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Steely Dan – Pretzel Logic Lyrics 12 years ago
Fagen once said one of their songs contains a "hidden" account of Hitler's Beer Hall Putsch. I believe this is that song.

"I stepped up on the platform
The man gave me the news
He said, You must be joking Son
Where did you get those shoes?"

Hitler leaps onto a beer hall table and fires a gun at the ceiling. He is arrested, thrown in jail, writes Mein Kamph.

KISS – Black Diamond Lyrics 12 years ago
Black Diamond is a marking on a small glassine or plastic envelope used to sell drugs on the street.
It is a branding symbol used by dealers. Each has his own mark. That way you can sort of tell
the expected quality of the product. If you liked the last black diamond envelope you know
what to expect and have a rough idea of the right dosage.

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