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Theatre of Tragedy – Let You Down Lyrics 12 years ago
Unlike a lot of TOT songs, this one's pretty self-explanatory. Just read through the words and you should get it just fine.

Theatre of Tragedy – Automatic Lover Lyrics 12 years ago
According to Wikipedia, it's a song about modern nightlife.

Which, I'm sure, includes a man who spends his time seducing young women at a nightclub or something of the sort.

Theatre of Tragedy – Universal Race Lyrics 12 years ago
According to Wikipedia, this song is about sexual intercourse. I never saw it before, but actually reading through the lyrics for once, I can totally see it.

Within Temptation – Sounds Of Freedom Lyrics 12 years ago
I love this song, I love the music to it. It's so different from their other work, it's great. Could have a couple of different meanings; I can see it maybe being about someone who is kind of in the same rut as others in their family (i.e. ancestors were poor and didn't really do anything for themselves) and yet none of them seemed to realize the rut that they were in until this person singing the song thinks about it. They know that they have to do something about their situation and their life because of the memory of old family members that are warning this person that they need to do something quickly before they lose the chance to "free" themselves (i.e. "Voices forgotten/I hear them close by/Ghosts from the past I can see through their eyes/Are these the ancestors leaving me signs?"). I don't know, I can't really explain it the way I want to, this doesn't sound like how I see it in my mind!

Whatever the meaning may or may not be, this is a great song, I love it.

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