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Arctic Monkeys – Pretty Visitors Lyrics 12 years ago
best song on the album for me. I hated it at first though for the awkward phrasing but now I love it for the awkward phrasing.

What came first the chicken or the dickhead?

I have heard a lot of music but I haven't heard anything like this.

Cake – Hem of Your Garment Lyrics 12 years ago
DJJordo is right. He is singing a song about a hyperbole of who this girl thinks he is. Everyone has their different ways of dealing with rejection.

Cake – Hem of Your Garment Lyrics 12 years ago
apparently inferiority produces really good music because it's their best album

Cake – Palm Of Your Hand Lyrics 12 years ago
I don’t think it’s about 9/11. It’s more about the power of time than it is about anything else. It is a beautifully stated song. “When the house was standing…you’d never have believed it..” Haven’t we all tried to describe something like that?

I think the song also functions as a song that bashes people who sell you on the future. Palm readers and preachers. Not really an angry song though. That’s just not Cake’s style.

Muse – Megalomania Lyrics 12 years ago
Megalomania is a historical term for behavior characterized by delusional fantasies of wealth, power, genius, or omnipotence – often generally termed as delusions of grandeur.

paradise comes at a price
that i am not prepared to pay
what were we built for?
could someone tell me please?

His reproductive impulses make it impossible for him to be a moral Christian.

the good news is, she can't have babies
and wont accept gifts from me
what are they for?
they'll just grow up, and break the laws you've loved

A girl won’t have sex with him or accept gifts from him.

take off your disguise
i know that underneath it's me

He has delusions that she has the same desire.

useless device, it won't suffice
i want a new game to play
when i am gone
it won't be long, before i disturb you in the dark

It is useless to play a game with this girl and now he plans to take her by force.

This song could be about the delusions and desires of a rapist. If “paradise” is sex, he doesn’t want to pay the price for it. “Disturb you in the dark” is the most straight forward reference to rape in the song though. It is good news to a rapist that his victim can’t have babies. And since they are from his blood too, they will break the law anyway.

A similar angle is that this song is about the delusions and desires of one Phantom of the Opera. Maybe the useless device he is talking about is his mask. Maybe the girl is Christine. With the line “She won’t accept gifts from me” leads the listener to believe that the girl has some attraction to the narattor. The organ and rhythm certainly have a phantom-like feel too.

Muse – Megalomania Lyrics 12 years ago
give me a link dude.

Muse – Map of Your Head Lyrics 12 years ago
This song has brilliant lyrics.

Maybe he’s just saying I have enough concerns by myself and I don’t want to hear yours but I think it goes deeper than that.

This song is about a guy who is lost and the people around him are imposing their way of life on him when they are more lost than he is.

I think the screams in the beginning and end are what people do when they plug their ears and don’t want to listen.

The Beatles – Let It Be Lyrics 12 years ago
That is an unbelievable insight into this song. I always got the feeling that this song was not about how to live your life.

Cake – Pretty Pink Ribbon Lyrics 12 years ago
If you look on wikipedia, the main criticism of wearing pink ribbons to support people who have breast cancer doesn't really help the cause of breast cancer.

Perhaps he is saying that it is just as cheap to wear skanky clothes and get treated nicely as it is to wear a pretty pink ribbon in support of people who have breast cancer.

I think what he is really saying is that some people's lives are built around this 'pink ribbon' and a 'pink ribbon' is who they are and that's all they are.

Arctic Monkeys – I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor Lyrics 12 years ago
QUALITY OF MUSIC CAN'T BE OBJECTIVELY MEASURED SO STOP SAYING THAT WHAT YOU LIKE IS SOMEHOW BETTER THAN WHAT SOMEBODY ELSE LIKES. Life would suck if we all had the same preferences in music, art, and relationships so stop stressing because someone doesn't understand how good the band you love is.

Cake – Dime Lyrics 12 years ago
Don't judge this song before you hear the chorus.

Cake – Satan Is My Motor Lyrics 12 years ago
Ask your Mom why she doesn't like awesome songs

Cake – Alpha Beta Parking Lot Lyrics 12 years ago
So alpha beta closed in 1988. Maybe it's about one of his parents leaving him.

Cake – Shadow Stabbing Lyrics 12 years ago
Your interpretation seems dead on. I didn't know what he meant by steel eye. Tight jaw may be refering to the tight jaws of the guards that are keeping him from getting out.

It does make sense that a plastic saint is a hospital. Nice Connection there too. Another interperation would be that maybe he keeps a figures of plastic saints in his cell.

Cake – Frank Sinatra Lyrics 12 years ago
What is a constellation? A coherent image from random stars. Usually they are images of gods and magical beings. A dismembered constellation is an interesting phrase. I would interpret a dismembered constellation as something that stays the same but for some reason isn't viewed in the same way that it was before. The Stars are the same but people's perception of them have changed.

Collecting stamps, chinese lamps, and Frank Sinatra all used to be en vogue but now people's perception of them have changed and they are no longer in style.

A flower of flaming truth is another interesting phrase. A flower's beauty goes in and out of season, truth does not. Latest ad campaign is obviously something that is supposed to be interpreted as temporary.

Will the old man be rich someday? He may. Record players and Frank Sinatra are popular today.

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