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Mumford & Sons – Sigh No More Lyrics 9 years ago
beautiful. absolutely amazing music.
it always ends too quickly though. :(

Mumford & Sons – Winter Winds Lyrics 9 years ago

believe me, it can happen the other way around where your heart holds you back when all you want in your head is for the relationship to work. in theory you make a perfect couple. everything makes 'rational' sense. but somehow, something (the 'spark' maybe) keeps you from being in love with them.

Mumford & Sons – The Cave Lyrics 9 years ago
I agree with TrustThis on the spiritual interpretation.

I also think the first two verses are about someone who has not found the fulfillment they expected from worldly things ("the harvest left no food for you to eat"). this person is presumably the same one the singer 'won't let choke'.

Donovan – Catch The Wind Lyrics 9 years ago
beautifully written song by donovan.
personally, i love the cover by the irish descendants. donovan is a brilliant writer, but they add some more to it musically. either way, great track.

Hey Rosetta – Black Heart Lyrics 9 years ago
again, amazing music and no comments! This band deserves some publicity.

Hey Rosetta – Handshake The Gangster Lyrics 9 years ago
This is an incredible song. I especially love the 'ambition give me wings...' section. Beautiful lyrically and musically. I'm not entirely sure of the meaning though.

Manchester Orchestra – It's Ok With Me Lyrics 9 years ago
I almost cry every time I hear this song. I can relate to it perfectly.

There are times when you care about someone very deeply and are tempted to stay with them even though you know it's not right. Neither of you are getting quite what you need from each other, but staying is easier than starting over.

The relationship isn't bad, but it isn't what it should be.

Matt Nathanson – Detroit Waves Lyrics 9 years ago
I'm going to take a stab at the second verse

"and when, you're warm enough to share your sheets"
When she's ready to start anew relationship with someone else. When she's over it.

"bold enough to make believe that I was only there long enough to disappear"
By this point she's made herself believe the relationship was not as significant as it was. (i.e. I was only there long enough to disappear = makes herself believe it was over as soon as i started almost.

"I'll still, say your name to fall asleep"
Even when she has reached that point, he'll still be in love with her and rely on her memory.

"over and over a cynic saying rosary; a liar in his make believe"
Even though he knows there's no hope (is cynical), he'll lie to himself and make himself believe that there is.

That's my take on it.

Trading Yesterday – Shattered Lyrics 9 years ago
I agree that you can interpret it in a different way as well, although (as my first comment shows) I think it is about God's love.

But I also think there are some interesting parallels between this and 'She is the Sunlight'.
"fall into your sunlight"
"reflections of a lie will keep me waiting" in relation to 'the sun is gone'.

It can definitely be interpreted in a relationship sense, especially when listening to both songs.

Turin Brakes – Dark On Fire Lyrics 10 years ago
Love the lyric 'there's a reason that I found the ground'. To me, that just means 'I may be at rock bottom right now, but there's a reason for it and if I just keep working I'll get out of it'.

Augustana – I Still Ain't Over You Lyrics 10 years ago
i think the one year and fourteen months thing is him trying to pretend that it hasn't been as long as it has been since they were together. he's trying to glance over it, and reassure himself that after a year and a bit it's still okay to not be over her. but he can't admit that it's been two years and two months.

The Goo Goo Dolls – Another Second Time Around Lyrics 10 years ago
sounds like an on-and-off relationship to me. it's not just the second time around, it's ANOTHER second time...

Trading Yesterday – Shattered Lyrics 10 years ago
i absolutely love this song. it's beautiful.

i think it's about when you realize that you haven't been fully accepting God's love, but instead have been focused on worldly things ("wasted years, wasted gain") and you decide to leave behind your old life ("the end's beginning"..."all is gone, hope remains") and set your sights on God.

yesterday i died (to my old life)
tomorrow's bleeding (it's not going to be easy)
fall into your sunlight (but it's totally worth it)

Jimmy Eat World – Kill Lyrics 10 years ago
"you build me up just to watch me break"

gives me chills.

Jimmy Eat World – Work (Demo) Lyrics 10 years ago
where can i find a recording of this?

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