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KoЯn – Fake Lyrics 11 years ago
Geez...this band got me thru sooooo many hard times!

KoЯn – Ever Be Lyrics 11 years ago says "dumb ass psalms" and its about Head. Some people can be so ignorant. If you read Save Me From Myself, you would have a better understanding of why Head left Korn. He wasnt bashing Korn, just telling his story and telling the truth. He couldnt stay in Korn for a number of good reasons. I have been a die hard Korn fan since I was 12 years old. Really, you have no idea:) But this song totally changed my perception of them because they werent supportive of head at all and then completely disrespected his choice to get closer with God. Head's book completely saved me life. I can credit him with leading me to God. Read his book first guys and then come comment!

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