why. I told him because I needed to be my own person not your "&".

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